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Newsletter no.50 - November 2015

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Museum’s Night at Centro Ana Frank Argentina

A crowd at the Museum's Night

On Saturday October 31st Centro Ana Frank Argentina welcomed almost 2000 visitors when it joined Buenos Aires’ Museum’s Night for the sixth consecutive year. Among the special activities held for the night, we had two testimonies from Shoah Survivors, Sara Rus and Román Danon; our traveling exhibition Anne Frank and the Helpers: Stories of Hiding, Resistance and Helping; plays by Retratos de Memoria theatre troupe; conferences by Héctor Shalom and Rab. Silvina Chemen; performances by volunteer guides; Free2Choose debates; Freedom of Being activities; and guided visits in Argentine Sign Language.

Encounters of Schools in Diversity of Culture and Beliefs

Students at the Encounters

On October 16, 19 and 21 Encounters of Schools in Diversity of Culture and Beliefs were held at the Centro. Students were able to present their institutions, their beliefs, religions, customs and different aspects that make up their identity to the students from different schools. They also visited the Museum’s exhibitions and participated in workshops regarding coexistence, schools, and how to diminish violence in the classroom. Lastly, as it is now traditional of the Encounters, we enjoyed together lunch with the students’ homemade traditional dishes.
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New Edition of "LA VOZ de los chicos" (The Kids’ voice)

The Kids' Voice is a nation-wide initiatve

We are very happy to inform that this year’s edition of our Newspaper Project “Anne wrote her Diary, now we write ours: Students who read to learn and write to tell” now has its very own printed newspaper. The 10.000 issues will be distributed among the students of all 32 participating schools from all across the country that collaborated with articles.
Students between the ages of 11 and 13 build a newspaper by writing interviews, surveys, informative articles, campaign posters, games, or jokes, among other genres, that touch upon the subjects of Anne Frank, the Holocaust, the last Military Dictatorship in Argentina, Human Rights today, and diversity and peaceful coexistence. Each school’s newspaper was exhibited at an event on June 12th for the Centro Ana Frank’s Anniversary, and now a merge of all their material is available in a physical newspaper.
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Travelling exhibitions visit Luján for the inauguration of Anne Frank Memorial Classroom

Hector Shalom speaking at the inauguration of the Anne Frank Memorial Classroom

The Exhibitions ‘Anne Frank, a History for Today’ and ‘From the Dictatorship to Democracy, Human Rights today’ were part of the inauguration of the Anne Frank Memorial Classroom at Luján’s Escuela Secundaria Nº20 school. Luján is a city 68km northwest of Buenos Aires, and one of the most prominent in the region.
p<>. Twenty four local volunteer guides hosted the over 2000 visitors that attended the exhibitions between October 13th and 23rd.
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