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Newsletter n°74 - November

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

The Anne Frank Center Argentina organized an act of reafirmation of the legacy of Anne Frank after the actions of Lazio fans in Italy against her figure and the memory of the Holocaust

Reafirmation of the legacy of Anne Frank

As Lazio fans used provocative images of Anne Frank to refer to their rival Rome, on October 27th, an act of reaffirmation was held at our place to remember the figure of Anne Frank, as well as her legacy, in order to continue working for a more tolerant and diverse world.

Diego Santilli, Deputy Chief of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, was present, who said: “I am glad to know that we all concentrate so fast to repudiate something so frightening and hard. I think about what we do every day to avoid discrimination and exclusion. We have to think that violence kills and produces damage, nobody wants war”. Teresa Castaldo, ambassador of Italy in Buenos Aires, expressed: “We are facing young people, which is very shocking because it means that the educational system still needs more education. What happened, goes far beyond human rights, and what I want to emphasize is that they chose the image of a girl, a woman, a little girl”.

Hector Shalom, director of the Anne Frank Center, said: “What happened was not something chosen by the club, but it was what they have done with what happened. Fortunately, was a quick and forceful response”.

It was also present Rodolfo D’Onofrio, president of River Plate Club, and Matías Lammens, president of San Lorenzo de Almagro Club, who expressed their intention of receiving our traveling exhibitions to contribute to the construction of respect and coexistence. Jürgen Christian Mertens (Ambassador of Germany in Buenos Aires), Martin de la Beij (Ambassador of the Netherlands in Buenos Aires), Claudio Presman (Interventor of Inadi), Claudio Altamirano (coordinator of the Education and Memory Program of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education) and Dr. Sergio Torres (Judge Federal), among other important authorities, were present too.

Thanks to all of you for being part of this important meeting!

The Museums Night is coming!

Night of the Museums

On Saturday, November 4th, we will be expecting you, to share a unique night in the year, full of unforgettable experiences.

Leaded by our volunteer guides, as main characters of the event, we invite you to visit the different spaces of our Museum.

Among the several proposals we will be offering, there are:

  • Visits to our exhibitions: “Anne frank. A history for today” and “From dictatorship to democracy. The remaining of Human Rights”.
  • Access to the secret Annex, where Anne Frank hid during two years with seven other people (unique in Latin America).
  • Audiovisual material.
  • Testimonies.
  • Theatrical representations.
  • Debate activities.
  • Book store (20% off in all our publications).

We will also have a buffet during the whole night.

Don´t miss the chance to visit Centro Ana Frank. We will be waiting for you to share and enrich each other in this wonderful night!

Free admission

The Third National Encounter of Youngsters is coming!

National Encounter of Youngsters

There´s less than two weeks left for our Third National Encounter, which will gather all the youngsters along the country who have been involved with Centro Ana Frank, to share three days of exchange and coexistence.

On November 25th, 26th and 27th, we wait for you to have a hugely enriching experience, including several proposals and activities to be held in Avellaneda. Buenos Aires Province, and in Buenos Aires City.

This is the last week to enroll. You can do it by filling in this form:

The cost of the enrollment is $500, including internal movements and meals.

The date is almost here. Are you going to miss it?

Congratulations to the new guides of Centro Ana Frank!

New guides

On October 20th and 21st, we had the fourth training of guides from 2017.

We want to thank all the youngsters who joined us for the enthusiasm and participation.

A new stage has started for you, as volunteer guides at the museum, and we are confident that you will become committed and responsible carriers of the legacy Anne Frank left us.

Welcome to our team!

Otto Frank Space. 17th Encounter: Fun and games said yes!

Otto Frank Space

On Saturday, October 7th, we had a new edition of the Otto Frank Space.

On this occasion, we left debate asiee for a while, and gathered with all the youngsters of the space to share an afternoon of games, fun, laughter and… clown noses!

So as to maintain the habit, we had a musical moment with a duet of musicians who leaded us to close the day dancing at the rhythm of their songs.

Otto Frank Space. 18th Encounter “Stories of a generous family. Hilda´s house”

Otto Frank Space

On Saturday, October 21st, we had a very special encounter in the Otto Frank Space, especially for those youngsters who are guides at Centro Aba Frank.

We received Mauricio Szulman, father of the family that gave its house to give birth to our museum. In the frame of a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, he shared several anecdotes about the history of the house, significantly marked by the never-ending generosity of the family. He also retold the moment when he offered his house for the creation of Centro Ana Frank, which now exists since 2009.

It was truly emotional for the guides to see the house before it turned into a museum, and recognize themselves in the rooms where our exhibitions are now.

Next Encounter: We invite you to join us during the Night of Museums. It will be an evening full of surprises and emotions.

Don’t miss it!

Saturday, November 4th at 8pm, at Centro Ana Frank, Superí 2647.

School visits: a transforming experience!

School Visits

We invite you to bring your students to the museum, in order to think about human rights and their evolution over time, going from history to our days and the role they play in every context.

The visit, including videos, historical timelines and vivid experiences, is leaded by one of our young volunteer guides, who invites students to participate all along.

You can call as at 3533-8505 to book a visit, or send us an e-mail to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

We wait for you to share a memorable experience!

Individual visits: an excellent proposal for family and friends!

Individual Visits

The museum waits for you to go through an enriching path that focuses on human rights to think about the past and the present.

The visit includes videos, vivid experiences and historical timelines, and every stage is leaded by a young guide from our team, who daily contributes to spread the message we want to give.

We wait for you from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm.

“Hanka 753”, the book writed by Alejandro Parisi and based on Hanka´s story, a Shoá survivor, will be presented with other important organisations

Hanka 753

On Wednesday, November 22 at 7 pm, Alejandro Parisi, author of “The ghetto of the eight doors” and “The girl and his double”, will present “Hanka 753”, based on the life of Hanka, survivor of the Holocaust.

Hanka, the star of the book, will be here and also interviewed by the author. The Holocaust Museum, Generations of the Shoah, Sherit and Penguin Random House Publishing Group will join this important activity.

Entrance free and open.

We will be waiting for you in Superí 2647!

During October, the travelling exhibitions were displayed in 10 different localities across Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

Travelling Exhibition

The Centro Ana Frank counts with seven different travelling projects, which have been simultaneously running during October.

The several exhibitions were presented in CISSAB club, Department of Iriondo, Province of Santa Fe, Morón District, 3 de Febrero and Palomar District, Province of Buenos Aires, the City of Neuquén, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Local young teenagers, who played as volunteer peer guides for the exhibitions, were formed on each occasion.

During November, the exhibitions will keep on touring different localities:they will be showcased in Ezeiza from the 6th to the 18th and in Tucuman from the 13th to the 24th.

The travelling exhibitions are touring Paraguay and Uruguay for the very first time

Travelling Exhibition

In October, the exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “Traces of Violence, Gazes through Gender” were inaugurated as it began a tour across *four points at the City of Montevideo. As part of this project, 31 youngsters were trained as peer guides.

These exhibitions will continue its tour in Montevideo until December and they will be able to be visited at Biblioteca Municipal del Cerro from October 31st to November 10th, at Complejo SACUDE (Casavalle) from November 14th to 24th and also at Centro de Privación de Libertad “Punta de Rieles”, from November 28th to December 8th.

Likewise, the exhibitions successfully toured four cities along Paraguay: Asunción, Concepción, Ciudad del Este and Encarnación, where they remained open to public to be visited by school groups and the community in general.

We launched the Teaching Seminar to Holland July 2018. INFORMATIVE MEETING THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16th AT 6 PM

Seminar to the Netherlands

Aimed at educators, the Anne Frank Institute of Teacher Training organizes its 3rd Teacher Training Seminar in the City of Amsterdam, along with the Official Delegation, winners of the Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days” and guides of the Anne Frank Center.

It purpose is to understand the phenomena of violence and discrimination among people, particularly in the school environment.

We will work on the ethical, political and social aspects that affect the complexity of these problems. We will analyze the role of the educator and the possible intervention strategies of the school institution to prevent, mitigate and / or counteract these processes that act in society.

The trip takes place in the city of Amsterdam, where they will travel significant places and traveled by Ana and her family. In addition, we will make a special visit to The Hague.

We think that, a different place such as Holland, allows you to rethink values, beliefs and points of view. Visiting spaces related to our own roots or direct experiences that challenge us open the opportunity to explore our own identity.

Are you going to miss this unique opportunity?!

2nd INFORMATION MEETING: Thursday, November 16th at 6 pm in Superí 2647.

CONSULTATIONS at institutoanafrank@gmail.com
DISCOUNT of 15% paying the registration until 18/11. Possibility of payment in 10 installments.

Re-launching of the self-managed course

Self-managed course

Aimed at all teachers who want to know the story of Anne Frank. The course consists of short distance training, open to educators from all over the country. It is free and grants a diploma.

Also, in this initiative, everyone can manage their time. It consists of three classes and an introductory video that ends with a multiple choice questionnaire. Once the modules are completed, a diploma is awarded. Sign up here you can do it whenever you want! Consultations to institutoanafrank@gmail.com

Closure of the virtual course. Final exam on 28/10

Last week, we closed the seventh cohort of our virtual course. We had 4 students who completed the course and took their final exam in person on Saturday, October 28 at the Ana Frank Argentina Center, with the teacher Sonia Bernades. The exam lasted about two hours, with an individual and a group part. To close the experience, the teachers received a guided tour of the museum.

Courses of the Anne Frank Institute of Teacher Training in 2018

The Anne Frank Institute for Teacher Training has online and face-to-face courses.


For the face-to-face courses during the first semester, we suggest taking: “Diversity and coexistence in the classroom” and “Interventions in situations of violence in the school”

Each one consists of 5 face-to-face classes and three non-face-to-face modules. They are given at the Anne Frank Center on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. It awards score of 0,360 for CABA and 0,28 for Province of Buenos Aires each.

The VIRTUAL course consists of 8 weekly classes and a final physical examination that takes place at the Ana Frank Argentina Center. The course that is dictated is “Anne Frank and writing as a possibility of freedom”. It awards score of 0,360 for CABA. and 0.28 for the Province of Buenos Aires.

We conducted trainings in Totoras and Cañada de Gómez

On September 4th and 6th, Dr. Flavio Rapisardi, BA in Philosophy (UBA), Specialist in Management and Cultural Policies (UNSAM), Dr. in Communication (UNLP) and professor of the Teacher Training Institute of the Ana Frank Center Argentina, visited Totoras and Cañada de Gómez (Province of Santa Fe), where he conducted a training on interventions in situations of violence and discrimination at school.

The talk attracted a surprising audience of more than 400 people, where students and parents, teachers and professors interested in the subject assisted.

Due to the great convocation of the previous activities, on October 31st and November 1st, talks and debates around the theme were held again in other cities of Santa Fe.

Next steps in the 9º Project Contest “Social inclusion and building of coexistence in the school”

Project Contest Seminar

The last 27th of October was the deadline of the Project contest. The winners of the 9º Litery Contest “From Anne Frank to our days”, after participating in the training seminary for the elaboration of educational projects, went into the task of writing their own. Each one of them inquired about the problem they were interested in addressing, planned objectives, designed activities and redact their text. The jury is receiving all the material to read and evaluate, so they can decide which participants will be preselected to present their projects in a colloquium.

With a lot of emotion we wait for that instance of enriching exchange between our prestigious jury and the talented youngsters and teachers of the contest. After the colloquium, the 8 winner of the trip to the Netherlands within the program “Amsterdam from the look of Anne Frank” will be defined.

We wish the best luck to all those brave participants!

It is not long before the 4th Edition of “The kid´s voice” is printed

Newspaper Project

We are currently working in the elaboration of the 4th newspaper “The kid´s voice”. This newspaper contains one note of each of the 64 groups that participated in the Newspaper Project “Anne wrote her diary, we write ours”. This material is original and unique, and goes through themes as Anne Frank, Nazism, the last dictatorship in Argentina, coexistence in diversity and problems of the present.

The texts were written by kids of 6th and 7th grade, and 1st year of high school and special education schools. We also added writing exercises for the readers, making this newspaper into a very special didactic material.

With a lot of happiness, we present this newspaper and deliver it to every participant schools, in the frame of their end of year acts, so they can value their work.

We shared with joy the last 3 Schools Encounters in Diversity

Schools Encounters

On Wednesday 18th of October,we carried on a new school encounter with: Liceo N° 9 DE 10 “Santiago Derqui”, Unidad Académica Dante Alighieri y Madre del Buen Consejo; on Tuesday 24th with Colegio San Luis Gonzaga, la Escuela del Jacarandá, el Instituto William Morris y el Instituto Nuestra Señora del Pilar; and finally on Friday 27th, with Instituto Patrocinio de San José, la Escuela Scholem Aleijem, el Instituto Integral de Educación, el Instituto Nuevo Guido Spano y Liceo N° 9 D.E. 10 “Santiago Derqui”.

The shools shared activities that allowed them to think about the daily life in schools and the situations of discrimination that sometimes are naturalized. They thought together about how to intervene and accompany, so the ones that assault and the ones that suffer ask for help, and the ones that are bystanders, become increasingly active.

The activities were beautiful. We want to thank all the participants, students, teachers and guides that accompanied us!