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The Youth Thinking Space “Otto Frank” is back!

Youth Thinking Space

We are glad to share this Saturday, March 10th, the encounters of the Youth Thinking Space return, full of news and surprises for the youngsters who join us.

This space was born in 2017, with the aim of providing youngsters between 16 and 26 years old the chance to gather and debate about the topics that most concern them at these days. It was a pleasure for us to receive more youngsters after every encounter, and be able to listen to their opinions. We invite you to keep on taking part in this space, which is yours by definition, and to encourage other youngsters to join us as well.

In this first encounter of the year, we will be talking with members of GAC (Group of Street Art), about activism expressed through art, as well as the chances to leave a message for the society.

We wait for you on Saturday 10th at 6 pm (Superi 2647)

Exclusive for people between 16 and 26 years old.

Live streaming!

Last weeks to visit the museum in summer!


Come and see our exhibitions with family and friends. Until Saturday 17th, we open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 2 to 7 pm.

WEDNESDAYS: 2X1 in the general ticket
THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS: 2X1 for pensioners

For further information, call 3533-8505 or send an email to guias.cafa@gmail.com

We wait for you to share an unforgettable experience!

The first training of guides in 2017 is coming!

Training Guides

On March 9th and 10th, we are having the first training of guides in the year.

Both days offer different workshops to approach the topic of Human Rights, starting with the testimony of Anne Frank, and going through different historical moments until we get to our days.

If you are aged between 15 and 25 years old, and want to be part of our team of volunteers or know someone who would like to, send an email to guias.cafa@gmail.com

You can also be a guide!

Come and visit the museum with your school!

Visit the Museum

We invite you to bring your students to the museum, in order to reflex together with them about the importance of Human Rights, going through differential historical periods during which they were at risk, until we get to our days.

The tour is full-time leaded by a young volunteer guide from our team, who will encourage students to participate as much as possible during the visit.

In order to book a date, call 3533-8505 from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

For further information, send us an email to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com.

The travelling exhibitions can go to your area!

Travelling Exhibitions

The Centro Ana Frank Argentina counts with different travelling projects which are touring more and more areas across the country. We concluded 2017 with a total of 53 times the exhibitions were displayed, 838 new peer guides and 60.203 people who visited the exhibitions.

On each location, volunteer peer guides from middle schools or social or religious organizations are trained for these projects. As part of the intensive trainings of these youngsters, they are informed; they discuss and reflect on the whole content of the exhibitions

Best projects to work in school

  • Free2Choose. Debating activity on interactive film presentations about striking a balance between conflicting freedom of individuals.
  • “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank”.Graphic exhibition. Its strees it´s on Reading and writing as a way of resistance (for children between 9 and 13 yearls old).
  • Model International Criminal Court. Simulation of genocide and crime against humanity trials for high school students.

If you’re interested on showcasing any of our exhibitions in your area contact us!

For more information about the exhibition go to http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes or e-mail us to proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

You can join the Netherlands Youth Program, July 2018!

Youth Program

Centro Ana Frank is encouraging the youth to take part of the 9th Delegation to The Netherlands to share the “Amsterdam from Anne Frank´s sight” experience with peer guides and interested youngsters from all over the country.

The programme is aimed to Centro Ana Frank´s and the travelling exhibitions´ peer guides; and interested and committed youngsters who are willing to live this wonderful experience, which will always remain on their retina and soul.

The aim of this programme is to empower the youth and provide a learning experience and exchange opportunity understanding the context Anne Frank and her family lived and getting to reflect about it: by touring the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague, including official receptions events and a specially guided visit to the Anne Frank House. We will also be visiting closed places for common visitors, the house where they remained in hiding, which contains the original “Diary”, among many other unforgettable places.

Departure: Monday, July 16th 2018.

New informative meeting: Wednesday 28th of march, 18.30 H. in Superí 2647

REPORTS AND RESERVATIONS: Centro Ana Frank. Superí 2647 – CABA (1430)

Tel.: (11) 3533-8505 or via e-mail to proyectoscafa@gmail.com

Anne Frank Institute for Teacher Training Courses 2018


The VIRTUAL COURSE consists of 8 weekly classes and a final face-to-face examination that takes place in the Centro Ana Frank Argentina. The dictated course is “Anne Frank and writing as a possibility of freedom”.

One-on-one course

For the ONE-ON-ONE COURSES, we propose, for the first semester, the ”TRAYECTO CONVIVENCIAS”. It is integrated by two courses: “Diversity and coexistence in the classroom” and “Interventions in situations of violence in the school”.

Each one of the courses consists of 5 face-to-face classes and three online modules. They will be taught at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Both type of courses awarded scores of 0,360 for CABA and 0,28 for Province of Buenos Aires each.

To enroll, please fill in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/w42uzCYzhjWnfdP63

You can read more about our courses here: https://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/instituto-cap-docente#cursos

Our self managed- online course is already out!

If you’re a teacher, you can do it from wherever you are, whenever you want and at your own peace. And the best part is that it is for free!

Aimed at all teachers who want to know the story of Anne Frank. The course consists of a short distance training, open to educators from all over the country.
Also, in this initiative, everyone can manage their time. It consists of three classes and an introductory video that ends with a multiple choice questionnaire. Once the modules are completed, a diploma is awarded.

Signe up in http://campus.centroanafrank.com.ar/login/index.php ¡you can do it anywhere you wish!

Write your questions to institutoanafrank@gmail.com

Teacher’s Seminar in the Netherlands. July 16th, 2018. A unique experience!

Teacher`s Seminar

The Teacher’s training Institute is organizing its 3rd Teacher’s training seminar, in the city of Amsterdam, joining the official delegation, winners of the literary contest “From Anne Frank to our days” and peer guides from the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

This seminar aims to the understanding of the phenomena of violence and discrimination between people, in particular within the educational environment. We will also analyze the rol of educators today and the possible intervention strategies that the educational institution can apply to prevent, mitigate or counteract these processes that act in society
The trip will take place in the city of Amsterdam where the group will visit significant places that were important in Anne and her family’s life. Also, we will make a special visit to the Hague
Will you let this opportunity slip away?

New informative meeting: Wednesday 28th of march, 18.30 H. in Superí 2647

Departure day: Monday 16th of july, 2018

For questions, please write us to: institutoanafrank@gmail.com

Working Breakfasts 2018 just around the corner!

Working Breakfast

If you are a teacher or you work in the educational field and you are looking to share your experiences, get to know different realities from other colleagues working places and learn about new training proposals for your students, we invite you to take part in a new Working Breakfast!

The first Working Breakfast will take place this wednesday 21th, at 10 a.m in Superí 2647, Coghlan.

You can singe up by filling in the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/6zlQaw4LPwN7RRzi2

Your participation is very valuable to us!

Registrations open for the Schools Encounters in the Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs

Schools Encounters

Once again we invite all schools to participate in this exchange activity.

The activity consists in getting together groups of different schools during one morning or afternoon so they can know each other and tell about their institutions, traditions and those elements that represent them.

During this day, the students tour the exhibitions “Anne Frank, a story for today” and the recreation of the annex. In parallel and in small groups, the students participate in workshops with different dynamics to debate about situations of discriminations in their every day, and think strategies that build a better coexistence.

As closure, they share a lunch with the food that every school brings.

Dates of the Encounters 2018 (*NEW Encounters during the afternoons*!):

6th and 7th grades of primary schools and 1st years of high schools – Monday, May 7th. – Monday, August 13nd. – Friday, August 31st

2nd and 6th grade of high schools – Wednesday, May 9th. – Monday, September 3rd – Monday, October 8th

The schools of special education are invited to participate in the encounter that consider relevant according the average age of the group.

- Program: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JjcRDZp8qP0wP96XPChWUV_LLEwzyOuj

- Inscription form: https://goo.gl/forms/NiQPD21UCRjHXYBA2

Questions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

Inscriptions open for the 5th edition of the Newspaper Project 2018

Newspaper Project

Since the year 2014, 191 scholar groups have participated in this wonderful proposal of collective writing. Starting off a predetermined format, each group creates their own newspaper with journalistic texts linked with Anne Frank, the Holocaust, the military dictatorship in Argentina, the Human Rights now days, the diversity and coexistence.

The productions are later exhibited in the form of panels in the Anniversary Act of the Anne Frank Centre, where students get to know each other and share this experience. In November the project closes its cycle with the publication of the “Kids Voice”, a printed newspaper that integrates a text of every grade and it is distributed in a massive way.

Deadline: May 30th

Terms and conditions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GN_beV01TefZFnjbSrs61f9mme_vJ6Mt

Inscription form: https://goo.gl/forms/BzjjkqLYpW7SqYay2

Questions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days”

Literary Contest

We invite you to participate in the 10th Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days” destined to youngsters from 13 to 25 years old and teachers from all levels, and the 6th Inclusive Literary Contest, for youngsters from 13 years old and adults, that belonged or had belonged to establishments of special education.

The literary contests are opportunities to investigate, learn and express opinions related to topics linked to Anne´s Frank life, Nazism, the last dictatorship in Argentina, Human Rights now days, violence, discrimination and coexistence in diversity. The goal is to motivate teenagers and adults to become writers, making their voice and ideals heard.

All the winning writers are published in the book “Texts and project that build coexistence”, edited by EUDEBA.

Deadlines and Access links to the terms and conditions:

- 10th Literary Contest: June 29th.
(Terms and conditions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NGhkANqUDgdU5RUplQVf6GXielpy0RD3/view?usp=sharing)

-6th Inclusive Literary Contest: July 13nd.
(Terms and conditions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WS4oKS14FzlcujNyv7MHyaUMQrYF4qSz)

Questions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

School agenda for Special Education Schools

Special Education Schools

In this new school year, we invite schools of special education to visit our museum and participate in the different projects that include them.

This year we are giving schools of special education visits a new impetus, because the enriching and meaningful experiences that we had and the increasing interest of schools in visiting the museum.

For more information: actividades.cafa@gmail.com