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Newsletter n°67 - April

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

The President of Argentina has visited the Anne Frank House in his first official visit to the Netherlands

Macri in the Netherlands
Image sources: AFP and Télam.

In March 27th, the president Mauricio Macri visited the Anne Frank House with Juliana Awada (his wife) and the Queen Maxima, as a part of his official trip to the Netherlands.

The Queen and the presidential couple were accompanied by the ministers Susana Malcorra, from Foreign Affairs and Cult of the Nation, Esteban Bullrich from Education, Claudio Avruj who is Secretary of Human Rights and the Argentine Ambassador Horacio Salvador. They were received by the Executive Director of the Anne Frank House, Ronald K. Leopold, the Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam, K.H Ollongren and Héctor Shalom, Director of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

The President wrote a message of thanks in the visitor’s book: “The message of Anne Frank is one of hope in the midst of darkness. Anne Frank’s father was able to transform his enormous pain into a vision, committing the world to the struggle for human rights. ‘Think of all the beauty around you and be happy’, Anne Frank wrote. With affection and respect.” The first lady Juliana Awada added: “Anne Frank still teaching us about the human condition, what can be hope in the midst of pain and where intolerance can get us”.

In addition, Ronald Leopold said: “We are honoured that the president of Argentina made a visit to the Anne Frank House, this place of remembrance and reflection. We very much appreciate that the president supports the educational activities of the Anne Frank House and the Centro Ana Frank.”

It is extremely important to point out that the Anne Frank House has been chosen as an essential activity of the official trip, as well as the fact that Queen Maxima has been very interested in knowing about the development of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, which she has been following since its opening.

The Centro Ana Frank Argentina in the speech of the King during the Royal Dinner in Amsterdam

The King in the Royal Dinner
Image source: Télam.

After the visit to the Anne Frank House, the presidential couple was invited to a gala dinner at the Royal Palace, which was attended by members of the government, diplomats and Ronald Leopold, together with Hector Shalom.

It should be noted that King William Alexander gave an emotional speech in which he dedicated an important paragraph to the Anne Frank House and the Centro Ana Frank Argentina: “Mr. President, your first activity this morning was depositing a crown of flowers in our National Monument and visiting the Anne Frank House. Since many years, the Anne Frank House has been working closely with the Centro Ana Frank Argentina. Both consider their mission awaring young people of the importance of freedom and rights. A mission that always remains current. We all travel with history in our luggage, each in its own way. There are many people who still feeling the scars that times of dictatorship and terror have left. Those bitter times are not too far off from your country. Just a generation ago, thousands of people were victims of persecution and violence, and human rights were violated. The lesson of those dark years was clear: NEVER AGAIN!”.

Cooperation agreements have been signed with the Ministry of Education and Sports and with the Human Rights Secretary of the Nation at the Anne Frank House

Sign of cooperation agreements
Image sources: Política Argentina and Ahora Info.

As part of the official trip of the President to the Netherlands, various cooperation and collaboration agreements were signed with the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Argentinean Nation and the Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism.

The aim of these agreements is to maintain a reciprocal coordination and exchange relationship to develop joint projects in order to disseminate the legacy of Anne Frank. At the same time, they seek to encourage processes that favor social inclusion, the construction of coexistence (especially with teenagers and young people), non-violence and non-discrimination in the national territory, contributing to the construction of citizenship and integral promotion of human rights.

These agreements go deep in educational projects that articulate the history of Anne Frank with the Holocaust, State Terrorism and current situations of violation of rights, violence and discrimination.

Agreement signing with the Dutch Argentine Chamber in the Residence of the Mayor

Sign of agreements

In the framework of the State visit of the President of Argentina, on Wednesday the 29th the delegation of businessmen from Argentina was received in the official Residence of the Mayor of the City of Amsterdam. There it took place the signing of a collaboration and cooperation agreement between the Dutch Argentine Chamber of Commerce, represented by the chairman and the secretary of its executive boards, Diego César Bunge and Marnix van Iterson, and the Anne Frank House, represented by the Executive Director, Ronald Leopold, and the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, managed by Hector Shalom.

The signing was accompanied by the presence of Vice-Mayor Kajsa Ollongren and the Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of Argentina, Mr. Claudio Avruj, both witnesses. The event was attended by the Ambassador of Argentina, Horacio Salvador, and the Dutch Ambassador, Martin de la Beij.

The signing of this agreement will jointly develop actions to promote, disseminate, protect and enforce human rights in the business world. It will promote participation and collaboration actions with the Ana Frank Argentina Center, contributing to the implementation of its projects.

The Argentine delegation was received at the Anne Frank House

Argentine delegation in the AFH

After the signing of the agreements in the residence, the delegation was received at the Anne Frank House by the Executive Director Ronald Leopold, who gave a very cordial welcome and also presented the story of Anne Frank, as well as the work that the House develop. With lot of emotion, he talked about how was living in the secret place and the new objectes recently added there.

Ronald gave presents with special recognition to the Amabassador of the Netherlands in Argentina, Martin de la Beij, to the Ambassador of Argentina in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Horacio Salvador, the National Secretary of Human Rights, Claudio Avruj, and to the President of the Argentina Dutch Chamber, Diego Bunge, because of the permanent support to the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

After the visit, everyone expressed their feelings and impressions about the experience in the House.

Visit of Sigrid Kunath, Senator for the Province of Entre Ríos

visit of Senator Sigrid Kunath

We are pleased to announce that on the 21st of March, Mrs. Sigrid Kunath, National Senator for the Province of Entre Rios (PJ-FPV) and president of the Committee on Internal Security and Drug Trafficking, visited the Center.

During the visit, she was recived by the director of the institution, Mr. Hector Shalom. They went over the spaces dedicated to the history of Anne Frank, the memory and reflection about the processes and mechanisms of the Nazism replicated throughout history. The senator calimed: “it is fundamental to understand the processes of dictatorships. Taking the story of Ana, allows to create reflections about our own genocides, but also about the segregation and discrimination that we experience everyday. “

The senator showed a great interest in all the activities and educational proposals the Centro makes, so she emphasised the importance of taking the itinerant exhibition to the province of Entre Rios.

Important Signing Cooperation Agreement with the Governor of the Province of Tucuman

Agreement signing with Tucuman

On the initiative of the General Secretary of Tucuman, Mr. Pablo Yedlin, and the strong commitment of the Minister of Education, Juan Pablo Lichtmajer, we have traveled to the province to sign a major cooperation agreement which has included the presence and participation of the Governor Mr. Juan Manzur and the Secretary of Human Rights Mrs. Carla Brunotto, as well as other members of the government.

Since many years we have been carrying out various works together with this province and we both have the intention to continue strengthening our ties in order to develop projects aimed to educational institutions at all levels and efforts under the jurisdiction of the provincial government.

Angela Torres in the Centro Ana Frank Argentina: She will be Ana in the play that will be premiered on May 12th

Angela Torres

In March, it has started the rehearsal of the play about the life of Anne Frank, which will be premiered on May 12th at the Victoria Theater. Angela Torres will be starring as Ana and Francisco Bereny as Peter.

In order to go deep in their characters, the cast has visited the Centro and has been touched with the stories of the 8 hidden, told by our young guides.

The play, promoted by the Minister of Culture of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Angel Mahler, will be a valuable contribution to the spread of the legacy of Anne Frank during the 70th anniversary of the publication of the Diary.

Albert Gomes de Mesquita, schoolmate of Anne Frank, will visit us

Albert Gomes de Mesquita

As a part of the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the publication of the Diary of Anne Frank, the next month we will receive the remarkable visit of Albert Gomes de Mesquita, who was an Anne Frank schoolmate.

Albert has participated in many activities of the Centro together with the delegation in Amsterdam, sharing his testimony, experiences and vivencies.

He is officially invited to our country by the Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nation, the National Human Rights Secretariat,the City of Buenos Aires’s Ministry of Culture and the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

He will remain in our country from 4 to 14 May.

We are waiting Albert with joy and enthusiasm! We are looking forward to share upcoming activities with him!

The Centro Ana Frank was in the commemorating protest of March 24th: Without rights there is no justice!

March 24th commemorating march

41 years after the civic-military coup, the Centro Ana Frank Argentina joined the crowded march in the name of memory, truth and justice, accompanying the call and struggle of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo.

As an institution, we reaffirm every day our commitment to the defense of human rights and we revalue the importance of living in democracy.

The 30.000 missing people are always present. The memory of what happened is one of the great engines that drives us to work day by day so that doesn´t occur again.

¡Never again!

Otto Frank Space: An emotional experience on March 25th. “The human impact of the last civil-military dictatorship”

Otto Frank Space

After an emotional and multitudinous opening, on March 25th we had our second meeting with the youngsters that chose the proposal again.

The testimonies of Daniel Tarnopolsky, Lorena Battistiol and Agustín Cetrángolo, brought us closer to the experiences of those who went through one of the darkest times of our history. They also showed us the way that many people chose to undertake by linking with human rights organizations in our country.

We thank them for having shared their life stories as well as allowed us to make their struggle for Memory, Truth and Justice our struggle too.

Presentation of the book “Being parents, being children. The challenges of adolescence”

The Centro Ana Frank, the Editorial Gedisa and Punto Seguido, invites to the presentation of the book “Being parents, being children. The challenges of adolescence” by Mario Izcovich, psychologist and psychoanalyst.

Talk about the book: Hector Shalom, Marcelo Krichesky and Daniel Korinfeld.

Thursday April 20th, 7 pm at the Centro Ana Frank. Superi 2647, CABA.

Visit of the supervisor Monica Lamas with her work team

Visit of supervisors with director teams

Begining the school year, the supervisor of the DE 16 Monica Lamas has visited us together with all directors of schools and teachers of 7th grade. We have shared a very enriching experience of dialogue and exchange.

Thank you for your participation and your strong commitment with the Museum’s activities!

Working breakfast with supervisors and directors of public and private schools

Breakfast of work

On March 22nd, we held the first working breakfast of 2017 together with supervisors and directors of public and private schools from the city of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires. It was a fruitful morning of work and knowledge exchange.

We shared a morning getting to know each other, going over the museum and talking about the activities proposed for this year.

Thanks for visiting us!

SEMINAR FOR EDUCATORS in the Netherlands 2017 – Open Registration

Seminar for educators

Special program in commemoration to the 70 years of the first publication of the Diary of Anne Frank.

Departure day: July 17th, 2017

Declared an Educational Interest Programme by:

  • The Ministry of Education and Sports of the Nation under Resolution No. 460/2016.
  • The Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires under Resolution 28 / SSCPEE / 16.
  • The Ministry of Education of Ushuaia under Resolution M.ED No.: 1619/16.

The programme includes a day of study and previous preparation in Buenos Aires and another one of evaluation and application of experiences when return, in addition to 6 days in the Netherlands, with activities in Amsterdam and The Hague.

Amsterdam becomes a “classroom”, where participants will experience enriching and unforgettable experiences. In addition to the visits to historical sites, museums, and study centers, you will be able to receive testimonies from fellow members of Anne Frank, members of the resistance, people who hid and protected persecuted people during the World War II. The programme will also include workshops given by professionals from the Anne Frank House and educators from different spaces.

For more information, please contact to institutoanafrank@gmail.com or by phone at (011) 3533-8505 int. 31

Launch of our self-trained course for teachers

Self-trained course

It is distance course, open to teachers from all the country, short duration, free and awarded diploma.

The course is available at http://campus.centroanafrank.com.ar/login/index.php
You can register whenever you like!

Launch: April 1st.

Launch of our in-person training courses with score

Training courses

On Saturday, April 29th, the courses of the Ana Frank Institute of Teacher Training will begin.

We will open five proposals in face-to-face format:

  • Ana Frank and writing as practice of freedom.
  • Violence at school.
  • Influences and youths in debate.
  • Construction of citizenship from the teachings of the Holocaust.
  • Diversity and coexistence in the classroom.

In addition, we continue our virtual proposal “Ana Frank and writing as practice of freedom” with students from different locations. We are happy to being able to reach the whole country!


More information: institutoanafrank@gmail.com

Visits from special education schools to the museum

Special education schools

Since the begining, the Centro Ana Frank has been receiving visits of numerous special education schools that are interested in aproaching their students to Ana Frank’s story as well as to topics related to human rights, discrimination, violence, diversity and coexistence.

It is our aim that more and more schools, public and private, visit us and participate in the various projects that include them such as coming to the museum, school encounters and the newspaper project.

We take this opportunity to especially invite schools to the Inclusive Literary Contest!

During this year, we will still carrying out actions to build a museum that is increasingly inclusive and accessible to all.

For more information, contact actividades.cafa@gmail.com

Come with your students to the Museum!

School Visits

We invite you to come to the Museum with your school to offer a unique and extremely enriching proposal.

In a framework that aims to tackle the currently, with the analysis of historical processes as a resource, our different spaces approach children to the themes we work, encouraging their interaction with the volunteer guide that accompanies them during the tour.

To book your visit, you can call by phone from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7:00 pm at 3533-8505. For more information, please wrte us at visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

We are waiting for you!

A proposal to enjoy with friends and family!

Visits to the museum

We are looking forward to your coming in order to show you our different spaces with the opportunity to do it by the hand of a volunteer guide of our team.

We propose a tour composed by different instances (historical lines, experiential experiences and audiovisual projections) that parts from the past and then come to the present.

You can approach the Museum from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 2 pm to 7 pm.

Don´t miss this opportunity!

We have started the year with many traveling exhibitions touring the country!

Traveling exhibitions

On March 31st, April 1st and 2nd, trainers and guides were formed in the city of San Javier, province of Santa Fe. They accompanied visitors on the route of the exhibitions that were opened on Monday, April 3th. Then, the exhibitions will travel to the city of Las Toscas, where trainers and guides will be formed on May 5th, 6th and 7th. The inauguration of the exhibition will be on the 8th.

Furthermore, during March, our exhibitions were present in the House of Culture of Río Tercero, Province of Córdoba. We congratulate the young people who participated in this unforgettable experience and thank the authorities for their willingness to work with this project.

For more information about the samples, visit our website http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes or send us an email to proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

We invite you to join our School Encounters!

School Encounters

In 2017, we again call primary, middle and special education courses to participate in our School Encounters in the Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs that will be held in May, August and October.

The proposal is to bring together groups from different schools so that they know each other and tell about their institutions, traditions and elements that make their identity.

During one morning, the museum offers its rooms for a special tour of the exhibition “Ana Frank, a history for today” and in small groups, students share workshops with different dynamics of reflection about discrimination and possible proposals that improve coexistence in diversity. As a closing, students enjoy a lunch with traditional foods they choose and bring.

Upcoming School Encounters:

  • Students in 6th, 7th grade and 1st high school year: May 19th, August 28th and October 24th.
  • Students from 2nd to 6th high school year: May 22nd, August 30 and October 27th.

In all cases from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.

To participate in the Encounters, please complete the following registration form (https://goo.gl/forms/cQ5Dfk64DsENYF9d2)

More info: http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/article/encuentro-de-escuelas-en-la-diversidad-de-creencia/

You can now enrol your school in the Newspaper Project!

Newspaper Project

In the 70th anniversary year of the Diary of Anne Frank, we invite schools from all across the country to participate in the fourth edition of this project, in which students from 6th and 7th grade and 1st high school year, as well as students from special education and young adults schools, assume the role of journalists and writers.

The proposal consists in writing journalistic texts about Anne Frank´s life, the Holocaust, the military dictatorship in Argentina, human rights today, diversity and coexistence.

Based on a predetermined format, each group creates its own newspaper, which is then displayed in a board in the Anne Frank’s birthday framework. The project closes in November and closes its cycle with the publication of “La Voz de los chicos”, a printed newspaper that brings together pieces of all group productions, delivered to each participating school, its authors and partners.

Material delivery date: May 17th.

To participate in the project, please complete the following registration form (https://goo.gl/forms/B6YctdYIeEe51hMn2)

For more info: http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/article/lanzamiento-de-la-iv-edicion-del-proyecto-de-perio/

9th LITERARY CONTEST and 5th INCLUSIVE LITERARY CONTEST: Open call. You can win a trip to the Netherlands!

Literary Contest and Inclusive Literary Contest

The Literary Contests are a very enriching opportunity to approach different topics in literary form, stimulating young people, teachers and adults from all over the country to listen to their voice and ideals, becoming writers.

We invite all those young people and teachers who feel sensitized by the life of Anne Frank and all history of human rights violation, to encourage them to manifest themselves literally and poetically. All the winning writings are published in the book “Texts and projects that build coexistence”, edited by Eudeba.

Closing date of the contests: July 14th.


  • 9th Literary Contest: young people from 13 to 25 years old and educators of all levels
  • 5 ° Inclusive Literary Contest: young people from 13 years old and adults who belong or have belonged to special education establishments.

For more info: http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/article/lanzamiento-de-nuestros-concursos-literarios-2017/

First Literary Contest in the province of Tucuman! WORKS RECEIPT UNTIL MAY 2ND

The Centro Ana Frank Argentina together with the province of Tucuman, launches a new literary contest for young people, guides and educators residing in the province and to whom the story of Ana Frank inspires reflections related to discrimination. All those who want to express their thoughts in literary form, and who are interested in designing pedagogical proposals that promote learning experiences and improve coexistence, are invited to participate in this new proposal.

The Competition is organized in 2 categories:

  • Young people from 16 to 21 years old.
  • Teachers and educators of all levels, and guides of the itinerant samples of the Centro Ana Frank in the province of Tucumán.

The closing of the contest is May 2nd at 12 am and does not require prior registration.

For questions, please contact us at actividades.cafa@gmail.com