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We congratulate the winners of the 10th Literary Contest "From Anne Frank to our days”!

After several weeks of very intense and interesting readings, the prestigious jury of our Literary Contests evaluated, debated and defined the finalist winners.

It’s a great joy for us to receive so many literary texts, this year more than ever, of young people and teachers from all over the country, committed and moved by the history of Anne Frank, Nazism, the military dictatorship in Argentina and human rights in the present, the diversity and the coexistence.

Our greatest wish is that all the participants, not just the winners, feel extremely proud of their achievement of writing, presenting, expressing themselves and being willing to be part of such a proposal.

They are more than always invited to approach the Anne Frank Center and also share other initiatives.

The winners were recognized at an important award ceremony, on September 14th at 9:00 in the San Martín Theater, in Buenos Aires City.

They were invited to attend with their relatives, friends, teachers and school authorities, and with their ceremony flags.

Huge congratulations to all these young writers and teachers!

To know them, click here.

We congratulate the Winners of the 6th Inclusive Literary Contest!

Congratulations to the winners of the Inclusive Literary Contest! The juries have coincided in the creativity, richness and originality of the texts corresponding to the participants of this year.

Also, we congratulate the schools for the great motivation, support and follow-up work they have done so that young people and adults could participate in the Contest.

Winners of Category A

  • Fausto Ezequiel Machado, Letter to a friend
  • Marcela Edith Garcia Coitiño, With the eyes of the soul
  • Matias Dak and Santiago Espíndola, Lies in the networks

Winners of category B

  • Aldana Andrea Duete, Letter to my friend Ana
  • Ángel Ezequiel Manzo, No streets, shouts
  • Franco Ramiro Navarro, Moments in the life of Ana
  • Sergio Luis López, No streets, shouts

Winners of category C

  • Gastón Tejerina Diez and Rodrigo Martin Hernán, To Mauricio Macri
  • Nelson Rojas, The walls of the world

On September 14th , they have been honored at the award ceremony to be held at San Martín Theater, in Buenos Aires City.

We are very happy, since this year more educational institutions have participated in the Contest, which has been installed in the field of Special Education schools and it’s being strengthened year after year.

International Seminar of IHRA project (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance)in Paraguay: a joint work with IDESO

International Seminar of IHRA

On August 7th we’ve implemented the International Seminar in Paraguay: “Significant Experiences in the Holocaust Challenge, the Recent Past and Discrimination in Our Days“ as part of the IHRA project, aimed at educational leaders, specialists in memory and Human Rights and teachers.

International Seminar of IHRA

In the Seminar, the Director of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, Lic. Héctor Shalom, spoke as the representative of Anne Frank Huis in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. The listeners enjoyed as well the testimony of Mónica Dawidowicz, a survivor of the Holocaust; Ignacio Hernaiz, Director of OEI-Mercosur in Uruguay and Regional Coordinator of the Ibero-American Institute of Human Rights Education of the OEI, and Jonathan Karszenbaum, Director of the Holocaust Museum.

International Seminar of IHRA

The traveling exhibition “Let me be myself“ also had a prominent place and was taught to the participants of the seminar by trained guides thanks to our extensive program of travelling exhibitions and internal training in Paraguay, a program possible thanks to the collaboration with IDESO.

The meeting has been a significant experience of exchange of experiences in education and the promotion of Human Rights and memory. Likewise, it has functioned as a space for reflection on the articulation of the different international organizations, national states and civil society organizations for the construction of a coexistence in diversity.

We keep on bringing the travelling exhibitions and the peer guide trainings across the country!

travelling exhibitions

At the end of June, a peer guide training for the exhibitions “Anne Frank–a history for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy: Human Rights today” took place in Llambi Campbell.

This one involved the participation of youngsters from Emilia, Nelson and Laguna Paiva, as well as local ones.
The exhibitions remained open to public at all of these localities.

travelling exhibitions

Moreover, a teachers training for the exhibition “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” took placein Galvez, Santa Fe on August 11 th . Thus, these teachers got formed to be in charge of the interactive experience of the children through the exhibition.

What´s more, a new peer guide training for youngsters from CISSAB jewish club took place at the Centro, as we have been doing the last couple of years, for the exhibition “Freedom to Be”.
These children will serve as peer guides for the exhibition which will be showcased at their club.


Finally, at the end of August peer guide trainings took place at Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe and Resistencia, Chaco, both for the exhibitions “Anne Frank–a history for today” and “Traces of Violence, Gazes through Gender”.

We are very happy about the tour of the exhibitions across different corners of the country, and we hope they have a great impact on everyone who gets to experience them.

If you’re interested on showcasing any of our exhibitions in your area contact us!

For more information about the exhibition click here or e-mail us to proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

The Anne Frank Museum deeply regrets the passing of Sini Van Iterson

Sini Van Iterson and our guides

Sini Van Iterson will be forever remembered by our Museum.
A box with old keys, an icon of the memory of the atrocious acts that took place during the Second World War, reminds us day by day of her solidarity and commitment.

With immense regret we shared the information of the death of Sini van Iterson in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands, at 99 years old.
Sini knew how to protect Jews during Nazism. She gave to our Museum a box of keys that she cared for more than 70 years.

When deported, the Jews had to give the keys of their homes to the Nazi authorities, but those who hid or went to the resistance handed them over to their “trust” neighbors. To those neighbors who preserved humanity and dignity even in times when that was an almost impossible experience.
Those keys exhibited in our Museum are the “keys of trust”, of solidarity, of protection.

When our young people traveled to Holland every year, in an event that takes place in the Residencia del Embajador Argentino, they were received by Sini, who shared her stories and messages, leaving a deep impression.

Thank you Sini for everything you did for this world.
Thank you for your messages and for giving us the honor of guarding those keys that will be your mark on each visitor.”

Héctor Shalom, Director of the Anne Frank Center.

Virtual courses for Teacher’s training!

Teaching Holocaust: Challenges in the present“ and “Diversity and coexistence in the classroom“ had began in August.

For both courses it’s the first virtual experience. Everyone’s showing the power of exchange between colleagues and collective reflection around the teaching of complex issues.

¡New courses!

“School violence”
Language: Spanish.

It is a recurrent problem today in the classromm. Therefore, this training proposal seeks to work on the teaching role and the modes of intervention, from a rights perspective that foster solidarity and respectful links.

Guest teacher: Lic. Ana Campelo.

Virtual courses

“The world of Anne Frank”
Language: Spanish.

It is a distance-training proposal, open to the public.
This course is the gateway to a vast and enriching field of work that can be deployed around the figure of Anne Frank and her history. It is a source of inspiration and an invitation to reflect on coexistence, inclusion, non-violence and non-discrimination.

Teacher: Alicia Ruiz.

Virtual courses

For more information, send your questions to cursosanafrank@gmail.com

New workshops begin!

New workshops

Special program for educators interested in deepening in Human Rights perspectives.Language: Spanish.


What happen to objects when you want to preserve your memory? How to resignify them in the context of the exhibition? This meeting proposes a reflection on the relationship established with the objects as bearers of a story and proposes clues to address their uniqueness in the school visit to the museum.


The workshop aims to address the dimension of childhood under the last civic-military dictatorship in Argentina, placing the focus on educational and media plans. Likewise, cultural and literary resources that allow a critical time-line reflection will be analyzed. The objective is to offer a theoretical-practical perspective to use in the classroom situation.


The ESI Law and the integral approach that promotes it will be worked on in the
workshop. The 5 conceptual axes and the entrance doors of the ESI to the school. In a second moment, the students will reflect on their own pedagogical practices and that of other colleagues, in order to problematize their view and build meaningful answers and proposals that strengthen their position in the face of the challenges presented by the approach of the topics and problems covered by the teaching of ESI content.


Photographs are part of our lives and that of our students. They are ways of saying, thinking, making visible the rational and emotional, cognitive and affective life. Photography is also an inescapable component of our culture and learning in the broadest sense. This course deals with photography for teaching, understood as a valuable didactic device for: showing, knowing, asking, questioning, motivating and inviting new generations to approach the life story of Anne Frank and reflect on the dangers of anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination, as well as the importance of freedom, equality of rights and democracy.

Trainings in Santa Fe

Trainings in Santa Fe

During the months of July and August, training was held in several cities in the province of Santa Fe: Galvez, San Justo, Sunchales and Santa Fe city as part of the “Reading and writing with Anne Frank“ exhibition.
In the meetings we worked about the challenges of teaching the Holocaust, the forms of transmission, the axes of the Anne Frank Center. To address these issues educational materials were delivered to work with children in the classrooms.

School visits: an extraordinary experience for your students

School visits

We invite you to visit us with your students, in order to share a tour which starts from the testimony of Anne Frank, going through different historical periods, until we get to the present.

Leaded by one of our young volunteer guides, our visit encourages to think about the importance of Human Rights, analyzing different periods of history during which they were severely put at risk.

In order to book a date, you can reach us at 3533-8505 from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

For further information, you can send us an email to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

We look forward to your visit!

Individual visits: Come and see!

Individual visits

The museum waits for you with an ideal proposal to share with friends
and family.

Guided by a member from our team of young volunteers, we offer an instance to think about the role of Human Rights within time, being the testimony of Anne Frank the starting point to analyse different historical processes, until we get to our days.

For any consult, you can reach us at 3533-8505 int 30 or visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com


Don’t miss this!

“Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space: “The Law of Integral Sexual Education on debate”

“Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space

On Saturday, August 11 th a very important matter gathered the members
of the Youth Thinking Space, which is sexual education in Argentina, framed in Law 26.150 from 2006, known as “Law of Integral Sexual Education”.

In this sense, we discussed the importance of achieving and thorough approach to this topic, and its relevance for young people nowadays.

Sandra Bernabo, psychologist, was the one who walked us through the main aspects covered by this law, as well as the information it should be able to provide.

Thank you, young people, for keeping debate alive!

“Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space: “Does the police protect us, or do we protect ourselves from the police?”

“Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space

On Saturday, August 25 th , “Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space received a visit from Hector Shalom, Director of Centro Ana Frank, who lead the way to a very interesting debate regarding the interaction between youngsters and police offices.

Within this encounter, we addressed topics such as police work, and concepts built out of prejudice, which derived in an exchange of diverse opinions.

Thank you for joining us!

If you are aged between 16 and 26, we invite you to join the Youth Thinking Space, and help us strengthen healthy debate.

We meet every two Saturdays from 18 to 21 hs, at Centro Ana Frank Argentina (Superi 2647)

We had the Second training of guides in 2018!

Second training of guides

On Friday, August 31 st and Saturday September 1 st, a new group of enthusiastic youngsters completed the two-day training stage to become peer guides at Centro Ana Frank.

The guides in training had the chance to listen to the testimonies of Jorge Castro Rubel, recovered grandson from the last military dictatorship in
Argentina, and Sofía Noelly Talgham , survivor from the Shoá.

Moved by the story of Anne Frank, they all committed to help us spread her legacy from now on.

We want to thank you for your dedication and involvement, and hope we can support you along the stages to come.

Welcome to our team!

The books and unpublished products have already arrived at the Centro Ana Frank!

New products at the Centro

The new and exclusive publications in various languages arrived at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina. Do not miss the incredible variety of books and products related to Anne Frank, her history, family and context.

The publications bring together an editorial body aimed at children, young people and adults.

You can also find content related to the Argentine Civic-Military Dictatorship, especially the mobilizers Testimonios para Nunca Más (Spanish version).

All the products are for sale and available to acquire at modest prices in Superí 2647, Museum hours.

You can get titles in English and Spanish. In addition to the exclusive historic model of the Anne Frank Huis.

Model to build the house of ana frank

The available titles in English are:
Anne Frank The diary of a young girl: $ 420.-
Antisemitism: Past and Present: $ 550.-
Outside it’s war: $ 500.-

Titles in Spanish:
Anna Frank; Graphic Biography: $ 420.-
Betina without showing up: $ 180.-
Dictators: $ 550.-
The Diary of Anne Frank: $ 250.-
The Ghetto of the eight doors: $ 320.-
Experiences on education and memory about the Holocaust: $ 100.-
Hanka 753: $ 350.-
The girl and her double: $ 420.-
Read and write with Ana Frank (Fascicles 1 or 2): $ 50.-
Newspaper: 'La Voz de los chicos’: $ 20.-
Who was who in the back house: $ 420.-
Dream, think, write: $ 500.-
Testimonials for Never Again: $ 420.-
Texts and projects that build coexistence (Volumes 1, 2, 3 or 4): $ 230.-
All my names: $ 300.-
All about Ana:$400.-

Anne Frank House: Historical construction kit: $ 600.-

The values reflected in the text are in Argentine pesos.
For inquiries and shipments e-mail us to: adm.centroanafrank@gmail.com

Be part of our Centro Ana Frank’s Friends Association

Centro Ana Frank’s Friends Association

For 9 years, the Museo Ana Frank has been carrying out the mission of spreading and reaching more and more people with the legacy of that inspiring girl, who with her creativity and courage gave us a message of resistance, inclusion and peace.

Today we invite you to collaborate with the realization of our goals and with everything that the figure of Ana symbolizes, so that her words may invite more children, youth and adults to reflect.

The Museum is undergoing a process of growth, we are building the first Ana Frank Theater in the world, a space for multiple artistic and educational expressions.

Today you have the opportunity to collaborate with the construction of this Theater with the amounts of:
$ 500
$ 1000
$ 2500

You can also contribute so that more kids visit the Museum:
$ 240: 4 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 540: 9 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 900: 50% of a school group can accesse the museum free of charge.
$ 1500: 1 EDUCATIONAL KIT of the Museo Ana Frank, with publications, DVDs, exclusive work guides is donated to an educational institution to develop activities in the classroom.

Thank you very much!

*The visits to the Museum includes tours with our young volunteer guides and talks on the axes of non-violence, inclusion and human rights adapted for children.

Contributions are received by transfer to the following bank account:
Anne Frank Stichting Fund
Bco. Credicoop
CBU 1910218255221800990360 (dollar account)
Administration: adm.centroanafrank@gmail.com and (011) 3533-8505 (official receipts)
The values reflected in the text are in Argentine pesos.

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait even a single moment before beginning to improve the world!”
Anne Frank