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This was the trip of the 9th Delegation to The Netherlands of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina!

9th Delegation to The Netherlands

“Anyone could say that it is not true, that it is not possible, but I can swear that the whisper of Anne Frank is in the streets of Amsterdam, in the Jewish quarter, in the house behind, in the current claim of equality, in the citizen commitment, in the persevering struggle for dreams.

Thinking about the Second World War proposes a scenario that could even sound manual, distant, not very tangible. But the living testimony of those who had to cross, like the Frank, the comings and goings, the long days of confinement, a new identity and even leaving his family “to be saved” floods with emotions.”

With these moving words Fabrina Donato, one of the members of the 9th delegation of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, told us what it means to be part of the unforgettable experience that took place between July 16 and 23, 2018 over 81 participants.

9th Delegation to The Netherlands

The Embassy of the Argentine Republic in the Netherlands also echoed this incredible experience, explaining the entire delegation’s journey.

We want to share it with you:

This year the delegation was composed of 81 people, among which the 14 winners of the Literary Contest organized by the Centro Ana Frank Argentina (young Argentines and school teachers), as well as CAFA executives, Lic. Hector Shalom and Rabina Silvina Chemen; the Director of the Observatory of Human Rights of the Honorable Senate of the Nation, Norma Morandini; representatives of the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires Deputy Victoria Montenegro and Legislator Carolina Estebarena; authorities of the Province of Buenos Aires and of the Province of Santa Fe; Minister of Cultural Management of the Province of Buenos Aires, Alejandro Gómez; and Under Secretary of Sports Development and Institutional Strengthening of Santa Fe, Carlos Iparraguirre; Federal Judge Sergio Torres; President of the Association Friends of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, Julio Toker; Roberto Chomer, member of the Friends Association of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina and the President of the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires, Marcelo Midlin.

Also, while in the framework of the visit was presented an advance of the unipersonal “The Window of the Tree and Anne Frank”, which will be presented in different schools of the Republic in the coming months, also accompanied the delegation the production group and direction of said work: Zoe Hochbaum (actress), Gabriel Hochbaum (producer), Nicolás Gil Lavedra (director) and Carlos Di Pasquo (set designer).

9th Delegation to The Netherlands

Among the activities carried out were conferences and debates held at the Anne Frank House, in which directors of the House / Museum participated (Directors Ronald Leopold and Garance Reus Deelder and the Director of International Affairs, Jan Erik Dubbelman) and representatives of the National Committee May 4 & 5 (standing out its director Jan van Kooten); meetings with authorities of the Municipality of the city of Amsterdam (such as Vice Mayor Touria Meliany); reflection activities with Dutch students and educators linked to issues such as “discrimination, violence and human rights in our days”; presentation of testimonies of members of the Dutch resistance and survivors of the Second World War, among which the testimony of Albert Gomes de Mesquita (schoolmate of Anne Frank) and Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp along with his wife, Sira, stand out.

Likewise, as every year, the Argentine Embassy supported the organization with a day in the city of The Hague (characterized as the city of peace and international justice), in which the full CAFA delegation was present, representatives of Casa Ana Frank and the National Committee 4 & 5 de Mayo, as well as local authorities.

That day in the city of The Hague began with a conference entitled “Trials for crimes against humanity, the Argentine experience: learning and challenges”, which was provided by the Senator and Director of the Human Rights Observatory of the Honorable Senate of the Nation , Norma Morandini; the Deputy of the City of Buenos Aires and President of the Human Rights, Guarantees and Antidiscrimination Commission of the City Legislature, Victoria Montenegro; and the Federal Criminal and Correctional Judge, Sergio Torres.

9th Delegation to The Netherlands

Following this, the group visited the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, after which participated in a meeting at the Residence of the Argentine Embassy where they could hear the testimony of survivors of the holocaust, the hand of the Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp and his wife Sira Soentedorp. Also, a small musical block was offered by the Argentine music Susana Opanski, who was accompanied by the Dutch youth of the Studenten Gitaar Ensemble. Also, there was an advance of the unipersonal “The Window of the Tree and Anne Frank”, played by the Argentine actress Zoe Hochbaum.

This Embassy highlights the evolution that each CAFA visit has had over the years, also producing an indisputable development in the bilateral relationship between Argentina and the Netherlands with regard to the promotion and protection of human rights. We encourage the commitment and dedication of young people in their fight against discrimination, racism, bullying, trying to build inclusive societies.

9th Delegation to The Netherlands

At the same time from the Centro Ana Frank Argentina we want to thank the words of Horacio Salvador, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in the Netherlands, who with dedication and enthusiasm received us with a special activity carried out on July 19 in The Hague.

His words highlighted the dedication to education against violence and discrimination and an approach to international tribunals. The Argentine and Dutch youth in the front row. A day rich in reflection and proposed by Memory, Truth and Justice. Thanks to the Anne Frank Foundation, the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, the Dutch National Committee of the 4th and 5th of May, the governments of Amsterdam and The Hague and the Netherlands. And in a special way, to the survivors of the Shoah and state terrorism, as well as to the leaders of both countries who gave their testimonies and exhibitions.

We leave you some more words of Fabrina (you can read her full testimony in our social networks) so that this experience stays with you, as much as it stayed with us:
Without a doubt, Anne Frank keeps talking to us, almost silently, in our ear. She tells us that it is worth moving towards our dreams, that we must open roads because we are the only ones capable of putting a ceiling on us, she affirms that not everything gives us the same and that intervening in those situations in which we feel unjust will make us necessary actors for a paradigm shift. She claims us that we are capable and that it is always time. She invites us, encourages us, questions us and gives us the freedom to choose with other tools.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated and made this experience possible!

If you are interested in participating in the 10th Delegation of the Ana Frank Argentina Center in 2019, please contact us at 3533-8505 or via email at direccion.centroanafrank@gmail.com

School Visits: A transformative experience!

Schools Visits

We invite you to bring your students to the museum, to reflect together with them about the importance of human rights, reviewing different historical moments in which they were in danger.

The tour, which includes audiovisual projections, historical lines and experiential moments, is accompanied by a young guide from our team of volunteers, who invites the students to participate actively throughout the visit.

To request a date, contact us at 3533-8505 from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information, send us an email to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

We are waiting for you to share a memorable experience!

Particular Visits: An excellent proposal for family and friends!

Particular Visits

The museum is waiting for you along with your acquaintances, to offer you an extremely enriching journey, which places the focus on human rights as the axis of reflection on the past and the present.

The visit consists of historical lines, experiences and audiovisual material. All the instances are conducted by one of our young volunteer guides, who commit themselves day by day to contribute with the transcendence of the message we wish to convey.

We wait for you from Tuesday to Saturday from 2 to 7 pm.


This is how we lived the winter holidays!

Winter Holidays

We had the joy of receiving 500 individual visitors and families who came to share a unique experience in the museum with our young guides.

Visitors were able to tour the museum rooms, where they delved into the life of Anne Frank and the writing of her diary.

We hope you have enjoyed the experience of being part of Anne Frank’s legacy!

We continued our guides training!

Training Guides

During the winter holidays our guides also had their special activity!

In the framework of the continuous training program, we conducted a new internal training.

More than 16 young volunteer guides participated in an afternoon of training, solidifying their knowledge. Through debate and reflection activities, we remain committed to the personal, professional and human development of our team.

We had a new meeting of the Young Thinking Space “Otto Frank”: “Payaespacio: Laughter and something else”

Young Thinking Space

On Saturday July 14 we shared the meeting n°29 where we met with a group of Payamédicos, who perform stage-therapeutic interventions from the clown technique.

The meeting consisted of the exhibition of the young people, who could tell us about their task and convey the importance of laughter at certain times. Then we had the honor to meet some Payamédicas, with whom we share with laughter the experience of knowing their task more closely.

Thank you very much everyone for coming!

Young Thinking Space “Otto Frank”: “Cinedebate: the construction of the “Self” in social networks”

Young Thinking Space

On Saturday July 28 we had a different meeting, where we saw the chapter “Fall in Picada” of Black Mirror, where social networks define the status of life that its users have.

The young attendees formed an intense debate about how we act in social networks and how far we are from that society that the chapter of the series presented .

Like all meetings, we ended up sharing some pizzas among all the attendees.

If you are between 16 and 26 years old, we invite you to be part of the Young Thinking Space “Otto Frank”.

Biweekly meeting: Saturdays from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Ana Frank Argentina Center (Superi 2647).

Virtual Courses: new proposals for teachers from all over the country!

During the month of August we will give place to two new virtual courses.
You can still register!

Virtual Course

The virtual course “The teaching of the Holocaust: Challenges in the present” begins on August 9 and is a training proposal that aims to work on the history of Anne Frank and her family and reflect on the challenges that the teaching of the Holocaust brings ready. All this, within the framework of a “pedagogy of memory”, which is also a pedagogy of hope.

Virtual Course

“Diversity and coexistence in the classroom” virtual clases, begins on August 16 and intends to work around the axes of identity, cultural diversity and discrimination based on an interdisciplinary approach. These problems, which cross the entire teaching arc and each of the subjects or areas of knowledge taught, are present in the schools and within the classrooms. How to face the pedagogical challenge of a plural education?

Both courses give scores for CABA 0,360 and Province of Buenos Aires 0,280. Both leave $ 850 and last two and a half months.
Language: Spanish.

For more information, send your inquiry to institutoanafrank@gmail.com

We made a free guided visit for teachers for winter holidays

Free Guided Visit for teachers

On July 25 we made a free guided visit for teachers of all levels and modalities oriented in the didactic aspects of the educational proposal of the Museo Ana Frank.

The visit, served as a space for exchange, questions and debate, where we could listen and share the experiences of the participants in relation to the construction of a coexistence in diversity within the classroom.

The twenty teachers who participated in the experience received discounts on educational materials and books produced by Centro Ana Frank Argentina, as well as those produced by The Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam.

If you want to find out about the upcoming activities dedicated to teachers write to institutoanafrank@gmail.com

During the month of July we gave continuity to the project “Ana Frank”: traveling exhibition and musical work, produced together with GENERARTE

Project Ana Frank

The performances took place at the Belgrano Auditorium in the City of Buenos Aires, thus being able to highlight the staging and enrich the students experience.

Since the Project is carried out within the framework of Mecenazgo Cultual for the C.A.B.A, except for the cost of school transportation, all activities are free. In this way, we enable the participation of more schools.

Send your inquiry ainstitutoanafrank@gmail.com or to (011) 3533-8505, int. 33

Activity June 12: committed teachers

Activity June 12

Within the framewok of “Adolescents and young people day: for inclusion and coexistence against all forms of violence and discrimination”, which is celebrated on June 12 in commemoration of Anne Frank´s birth, we had developed the teaching material “Ana Frank, a legacy to address coexistence in the classroom”.

The material contains didactic suggestions to teach the Holocaust and the history of Anne Frank from different activities and resources. The proposals that it gathers were specially designed to be taken to the classroom, so teachers can appropiate and make them part of their teaching proposals.

It makes us very happy to receive comments on the different experiences carried out with this material. We share the photos from the Colegio San Marcos school expirience.

We remind you again that the material can be downloaded here.

For any questions about it you can write to institutoanafrank@gmail.com

The Travelling Exhibitions on the road

Travelling Exhibitions

At the end of June, in Sunchales, Santa Fe, took place a teacher’s training for the exhibition “Reading and Writing Anne Frank”, after being showcased at the capital of this province. These teachers were in charge of the interactive experience of local students throughout the exhibition until July 7th.

On that same week the showcase of the exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy: Human Rights today” in Las Flores, Buenos Aires Province concluded; and so did the exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “Traces of Violence, Gazes through Gender” which had been being open to public in Monte Vera, Santa Fe. The tour across Santa Fe has not yet concluded, thus a peer guide training in Llambi Campbell with youngsters from 4 surrounding localities took place and so the travelling exhibitions will keep on travelling.

If you’re interested on showcasing any of our exhibitions in your area contact us!

For more information about the exhibition go to http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes or e-mail us to proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

The history of Anne Frank was represented at the Buenos Aires City Legislature

Buenos Aires City Legislature

In the framework of the “Day of adolescents and young people for social inclusion and coexistence against all forms of violence and discrimination”, we celebrated with the Legislature of Buenos Aires a new anniversary of the birth of Anne Frank. The exhibition “Anne Frank, a history for today” and “Traces of Violence, Gazes through Gender”, were exhibited from July 10th to July 13th for free in the Parliament of the City of Buenos Aires.

The initiative was promoted by the Centro Ana Frank, directed by Héctor Shalom, in collaboration with legislator Paola Michielotto, who participated in the presentation. She commented “It’s very important to remember Anne Frank’s history, so the present and the future do not repeat the past. By transmitting her emotions,experiences and legacy, we are making visible one of the cruelest times of humanity.”

We also want to thank the presence in the inaugural act of the deputies Diego Marías, Claudio Romero, Lía Rueda, Carolina Estebarena, María Luisa González Estevarena, Daniel del Sol and Jian Ping Yuan.

We are already reviewing the texts of the 10th Lierary Contest and the 6th Inclusive Literary Contest

Literary Contest

We are very happy with the texts that we received in both contests!

Youngsters and teachers from all over the country participated in this edition, inspired by the story of Anne, discrimination situations and human rights violations in the world. They were brave enough to put into words their ideas and feelings, which is especially significant in the year of the 70º Anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration.

We are very grateful with our jury that is with us every year, reading the great amount of texts we received.

The winners will be chosen and announced via our social media and web page at the end of August.

We hope that next year more youngsters and teachers join this beautiful experience of expressing literary and poetically by writing in the 11th Literary Contest and the 7nd Inclusive Literary Contest.

Special Education School visits

Special Education School Visits

With a lot of happiness we receive in the second half of the year schools of Special Education in our Museum. The students learned about the life of Anne Frank and different thematic related with human rights, diversity and coexistence to overcome discrimination and violence.

It is our objective that more schools participate in our diverse proposals and share significant educative experiences.

To book a visit, you can communicate by phone Monday to Friday from 9.00h to 19.00h (3533-8505). For more information, communicate to: visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

The books and unpublished products have already arrived at the Centro Ana Frank!

New products at the Centro

The new and exclusive publications in various languages arrived at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina. Do not miss the incredible variety of books and products related to Anne Frank, her history, family and context.

The publications bring together an editorial body aimed at children, young people and adults.

You can also find content related to the Argentine Civic-Military Dictatorship, especially the mobilizers Testimonios para Nunca Más (Spanish version).

All the products are for sale and available to acquire at modest prices in Superí 2647, Museum hours.

You can get titles in English and Spanish. In addition to the exclusive historic model of the Anne Frank Huis.

Model to build the house of ana frank

The available titles in English are:
Anne Frank The diary of a young girl: $ 420.-
Antisemitism: Past and Present: $ 550.-
Outside it’s war: $ 500.-

Titles in Spanish:
Anna Frank; Graphic Biography: $ 420.-
Betina without showing up: $ 180.-
Dictators: $ 550.-
The Diary of Anne Frank: $ 250.-
The Ghetto of the eight doors: $ 320.-
Experiences on education and memory about the Holocaust: $ 100.-
Hanka 753: $ 350.-
The girl and her double: $ 420.-
Read and write with Ana Frank (Fascicles 1 or 2): $ 50.-
Newspaper: 'La Voz de los chicos’: $ 20.-
Who was who in the back house: $ 420.-
Dream, think, write: $ 500.-
Testimonials for Never Again: $ 420.-
Texts and projects that build coexistence (Volumes 1, 2, 3 or 4): $ 230.-
All my names: $ 300.-
All about Ana:$400.-

Anne Frank House: Historical construction kit: $ 600.-

The values reflected in the text are in Argentine pesos.
For inquiries and shipments e-mail us to: adm.centroanafrank@gmail.com

Be part of our Centro Ana Frank’s Friends Association

Centro Ana Frank’s Friends Association

For 9 years, the Museo Ana Frank has been carrying out the mission of spreading and reaching more and more people with the legacy of that inspiring girl, who with her creativity and courage gave us a message of resistance, inclusion and peace.

Today we invite you to collaborate with the realization of our goals and with everything that the figure of Ana symbolizes, so that her words may invite more children, youth and adults to reflect.

The Museum is undergoing a process of growth, we are building the first Ana Frank Theater in the world, a space for multiple artistic and educational expressions.

Today you have the opportunity to collaborate with the construction of this Theater with the amounts of:
$ 500
$ 1000
$ 2500

You can also contribute so that more kids visit the Museum:
$ 240: 4 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 540: 9 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 900: 50% of a school group can accesse the museum free of charge.
$ 1500: 1 EDUCATIONAL KIT of the Museo Ana Frank, with publications, DVDs, exclusive work guides is donated to an educational institution to develop activities in the classroom.

Thank you very much!

*The visits to the Museum includes tours with our young volunteer guides and talks on the axes of non-violence, inclusion and human rights adapted for children.

Contributions are received by transfer to the following bank account:
Anne Frank Stichting Fund
Bco. Credicoop
CBU 1910218255221800990360 (dollar account)
Administration: adm.centroanafrank@gmail.com and (011) 3533-8505 (official receipts)
The values reflected in the text are in Argentine pesos.

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait even a single moment before beginning to improve the world!”
Ana Frank