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We celebrated 9 years of the Centro Ana Frank in the Microstadium of River Plate, with schools of the whole country!

Anniversary of our Centro

In commemoration of the 9th Anniversary of our Centro and the 89th Anniversary of the birth of Anne Frank, the past 28th of June we had our anniversary act in the Microstadium of River Plate.

In the frame of the 5th Newspaper Project, “Anne wrote her diary, we write ours – students that read to learn and write to tell”, there was an exhibition of the newspapers made by 96 schools of different parts of the country.

Anniversary of our Centro

Important authorities of the government and other institutions where present: Gustavo Silikovich, General Manager of the River Plate Club, Pablo Crespo, director of GEeeBA (Group of Establishments of Special Education of Buenos Aires), Hernán Bollicci, Municipality of Iriondo, Marta Santos, Subdirectory of Educational Parks of the Municipality of Cordoba, Daniela Sachi, Secretary of Education of the Municipality of Cordoba, Miriam Soto, Education and Memory from Chaco, Silvina Chemen, Rabina of Bet-El, Daniel Tarnopolsky, Member of the Directory of Human Rights Organism and public body of Memory and Human Rights ex ESMA, Ricardo Augman, Undersecretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism Promotion of the Nation, Federal Judge Sergio Torres, President of the advisory academic council of the Centro Ana Frank, Dr. Julio Toker, President of the Friends Association of the Centro Ana Frank, Roberto Chomer, Mauricio y Patricia Szluman, members of the Honor Comity and Mónica Dawidowicz, member of the Honor Comity and survivor of the Shoá.

Anniversary of our Centro

Vera Jarach, Madre de Plaza de Mayo and Miriam Lewin, detained disappeared in the ex ESMA, gave their testimony in front of 2300 kids of the whole country, taking a moment to think about the 40 years of the 1978 World Cup and it´s implication in the last dictatorship.

Anniversary of our Centro

Apart from the emotive words of the authorities and the speech of Hector Shalom, director of the Anne Frank Center, in which he thanked all the present schools and highlighted the excellent work of all the teachers, certificates were delivered to the participant students of the project, and to the winners of the Literary Contest, who will travel to the Netherlands to meet the Anne Frank House.

Anniversary of our Centro

We thank all the authorities present, the schools and teachers for participating in this project and this beautiful event, to the band Swing Tzigane for delighting us with some music, and mostly, to the members of the Athletic Club River Plate, that with a lot of dedication and love, let us had this great event.

The 10th Literary Contest is close!

Literary Contest

The past Friday, June 29th, it was the deadline for everyone who wanted to participate in the 10th Literary Contest, From Anne Frank to our days. We are still processing the texts that arrived, so we can send them to our jury.

In August the results will be published in our social media and web page.

Congratulations to all the young and teachers that had the courage to participate and turn their ideas into written words!

Special Education Schools visited the Museum

Special Education Schools

During this month many schools of Especial Education came to visit us. Their students showed a great interest and knowledge about the thematic of the museum. They related the past with the present, highlighting the Human Rights, the overcoming of discrimination and violence through coexistence, participation, the expression of their ideas and the writing as a form of resistance.

This year there were more schools participating in the Newspaper Project, which was a challenged for all of us.

This is how we lived the 9th edition of the Open Museum!

Open Museum

Continuing with the celebrations of the 89th Anniversary of the Birthdate of Anne Frank and the 9th Anniversary of our Centro, on Saturday, June 30, we carried out a new edition of the Open Museum, a special, educational and solidary experience to learn about our activities and programs.

The entrance to the Museum was free and a non-perishable food was requested. We had a buffet to benefit the Kellún Project, a Project of students of the Model school of Parque Barón, directed by children between 12 and 16 years old, who with the collected, and next to the 10 boxes with non-perishable food received, they will collaborate with a school in Villa Fiorito.

Open Museum

Throughout the day there were debates, audiovisual screenings, guided tours in LSA, sale of books with significant discounts in publications, draws and tours for the scenographic recreation of the hideout where Anne Frank remained hidden along with seven other people (Unique in Latin America).

Open Museum

The attendees had the honor of being able to hear the testimony of Nicolás Rosenthal, a survivor of the Shoah, who shared with those present his harsh history that included a before, during and after the Jewish holocaust.

The day closed with a lot of joy with the delivery of certificates to more than 45 young volunteer guides recently incorporated into the team of volunteers of the Museum.

Open Museum

All the activities were developed in an emotional and very enriching context that allowed us to share and exchange diverse experiences, thus strengthening the diversity for which we work year after year.

We thank everyone for coming to celebrate with us and for the solidarity provided through the non-perishable foods!

Winter holidays in the museum: A must-see experience!

Winter Holidays

From July 16 to 27, come to visit the Museum with your friends and family, in our special schedule for winter holidays, from Wednesday to Saturday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

These are some of the proposals that the Museum has for you:

  • Guided tours through our rooms, by the hand of a young volunteer of our team.
  • Access to the scenographic recreation of the place in which Ana Frank remained hidden along with seven other people (unique in Latin America).
  • Audiovisual projections.
  • Special activities for boys.


Do not miss this opportunity: We are waiting for you!

We had a new meeting of the Young Thinking Space “Otto Frank”: “Cooperative culture: the kids inside”

Young Thinking Space

Those present had the opportunity to chat with Mónica Visenti, coordinator of the Kellun Project, a solidarity project with a cooperative base. She told us how the project came about, how they work and how we can help from our place.

Thank you Monica, for your wonderful task and for helping so many who need it.

If you are between 16 and 26 years old, we invite you to be part of the Young Thinking Space “Otto Frank”.

Biweekly meeting: Saturdays from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina (Superi 2647).

Training for young people from the Liceo 9

Training for young people

This month we started a training project aimed at juniors of the 3rd year of Secondary “Liceo 9”, with the goal of integrating them into our team of volunteer guides.

This initiative of approaching educational institutions aims to contribute to the deepening of the Holocaust themes and the last Civic-Military Dictatorship in Argentina, working together with teachers in their classrooms. The idea is to invite young people from the student community to volunteer at the Museum, and thus meet others of their own age, with whom they can exchange their concerns and opinions.

Thanks to the teachers and students for their commitment and enthusiasm in the beginning of this project. We hope to continue working and growing together.

The Rabin Silvina Chemen, Coordinator of Publications and Educational Productions of the Centro Ana Frank, was declared Outstanding Personality in the field of Human Rights

Rabin Silvina Chemen

Emotionality, affection and social commitment inhabited the Golden Hall of the Buenos Aires Legislature this June 12, 89th Anniversary of the Birthdate of Anne Frank and the 9th Anniversary of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, where more than 100 people were summoned around the figure of the honoree, Rabin Silvina Chemen.

Organized by the Deputy Diego Sebastián Marias, as a continuation of the project initiated by the Deputy Maria Rachid, mandate fulfilled, the recognition of the Coordinator of Publications and Educational Productions of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina had a panel of outstanding personalities.

The panel was formed, in addition to those mentioned, Estela Barnes de Carlotto, President of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo; Federal Judge Sergio Torres; Pamela Malewicz, Under Secretary for Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the City; Maria Luisa Storani, Parliamentary Deputy of Mercosur; Daniel Goldman, Rabbi of the Bet-el community, co-president of the IDI and Nancy Falcón, Center for Multicultural Dialogue Alba.

The event reproduced a beautiful video that traced Silvina’s career, followed by touching words from the panel of guests and the final delivery of the official diploma by Diego María and María Rachid.

The young volunteer guides of the Centro Ana Frank also sent the honoree their congratulations with an emotional letter narrated by themselves and a bouquet of flowers.

Silvina closed the day expressing her gratitude to all those who were present, making reference to the deep joy of sharing the moment with: “this multicolored, diverse auditorium, full of affections, beliefs, professions, dreams, projects and ideals, full of joy “.

Teacher training at the Centro Ana Frank


We keep developing different workshops related to memory topics open to general public.

On 7th july the workshop “childhood, culture and dictatorships: tools for the approach to the matter in the classroom” has taken place.

Lecturer: Paula Guitelman

This workshop aims to approach to the matter of the features of childhood in the last argentinian dictatorship, focusing on the educative and media aspects of it in order to construct a wide perspective of this dictatorship cultural pattern.
A wide spectrum of cultural and literary documents will be analysed as a way to generate critical thought about that period of time. One of it’s principal aims is to create a perspective about the approach to this topics in the classroom based on theoretical and practical statements that would be part of a wide range of strategies to reflect on the given topic. The different educational levels will be taken into consideration in order to generate adaptable strategies that contribute to the conceptual as well as the educational matters involved.

Addressed to: teachers from each level and general public interested in the topics involved.
Duty: ARS$ 300

¡Virtual and face-to-face courses!

In August, new proposals related with our virtual courses will be launched. This courses give continuing education credits for CABA and the province of Buenos Aires. If interested for more information, you can write as to cursosanafrank@gmail.

Course: teaching the Holocaust

In this educational proposal, our aim is to think about the story of Anne Frank and her family in order to reflect on the problems related to teaching the Holocaust.

This will be faced in the context of memory teaching , which is a way of teaching the past in order to construct a better and full of hope present. One of the main triggers related to this “memory teaching” is to understand how genocides could be perpetuated by some humans towards others.

Addressed to: teachers from each level and students of teacher training institutes and different education professionals.

Starting date: 9th August
Lecturer: Paula Guitelman
Duty: ARS $850

Course: Diversity and coexistence in the classroom

The aim of this course is to work the concepts of identity, cultural diversity and discrimination in an interdisciplinary view.
This topics are spreaded all around the educational field of activity. They have a strong presence in each subject and each classroom. ¿How could we face as teachers the challenge of education based on equality in diversity?

Adressed to: headmasters, teachers from each level, students of teacher training institutes and different education professionals.
Starting date: August 16th
Lecturer: Paula Scheinkopf
Duty: ARS $850

During June and July we have continued with the project “Ana Frank”: itinerant showing and musical play

musical play

During July several performances of “the Diary of Ann frank”, a musical play produced with GENEARTE, will take place in the Auditorio Belgrano in Buenos Aires. This project is produced under the Mecenazgo Cultural of Buenos Aires, in whose contribution we are allowed to give these activities to schools by total free. This is a way to spread the legacy of Anne Frank in those schools that otherwise would not be able to visit the Museum or watch the play.

musical play

June 29th at 10 hs
July 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 30th y 31th 10hs y 14hs

For more information:institutoanafrank@gmail.com

The travelling exhibitions keep on touring the country

Travelling Exhibitions

At the end of May, on the 28th and 29th a new peer guide training took place in Escobar, Buenos Aires Province, where local youngsters were formed as volunteer guides for the exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy, Human Rights today”. The exhibitions remained open to public until June 21st.

In Santa Fe a teacher training for the exhibition “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” took place on June 9th. These teachers were in charge of the interactive experience with the exhibition for local children until June 22nd.

What is more, within the framework of a cooperation agreement with the Government of Santa Fe Province, the exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy, Human Rights today” were displayed in Moises Ville where after a peer guide training on June 9th and 10th the exhibition remained open to public until the 17th.

Travelling Exhibitions

Likewise the exhibition “Anne Frank – a history for today” travelled to Recreo along with the exhibition “Types of Violence, Gazes through Gender”, and after local peer guides from Recreo and Monte Vera were trained on June 22nd and 23rd these will be showcased in both localities.

At the same time, on June 22nd and 23rd another peer guide training for the exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy, Human Rights today” took place in Las Flores for them to be showcased at this locality in Buenos Aires Province from June 25th and July 6th.

If you’re interested on showcasing any of our exhibitions in your area contact us!

For more information about the exhibition go to http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes or e-mail us to proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

The books and unpublished products have already arrived at the Centro Ana Frank!

New products at the Centro

The new and exclusive publications in various languages arrived at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina. Do not miss the incredible variety of books and products related to Anne Frank, her history, family and context.

The publications bring together an editorial body aimed at children, young people and adults.

You can also find content related to the Argentine Civic-Military Dictatorship, especially the mobilizers Testimonios para Nunca Más (Spanish version).

All the products are for sale and available to acquire at modest prices in Superí 2647, Museum hours.

You can get titles in English and Spanish. In addition to the exclusive historic model of the Anne Frank Huis.

Model to build the house of ana frank

The available titles in English are:
Anne Frank The diary of a young girl: $ 420.-
Antisemitism: Past and Present: $ 550.-
Outside it’s war: $ 500.-

Titles in Spanish:
Anna Frank; Graphic Biography: $ 420.-
Betina without showing up: $ 180.-
Dictators: $ 550.-
The Diary of Anne Frank: $ 250.-
The Ghetto of the eight doors: $ 320.-
Experiences on education and memory about the Holocaust: $ 100.-
Hanka 753: $ 350.-
The girl and her double: $ 420.-
Read and write with Ana Frank (Fascicles 1 or 2): $ 50.-
Newspaper: 'La Voz de los chicos’: $ 20.-
Who was who in the back house: $ 420.-
Dream, think, write: $ 500.-
Testimonials for Never Again: $ 420.-
Texts and projects that build coexistence (Volumes 1, 2, 3 or 4): $ 230.-
All my names: $ 300.-
All about Ana:$400.-

Anne Frank House: Historical construction kit: $ 600.-

The values reflected in the text are in Argentine pesos.
For inquiries and shipments e-mail us to: adm.centroanafrank@gmail.com

Be part of our Centro Ana Frank’s Friends Association

Centro Ana Frank’s Friends Association

For 9 years, the Museo Ana Frank has been carrying out the mission of spreading and reaching more and more people with the legacy of that inspiring girl, who with her creativity and courage gave us a message of resistance, inclusion and peace.

Today we invite you to collaborate with the realization of our goals and with everything that the figure of Ana symbolizes, so that her words may invite more children, youth and adults to reflect.

The Museum is undergoing a process of growth, we are building the first Ana Frank Theater in the world, a space for multiple artistic and educational expressions.

Today you have the opportunity to collaborate with the construction of this Theater with the amounts of:
$ 500
$ 1000
$ 2500

You can also contribute so that more kids visit the Museum:
$ 240: 4 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 540: 9 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 900: 50% of a school group can accesse the museum free of charge.
$ 1500: 1 EDUCATIONAL KIT of the Museo Ana Frank, with publications, DVDs, exclusive work guides is donated to an educational institution to develop activities in the classroom.

Thank you very much!

*The visits to the Museum includes tours with our young volunteer guides and talks on the axes of non-violence, inclusion and human rights adapted for children.

Contributions are received by transfer to the following bank account:
Anne Frank Stichting Fund
Bco. Credicoop
CBU 1910218255221800990360 (dollar account)
Administration: adm.centroanafrank@gmail.com and (011) 3533-8505 (official receipts)
The values reflected in the text are in Argentine pesos.

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait even a single moment before beginning to improve the world!”
Ana Frank