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Newsletter Nº60, September 2016

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the month of August. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

The Anne Frank Centre of Argentina presented the commemorative law of her birth before the Mercosur dignitaries

Presentation of the law

On the 10th of August, Hector Shalom, the director of the Anne Frank Centre of Argentina (Centro Ana Frank Argentina by its Spanish name) and the representative of Anne Frank Stichting for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, and Silvina Chemen, rabbi of Bet El Community and Publications Director of the Anne Frank Centre of Argentina, spoke before the Citizenship and Human Rights Commission of the Mercosur Parliament.

The president of the Commission, Dr. Cecilia Catherine Britto, gave a presentation of the Law Project while the parliamentarian and author María Luisa Storani, JD explained its scope and principles.

Under the initiative of Storani, JD, Argentina unanimously passed law 26.809 in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate which establishes the “12th day of June as Youth and Young Adult Day for inclusion, togetherness, against violence and discrimination in honor of the birth of Anne Frank.”

Following the enactment of the law the Federal Education Committee, composed of the 24 ministers of the Education Department, approved the inclusion of the law in all schools across the country and at all levels to promote activities related to Anne Frank, the Shoah, and reflection upon discrimination and violence in today’s world.

Through parliamentarian Storani, JD, the Republic of Argentina has proposed the enactment of the law in all the member countries of Mercosur (Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brasil, Venezuela and Argentina).

With this presentation the Anne Frank Centre advances their educational projects in memory of Anne Frank’s legacy in order to create learning experiences related to the Shoah and inspire reflection upon preventative actions of genocide, as well as everyday cases of discrimination and violence.

As an integrated member of the Argentina chapter of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), this extends their objectives to the countries of the region.

The dignitaries showed great interest in the project and educational experiences developed by the Anne Frank Center, in memory of the Shoah, concerning their commemorative activities for teachers and adolescents. They committed to taking concrete steps as policy makers in their respective countries.

They demonstrated special interest in the virtual programs of the Anne Frank Center and its Teachers Training Institute.

Literary Contests

¡Congratulations to all participants of the 8th Literary Contest and the 4th Inclusive Literary Contest!

Literary Contests 2016

We have just concluded with the reading and reflection of the literary texts related to the 2016 Literary Contest. We congratulate all those who have approached us their storys and have been sensitized by the life of Anne Frank, the recent Argentina history and also by situations of discrimination and diversity. We hope this will be one of the many experiences of expression, participation and involvement in social issues.

It was an extremely complex task for the jury defining the winners, as well as enriching, reading the productions that reflex interest and commitment. From the Anne Frank Center, we would like to transmit to all the new writers, that they are really welcome to be part of the activities of the Center and keeping in touch. Also we hope to see you again in the 2017 9th Literary Contest and 5th Inclusive Literary Contest, with all those young people and teachers who look forward to live the experience.

To see the full winners list of both 2016 Contests, please click here

The Award Ceremony

On the 9th of September at 9 AM will be doing the award ceremony of both literary contests at Centro Ana Frank Argentina. The winners, accompanied by their relatives and school authorities with their flag bearers together, will give the ceremony a moving environment.

Members of the government will be present: national, Buenos Aires city government, Province of Buenos Aires and other Provinces, will be also present.

Will be waiting for you!

1st International Seminary “Model International Criminal Court” in Argentina


The Anne Frank Argentinian Center and the Teacher Training Institute will organize the 1st International Seminary “Model International Criminal Court” in Argentina.
It will take place on 22, 23, 24 and 25 September 2016 and it will be about the Human Rights education, the lecture of different genocides, what traditional justice means, the importance of civil, critical and pedagogy education and it will end with the simulation of trials Model International Criminal Court.

It is aimed at educators (formal and nonformal, all levels and modalities), project coordinators and young people across the country (guides from all the country, participants from literary contests and projects and participants of MICC experience in schools).

The speakers will be:


School calendar

School groups visits

School groups visits

¡We have started the second half of the year! Day by day, we receive groups during the morning and the afternoon, while others continue communicating in order to coordinate their next visit. The commitment of the teachers, their support and interest in our activities, make us continue growing.

New timetable

There are more and more school groups that visits us every day, so this increasing demand, proposes us a new challenge. We love meeting with the institutions that visit us every year, as well as knowing those who join us for the first time. We thank all of them for letting us being part of their educational project. In order to receive them, we offer new timetables during the morning, afternoon and evening.

If you haven´t schedule your visit yet, please contact us at 3533-8505 Int. 30, from Monday to Fridays 9 AM to 7 PM.

New area

The new area

¡Just a few days and a new space will be ready! The proposal consists in an interactive approach, similar to the exhibition you already now.

Since some months ago, we have been working in an innovative exhibition which promotes a different approach to Frank´s family history and it historical context, awakening the desire of participating and reflecting.

We decided to create an interactive showing and with the help of all the teamwork, we were able to reach all the ideas. We could manage this project and change the museum structure to make the most of this new space.

With a lot of effort, we added a stairs to access the terrace and now, it just remain finishing to set up the area in order to have it totally ready.

Guides Training Session

A new training session

We will have the 4th Guides Training Session during September. If you are between 15 and 25 years old and you are interested in being part of our volunteers team or if you know someone who would like to do it, please send us an e-mail to guias.cafa@gmail.com

The itinerant exhibitions still going across the country

Enjoying the exhibitions

We have just started September with many itinerant exhibitions that go across the country! On Friday August 26th, a training session took place in Vera city (Province of Santa Fe) and during the same weekend, it was held the training session for young people who will be the guides of “Anne Frank a History for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy, the observance of Human Rights” exhibitions between August 29th and September 6th. During the days August 31st, 7th and 14th of September, youngsters from the CISSAB country club, located in Tristian Suarez (Povince of Buenos Aires), will be trained as guides for the travelling exhibition “Freedom to be, storys of discrimination and diversity” that will be presented between the 17th and 24th of September.

During 23rd and 25th of the same month, guides and trainers will be train in Esperanza (Province of Santa Fe) and will also take visitors to “Anne Frank a History for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy, the observance of Human Rights”, showings that will travel to Llambi Campbell (Province of Santa Fe) on September 30th in order to start the training and continue in October.

We are really surprised by how many young people join the trainings every day. It’s a proud noticing how young people do not need anyone to speak for them, because they are able to do it by themselves through their deep reflections.

Anne Frank Teacher Training Institute



On Saturday 6th August, the Anne Frank Teacher Training Institute made a new closing of the Virtual Course “Anne Frank and writing as a practice for freedom”. We were also accompanied by the teachers of the ``Violence in the classroom´´ course. We thank you all for sharing the meeting and we hope to continue enjoying experiences that enrich us!


On Saturday 27th August, the Anne Frank Teacher Training Institute started their proposals for teacher trainings! Check the new openings that will be published soon on our Facebook page. Also, we continue with the virtual course “Anne Frank and writing as a practice for freedom” with students of different locations. We are happy to reach the whole country!


About 80 people from all over the country have participated on our self-managed course “The world of Anne Frank”. Those who have finished, have received their certificate during August. CONGRATULATIONTS TO ALL OF YOU!

As many people couldn´t do it, we returned to launch it on September 1st!
For those who don´t know the proposal, we tell them it’s a long distant training, open to the public, short, totally free and it gives certification. You can also find the institutional educative projects developed by the winners of our Literary Contests in http://campus.centroanafrank.com.ar/login/index.php


The 2nd Seminary “Anne Frank coexistence and inclusion”: a unique training experience in context. Educational Interest declared by:

The Ministry of Education and Sports of the Nation under the Resolution Nº460/2016
The Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires city under the Resolution 28/SSCPEE/16
The Ministry of Education of Ushuaia under the Resolution M.ED Nº1619/16

Amsterdam becomes a “classroom” with testimonials of Anne Frank´s fellows, resistance members and people who hid and protected persecuted in the Second World War.

The program include:

• Visits to the museums, historical sites and study centers.
• Workshops organized by specialists from the Anne Frank House and educators from different spaces dedicated to the building of learning experiences from the story of Anne Frank, the Holocaust until today. Study day and previous training in Buenos Aires and another one of evaluation and application of experience when returning.
• 7 days (6 nights) in the Netherlands, with activities in Amsterdam and The Hague.

ENROLMENT OPEN. Make the most of the 12 FEES PLAN.

For more information, please put in contact with institutoanafrank@gmail.com or by phone at (011) 3533-8505 int. 34

Visits of Special Education School to the museum

Special education schools visiting the museum

In August, students of Vitra Institute have attended the museum. This institute is a school for people with motor disabilities, accompanied by their teachers. Definitely, this has been a very meaningful experience. Young people have been very interested and participative, interacting and expressing their opinions and feelings. They were specially surprised by the secret anex.

It is our goal to develop pedagogy of memory, favoring inclusion.

We invite special education schools to visit us and participate in the different projects we develop, such as the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest (next year), the 4th Newspaper Project and the School Meetings.

We are waiting for you!

Save the date! 29 th of October, The Museum Night of Buenos Aires city


The Museum Night of Buenos Aires city is about to come so as every year, we are waiting for you with different activities, guests and surprises. We are already prepared… are you going to miss it?