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An unforgettable experience! The 8th Delegation of the Centro Ana Frank to the Netherlands after their return

8th Delegation

Between July 18th and 24th, 2017, the 8th delegation of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina visited the Netherlands in the framework of the program “Amsterdam in the eyes of Anne Frank”. The delegation was formed by the winners of the Literary Contest and Projects of 2016 and the 1st Literary Contest and Project of the province of Tucuman, guides of the Centro Ana Frank, young and adults companions, and national and provincial authorities. A large group of educators was part of the Second Seminar of Educators “Anne Frank coexistence and inclusion”.

Eight Argentine provinces were represented among the participants: Santa Fe, Córdoba, San Juan, Tucumán, Neuquén, Corrientes, Chaco, Buenos Aires and the City of Buenos Aires.

The delegation had the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and other places in the city linked to the life, message and legacy of Anne, such as the Museum of Resistance and the Jewish Theater, holding meetings with people related to the defense and promotion of human rights, as well as meetings with Albert Gomes de Mesquita, survivor of the Shoa and schoolmate of Anne Frank, Betty Radema, survivor of the Shoa and Jenny van Wieringen-van Genderinge, survivor of the Shoa.

On this occasion, it was held for the first time, a metting between teachers and students from Argentina and the Netherlands to reflect on discrimination and violence in schools and human rights today. The event took place in the Municipality of Amsterdam where we were officially received by the City of Amsterdam, with the presence of Sabine Gimbrère, Director of International Relations of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Justa Bezemer, from the National Committee on May 4 and 5, Ronald Leopold, director of the Anne Frank House, Horacio Salvador, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Kees van Baar, Ambassador of Human Rights of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The young people and teachers who won the 8th Contest of Projects “Social inclusion and construction of coexistence in schools” and the 1st Contest of Projects in the province of Tucuman, were a very important part of the 8th Delegation


In the frame of the trip, the winners of the projects presented their educational proposals in two opportunities. One of them in the Municipality of Amsterdam, and the other one, in Amnesty International, where all the participants of the delegation, youngsters, holland teachers and authorities, were present.

The words of the winners and their fight in favor of the social inclusion and against the discrimination, really inspire us. We hope that their work, which consists in implementing and putting in action their projects, goes on in order to continue with such a beautiful task.

The delegation held a meeting with judge Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi, President of the International Criminal Court

Intternational Criminal Court

On Thursday July 20th, the Argentine Embassy to the Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomed the delegation in the Hague, where it took place an intensive programme organized by the Argentine Representation. In this context, the members of the delegation visited the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. Thanks to this opportunity, they were able to get in contact with the work held by International Courts, as well as meeting judge Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi, president of the International Criminal Court, who shared her experience with the members of the delegation.

The delegation was received by Horacio Salvador, Argentine Ambassador to the Netherlands

Reception in the embassy

The schedule for the 8th Delegation concluded in the city of The Hague at a reception and meeting organised at the Residence of the Argentine Embassy. This event was followed by ambassadors from diverse countries as well as diplomatic, academic, cultural and civil representatives. We had the honour of counting with the presence of international law teacher and U.N.´s former director of the Division of Human Rights, Theo Van Boven, who shared some words and reflections.

Reflections from the participants


It gets a little difficult when trying to write in just a few lines what this entire trip represented, so I´m going to take three points as the most remarkable ones. First and foremost: memory and remembrance. On this journey I got to learn so much about Anne Frank´s history, I got to understand her. And to understand how people suffered when mankind was more interested on waging war than on peacefully living between brothers. Second point and very important as well: getting to know wonderful persons. I had the honour of meeting an amazing group of kind and caring human beings that made this trip even better than it already was. They were always there for you, apart from being a company for both laughing and crying. And last but not least, my third point concerns tourism. Travelling with the delegation let me know and even love Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Spending hours staring at the beautiful canals or the identic houses is something I´ll barely ever forget.
In my view, I cannot skip talking about everybody who made this experience possible, both here in Buenos Aires as in Amsterdam. Everyone was so kind and polite, and was there on every situation when you needed them regardless of the reason. That is definitely something to be very thankful for.
To conclude these words, I want to remark the following quotes: “It’s necessary to know the past in order to understand the present”, Martha Mercader; “Dead is only that we have forgotten about”, Héctor Tizón; and finally “How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”, Anne Frank. I want these quotes to reflect what I felt during the trip. I only have to say thank you.
Facundo D’Alessio, Centro Ana Frank volunteer guide.

“It is hard to express what this week meant to me. And after so many activities, it kind of feels like it was a month. Firstly, it was another way of acknowledging the history I had told so many times but never felt so close as when walking down Amsterdam streets, visiting the Anne Frank House, as well as other museums. But most importantly, what I would like to highlight the most are those people who, in a different way, made of this journey something magical. Because it would not have been the same without them who made sure everything was going well nor without everybody in charge of receiving us there in The Netherlands. Neither would have been the same without the company of the contest winners, which I personally look up to. Because of that: thank you, thanks for the experience, for everything I have learned; and thank you for helping me acquaint the gorgeous city of Amsterdam”
Muriel Boismené, Centro Ana Frank volunteer guide.

“Travelling to The Netherlands as a member of the 8th Delegation was an unforgettable experience. Of those which leave a mark on you, mould you and make a deep and lasting difference inside you.
I had not only the privilege of touring iconic places with special people who generously shared their life stories with me, but also experiencing those moments as part of a special group: organizers, students and teachers. We all got to think of different possibilities; to stand before different realities; we vibrated with the stories; our hearts beat before the echoes of the past; and we dream of a better future.
We go back to our daily realities passionately convinced on our duty in pursuit of that. Thank you very much for letting me be part of this wonderful group.”
Marcela Noordermeer, teacher.

8th Delegation

We thank everybody who joined and made this experience possible! On the upcoming weeks we will be officially releasing the 9th Delegation of the Centro Ana Frank to The Netherlands: “Amsterdam to the eyes of Anne Frank”.