When the day of the donut is celebrated

Everyone loves donuts. There is no other way. Unrivaled tasty confectionery products are suitable for any case - for a delicious breakfast, exquisite temptation, treating for colleagues.

Studies even argue that only the appearance of donuts can cheer you up.

And because of the joy and pleasure that donuts bring us, every first Friday June every year is celebrated by International Donuts Day. On September 14, the United States is happy to celebrate Donuts with cream.

Whether it is donuts with cream or classic donuts, both dates are a wonderful day to indulge in sweet temptation.

Donuts are available in all versions - with cream, chocolate, jam.

The history of donuts
What do we know about the history of donuts
The concept of fried bread full or slightly seasoned with aroma is by no means new. But if you are looking for the most early version of what we call donuts, you will have to return to the days of the new Amsterdam in the New World.

I don't know where it is?

New Amsterdam, of course, New York. Natives of the Netherlands in a new (then) settlement prepared a kind of oil pie or Olykoek. This is a distant ancestor of modern donuts. However, at some point, the dessert (which, according to his contemporaries from other peoples, was completely tasteless) began to fry and pouring honey or chocolate, and so donuts appeared.

In 1803, a culinary book with prescriptions of donuts was published. Soon this delightful treat became world famous. Donuts have a reputation for American cuisine, despite their Dutch origin. The shape of the ring that we all know and love arose when Hanson Gregory, working on a lime, drilled a hole in a traditionally thick donut to have a commercial appearance and save on products. The rest is already a story.

Donuts with the filling were made by Elizabeth Gregory. She began to sell donuts filled with a mixture of hazelnuts, walnuts and honey, seasoning the dough separately with the zest of lemon, cinnamon and nutmeg. Her desserts have been a hit for decades.

How to celebrate Donut's Day?

The easiest way is to order a large box of donuts and take them to the office where you work, or to school, if you are still a student. Everyone around will appreciate this gesture.

If you have time and desire, make homemade donuts that are definitely food for happiness. Do not be afraid of the recipe - in fact, making donuts is quite simple.

You just need to prepare a good mixture for donuts and fry it. As soon as it becomes golden -brown, take it out, drain the water, just take a bag for a cake and fill the fried delicacies with what you choose with chocolate, jam, cream ... The choice is completely yours! Mən yalnız canlı olaraq mərc edirəm, çünki bunun sayəsində çox keçərli bir hadisə üçün yaxşı əmsallar əldə edə bilərsiniz və mən bunu yalnız 1win.az bir saniyəyə mərc qoymağa imkan verən heç bir işarə yoxdur və tennis və voleybol həvəskarları bunun nə qədər vacib olduğunu başa düşəcəklər.