Centro Ana Frank Argentina


Newsletter no.55 - April 2016

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the month of March. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

Applications are open for our 2016 literary contests!

Applications now open

Applications are now open for students between 13 and 25 years old and educator of all the levels to participate in our 8th literary contesto “De Ana Frank a Nuestros Días”. Applications are also open for our 3rd inclusive literary contest, for anyone aged 13+ who is or has been engaged in a special education institution.
Every year youngsters and adults alike, inspired by the story of Anne Frank, our last military dictatorship and the issues related to the violence and discrimination seize the opportunity to become writers in order to express their ideals and make their voices heard. We expect to have new stories that will be us the opportunity to continue working and reflecting.
You can hand in your pieces until Friday July 15th. No previous application is required.
It’s not necessary a previous inscription of any type

We extend an invitation to our 7th Official Delegation to the Netherlands

Amsterdam from the perspective of Anne Frank

For the seventh consecutive year we bring you the opportunity to join us in an Official Visit to the Netherlands that will depart from Buenos Aires July 17th, but can also be joined in-country. The journey invites one to reflect while getting in-depth knowledge of History, and is set in of one of the most wonderful cities of the world.
The delegation accompanies the winners of a contest that rewards projects for social inclusion in the classroom: “Inclusión social y construcción de convivencia en la escuela”. Together, we visit some of the most emblematic places in the life of Anne Frank and herfamily, Memory and the history of the World War II. We also visit The Hague and places like the International Criminal Court and the Peace Palace, when day to day important decisions regarding international justice are created.
For more information on the program, contact argentina@annefrank.nl

Teaching Seminar: Anne Frank Coexistence and inclusion

This year our Teacher Training Institute launches its first First Teacher Seminar in the Netherlands “Anne Frank: Coexistence and Inclusion”: it’s a unique experience of in-site training.
For further information: institutoanafrank@gmail.com

Guides at Centro Ana Frank Argentina

At Ana Frank Museum, as well as our travelling exhibitions, the story of a teenager who wrote her Diary is told by youngsters who volunteer to share her legacy.

Become a guide! Training sessions April 8th and 9th

We will host new training sessions of volunteer guides for the Museum in Buenos Aires. If you are between 15 and 25 years old you can join a participative and collective project led by the youngsters. Each one of our proposals is guided by young people that accompany school groups and visitors to rethink the past, present and future.
The training is free of charge and requires pre-inscription.

Second National Guide Encounter

Through the years, youths from all over the country have trained with one goal: to become Guides at the Centro. They are remarkably committed to the reality they live and active in its transformation.
On March 12, 13 and 14th we carried out our Second National Guide Encounter with volunteer guides from all over the country who got together to enjoy a weekend full of activities aimed at learning, growing, and sharing relevant experiences. The Encounter finished in Buenos Aires with an emotional visit to the Parque de la Memoria, a talk with Agustin Centrángolo, member of H.I.J.O.S., and a visit to the Ana Frank Museum where Buenos Aires guides showed their colleagues their place of work.

The Last Military Dictatorship: 40 years on

Museum Guides and Staff joined the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo in their march commemorating 40 years of the beginning of the dictatorship.

On March 24th, on the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Military Coup, staff, guides and those who are close to the Centro joined the mothers and grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo in their fight for memory, truth and justice. May the Never more be more alive and present more than ever.

The challenges for Memory 40 years after the Coup

On March 31st, Centro Ana Frank held a commemorative roundtable in commitment with truth, memory, and justice. The guests, hosted by Héctor Shalom, Director of the Centro, were Sara Rus, Holocaust Survivor and Mother of Plaza de Mayo, Sergio Torres, Federal Judge for ESMA trials, Agustín Cetrángolo, member of H.I.J.O.S., and Claudio Altamirano, Coordinator for the Education and Memory Program for the City of Buenos Aires. We would like to thank the speakers for participating so wholeheartedly in the activity, and the almost 100 people who spent their afternoon listening.

We hosted panels at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina

In the line of our exhibition about the life of Anne Frank inaugurated in the prestigious Universidad Católica Argentina, the Anne Frank Teacher Training Institute offered two panels: “Anne Frank and Viktor Frankl. Two testimonies for life” and “Femininity in the values of theology. Women in sacred texts”, which were hosted by prestigious speakers.

Thanks to the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, our exhibitions travelled to four provinces

Our travelling exhibitions visited Amaicha del Valle, Colalao del Valle, Simoca, San Miguel de Tucumán, Famaillá and soon Ranchillos. They also visited Rodeo del Medio, Mendoza; Villa Ángela and La Clotilde, Chaco; Sunchales and Gálvez, Santa Fé.
In all this towns and cities, the exhibitions were open to the community and school groups, who were hosted by the almost 150 youngsters that chose to volunteer as guides. We would like to thank anyone and everyone who helped with this project and particularly the new guides that joined the over 5000 youths committed to Human Rights all over the nation.

Anne Frank Teacher Training Institute

Registration is now open for this quarter’s training courses

Centro Ana Frank will reopen its doors on Saturday mornings to welcome educators and all those willing to reflect upon their own practices and think together new strategies of intervention on topics that reach us daily, related to coexistence, inclusion, non-violence and non-discrimination. The classes work on case analysis, class interventions and education management. The classes available this quarter are:

  • Violence in the classroom
  • Diversity and coexistence in the classroom
  • Childhood and youth in debate
  • Anne Frank and writing as a practice for freedom

School calendar for the month of April

Encounters of Schools in Diversity 2016: for middles schools, high schools and special education schools

We invite schools from across the country to participate in our Encounters of schools in diversity of beliefs and cultures. We have already completed 19 encounters with schools from all backgrounds, different religions, public schools, private, from different places in the city and the country to share workshops where kids can think together about discrimination in the classroom and possible stratefies to enhance coexistence in diversity. Simultaneously, teachers participate in their own workshops focusing on the same topics. The day ends with a shared lunch where every school shares their tradition homemade food.

III Edition of our Newspaper Project for Middle Schools. Registration ends May 18th

We invite you once again to participate on the third edition of our Newspaper Project: Anne wrote her Diary, we write ours, in which students take upon themselves the role of journalists and writers along their teachers.
First, students write journalistic pieces related to the life of Anne Frank, the Holocaust, the Military Dictatorship in Argentina, Human Rights today, diversity and coexistence. Each school created their own newspaper, which is exhibited as a panel in a event in June commemorating the birth of Anne Frank. The project ends with the publication of a printed newspaper with a piece from each school.

The Guides’ Voice

Volunteer guides are the spine of Centro Ana Frank, both in the Museum in Buenos Aires and the travelling exhibitions across the country, where local teenagers are trained to transmit the legacy of Anne Frank and the validity of Human Rights. Over 5000 youngsters are part of the beautiful community of volunteer guides. Azul Gil and Yamila Mongi are two of the most recent to join us, having trained for the exhibitions that thanks to the Canada Fund of Local Initiatives we were able to take to Rodeo del Medio, Mendoza, and Gálvez, Santa Fe.

In Yamila’s words, this is what it’s like to be a guide

How capable us youngsters are when society opens its doors! It was a beautiful, enriching experience, a training in the hands of the most lovely people. Is it over now? Is it over here? I don’t think so, I feel inside me the energy of all the kids and the willingness to keep doing wonderful things to show the World that we are teen voices that want to and will be heard. We will continue echoing the story of Anne Frank in every corner, so that it will never get lost among all others, so that it will be an example to face the tomorrow. NEVER AGAIN to anything that wants to darken HUMAN RIGHTS.

Azul, on her part, shared these words about her experience:

We think our society is tumbling on bad habits, insults, offences, wars, constant violations of human rights, mass killings, absolute domain of the capital by some countries while other starve. But… do we ever think of all the positive things happening that we might not notice?
I do. It happened to me when I became a part of the Anne Frank exhibitions in my school this past March. My classmates and I were lucky to train hand in hand with two excellent guides who fed my curiosity for the facts that can teach us so much if we are willing to learn from them
As a guide I have to admit that at first I was scared I wouldn’t live up to the task of guiding my own classmates and teachers that would visit the exhibition, but I got so interested in the topics that I was overcome by them. Not the dates or the treatises or singular events, I’m talking about being able to share Anne’s side for a few minutes, to get inside her head and think and express ourselves as she did. That way we were able to leave visitors not with historical facts that they might forget at home, but the true meaning of the exhibition: raising awareness of the values and rights that we all have just due to being people