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The Director of the Anne Frank Center was declared ´´distinguished personality´´ in the field of Human Rights by the Legislature of Buenos Aires

In the Legislature of Buenos Aires

On Tuesday, December 6th, Héctor Shalom, the Director of the Anne Frank Center of Argentina and Representative of the Anne Frank Stichting, was declared ´´distinguished personality´´ by the Legislature of Buenos Aires in the field of Human Rights, as a result of his work for social inclusion of young people, and coexistence against all forms of violence and discrimination. Thanks to the presence of authorities and members of the Anne Frank Center, we have shared a beautiful day full of content, affection and emotion.

Throughout the event, an important panel accompanied Héctor Shalom, stating the importance of continue the struggle for a more equitable and fair society. This panel was formed by Estela Barnes de Carlotto, President of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, who expressed: “How true is everything have been said about his work, his history, his generosity to give his life to something such important as the care between young people, keeping alive the memory of Anne Frank. (…) Pain can be endured, if we fight for justice, if we ask for peace; this is Hector Shalom.”

The panel

At the same time, María Rachid, Director of the Institute against Discrimination of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, pointed out the commitment at the time of the Equal Marriage Law, gender identity and work in the field of violence prevention against woman. Deputy María Luisa Storani referred to the Law No. 26,809 promoted by the Anne Frank Center of Argentina, which declares June 12th “The day of adolescents and young people for social inclusion and coexistence against all forms of violence and discrimination, commemorating the Birth of Anne Frank”, and as Deputy of the Parlasur, she has promoted its recommendation in the member countries. Professor Ana María Ravaglia, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports of the Nation, highlighted the pedagogical principles of Anne Frank Center and, especially, the principles of Mr. Shalom. Aníbal Ibarra, Deputy (MC) referred to the work performed by the Director of the Anne Frank Center over the years and, finally, the Federal Judge of the Nation, Sergio Torres, referred to the importance of still struggling to protect the young people, emphasizing in the problem of ´´paco´´, and also expressing that “while many people speak, Hector does.”

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Martin de la Beij, have given a speech that expressed the importance of the journey and the role of the Anne Frank House in the continous strengthening between the two nations.

Ambassador Mr. Martin de la Beij

Among the attendees, we highlight the presence of Angel Mahler, Minister of Culture of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; The Deputy María José Lubertino (MC); Deputy Omar Abboud; Rabbi Daniel Goldman; Daniel Tarnopolsky, family member of state terrorism victim, member of the Human Rights Directory Organizations and Member of the Executive Committee of the International Center for Human Rights (CIPDH), Argentine State-UNESCO; and Luis Gimelli, representative of the Deputy Secretary of Cultural Policies and New Audiences.

They were also present through emotional videos that expressed their support to Mr. Shalom work: Judge Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, President of the International Criminal Court; Horacio Salvador, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in the Netherlands; Friends Association members of the Center; the most important authorities of the Anne Frank House (Ronald Leopold, Executive Director, Garance Reus-Deelder, Managing Director, Jan Erik Dubbleman, International Director, Teresien Da Silva, Chief of Collections and Menno Metselaar, Director of Publications and Presentations Projects); Patrik Siegele, Director of Anne Frank Zentrum of Germany; Sara Rus, Mother of Plaza de Mayo and survivor of the Shoah; Jan Van Kooten, Director of the National Committee 4 and 5 May – Netherlands; Roberto Borselli, President of the Education Council of the Province of Santa Cruz; Alberto Sileoni, former Minister of Education of the Nation, Kleis Broekhuizen (Former Managing Director of Anne Frank House) and Ricardo Sánchez, first member of the QOM Community who have graduated as a doctor thanks to the support of Mr. Shalom.

Many accessions were read during the act, among them, the ones corresponding to Federico Pugliese, General Director of Cults – Government of the City of Buenos Aires; Dr. Mariano H. Duhalde, Vice-President of the Duhalde Foundation; Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Serpaj Director; Dr. Buján, Auditor of the INADI; The Mg. Oscar García, Secretary of Middle Education of the University of Buenos Aires; Gabriel Brener, Lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires and official former of the Ministry of Education; Luis Quevedo, president of EUDEBA; Pedro Mouratian, ex-former inspector of INADI; Gonzalo Álvarez, Rector of the UNDEF (National Defense University) and Mónica Pinto, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the UBA.

With the guides and the staff

To crown the event, Alexandra Zalazar (Museum guide) have given a warm speech that remarked why the Anne Frank Center of Argentina allows young people to express their voice as well as to find a space of containment.

We extend our thanks to all the authorities that have been present, as well as to those who couldn’t make it, but sent their warm greetings and support at this important moment.