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The 4th National Youth Encounter is coming and you can not miss it!

National Youth Encounter

The Encounter will be held in the Department of Iriondo, Province of Santa Fe, on June 2 and 3, from 10 am, and on day 4 activities will be held in the city of Rosario, ending at 6 pm.

This is an opportunity to meet and exchange with young people from all over the country who are committed to the legacy of Anne Frank and to be trained to be part of the group of Ambassadors of the Centro Ana Frank.

Cost of the Encounter $ 600.
The transfer to the location is not included.

For registration: https://bit.ly/2FktEsh

Questions: encontronacional.cafa@gmail.com or (011) 3533-8505

Meeting of Coordinators as the precursor for the National Meeting of Youngsters

Meeting of Coordinators

On April 16th and 17th a Meeting of Coordinators and Organizers of Centro Ana Frank Travelling Exhibitions took place at Cañada de Gómez, Iriondo, Santa Fe.

The aim of this meeting was to get to review and consider the diversity of educative experiences brought from the participants upon their local experiences. It was also aimed to project future actions, including de 4th Encounter of Youngsters of Centro Ana Frank that will be held on June 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This meeting will gather 200 youngsters from all over the country, who got involved with activities of Centro Ana Frank, or are simply interested on the topics the Centro addresses.

You can still join the Netherlands Youth Programme – July 2018!

Youth Programme

Centro Ana Frank is encouraging the youth to take part of the 9th Delegation to The Netherlands to share the “Amsterdam from Anne Frank´s sight” experience with peer guides and interested youngsters from all over the country.

The programme is aimed to Centro Ana Frank´s and the travelling exhibitions guides; interested and committed youngsters who are willing to live this wonderful experience which will always remain on their retina and soul.

The aim of this programme is to empower the youth and provide a learning experience and exchange. It´s an opportunity to understand the context in wich Anne Frank and her family lived and getting to reflect about it by touring the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague, including official receptions events and a specially guided visit to the Anne Frank’s House. We will also visit closed places for common visitors, the house where they remained hiding, which contains the original “Diary”, among many other unforgettable places.

Departure: Monday, July 16th 2018.

REPORTS AND RESERVATIONS: Centro Ana Frank. Superí 2647 – CABA (1430)
Tel.: (11) 3533-8505 or via e-mail to proyectoscafa@gmail.com

The Travelling Exhibitions are touring the country!

Travelling Exhibitions

Within the framework of a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Nation our exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “Traces of Violence, Gazes through Gender” travelled to Mendoza city, where members of the Centro Ana Frank leaded the training course for the volunteer peer guides who were in charge of the showcase of the exhibitions on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Furthermore, on April 18th members of our staff carried out one of our travelling projects at Instituto Dulcísimo Nombre de Jesús: “Free2Choose”. Upon initiative from this school, the complete high school joined this activity. And with the members of the Centro Ana Frank staff as chairmen, the students got to be part of an enriching activity for democratic debate, argumentation and exchange of ideas.

If you’re interested in showcasing any of our exhibitions in your area contact us!
For more information about the exhibition go to http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes or e-mail us to proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

The “Ana Frank” Monument, arrival point of the world event RUN4UNITY

Ana Frank Monument

The Centro Ana Frank is proud to had joined the 7th edition of RUN4UNITY. The event organized by “Children for a United World”, youth branch of the Focolare Movement, took place on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 10.45 in the City of Buenos Aires.

Under the framework of United World Week as part of the United World Project, Buenos Aires ran and walked making visible the values of Peace, Fraternity and Respect. The Ana Frank Monument was selected as the point of arrival and confluence of all the participants of the event.

RUN4UNITY recognizes the figure of Ana as a testimony, a symbol of violence made letter. Ana’s words remind us again and again that war is not the path to follow. “Children for a United World” saw in this monument the perfect space for the final union and celebration of peace over violence.

For more information about the event you can consult the web http://www.run4unity.net/2018/

About the Ana Frank Monument: The piece replicates the image of Ana with her school bag. It was inaugurated in December 2014. Developed by the artist Jet Schepp, the sculpture recreates the same image that is in front of the original house of the Frank in Holland. It can be visited in Puerto Madero, Reinaleta square of Holland at the height of Dock 3.

We received in our Museum the visit of Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, General Director of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires

Zinny in our Museum

On Thursday, April 27, we were pleased to receive Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, General Director of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, at the Museo Ana Frank.

The General Director made the classic tour of our facilities by the hands of Hector Shalom, Executive Director of the Museum. Both traveled through the timeline that contains the chronology of the Frank’s family contrasted with the stages that defined the Second World War. They passed through the room that recreates the rooms where Ana and her family remained hidden, to the end up in the “Room of the Dictatorship of Democracy.”

Zinny in our Museum

The day included the agreement of works of interest between the Centro Ana Frank and the General Directorate of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Director Zinny praised highly the work we carried out together with the volunteer corps and was very interested in our activities related to the area of educational training.

We are certain that this meeting will result in great projects through which we can continue to grow by and for you.

Be part of our Centro Ana Frank’s Friends Association

Friends Association of the Centro Ana Frank

For 9 years, the Museo Ana Frank has been carrying out the mission of spreading and reaching more and more people with the legacy of that inspiring girl, who with her creativity and courage gave us a message of resistance, inclusion and peace.

Today we invite you to collaborate with the realization of our goals and with everything that the figure of Ana symbolizes, so that her words may invite more children, youth and adults to reflect.

The Museum is undergoing a process of growth, we are building the first Ana Frank Theater in the world, a space for multiple artistic and educational expressions.

Today you have the opportunity to collaborate with the construction of this Theater with the amounts of:
$ 500
$ 1000
$ 2500

You can also contribute so that more kids visit the Museum:
$ 240: 4 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 540: 9 kids can visit the museum for free.
$ 900: 50% of a school group can accesse the museum free of charge.
$ 1500: 1 EDUCATIONAL KIT of the Museo Ana Frank, with publications, DVDs, exclusive work guides is donated to an educational institution to develop activities in the classroom.

Thank you very much!

*The visits to the Museum includes tours with our young volunteer guides and talks on the axes of non-violence, inclusion and human rights adapted for children.

Contributions are received by transfer to the following bank account:
Anne Frank Stichting Fund
Bco. Credicoop
CBU 1910218255221800990360 (dollar account)
Administration: adm.centroanafrank@gmail.com and (011) 3533-8505 (official receipts)
The values reflected in the text are in Argentine pesos.

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait even a single moment before beginning to improve the world!”
Ana Frank

“Ana Frank” Theater, construction begins!

Ana Frank Theater

On Thursday, April 19, we began the construction of the future Ana Frank Theater, the first Theater Hall in the world in honor of Ana.

The Anne Frank Theater Hall stands as a new space for artistic expression that allows the creation and execution of activities related to human rights, inclusion against all forms of violence and discrimination.

Ana Frank Theatre

The Theater will have space for 200 people, will be opened with the unipersonal “The window of the tree and Anne Frank” (address of Nicolás Gil Lavedra) played by Zoe Hochbaum.

The laying of the Fundamental Stone marked the culmination of the inauguration; discovered by the three generations of the Szulman family, who ceded the current land of the Center in 2009 and next location of the Theater, and Lic. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, one of the speakers of the day, that commented on the matter “I believe that the step of having a theater room is going to give more life to the Center, and this is going to allow us to bring more children who’ll continue to receive this beautiful message”. For her part, Patricia Szulman, said that this is a way to collaborate with the enormous task carried out by the institution.

Ana Frank Theatre

Miguel Baudizzone, Architect, in charge of the design of the Theater Hall presented it’s future characteristics and aesthetics during the event. The Architects Roberto Chomer and Marcelo Izraelewicz collaborated with it. Engineer Guillermo Sambresqui will be in charge of the construction management, together with the collaboration of the architect Fabian Tantos.

Ana Frank Theatre

Also accompanied the event Dr. Julio Toker, Friends Association President of the Centro Ana Frank; Dr. Brian Shapira representing the Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the Nation Claudio Avruj; Enrique Avogadro, Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires; Daniel Tarnopolsky, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; Rabin Silvina Chemen of the Bet-El Community; Rodolfo D’onofrio, President of the River Plate club; Federal Judge Sergio Torres, President of the Academic Advisory Council of the Centro Ana Frank; Victoria Montenegro, Legislator of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and President of the Human Rights Commission.

Ana Frank Theatre

We appreciate the presence of Dr. Maria Luisa Storani, Parliamentarian of MERCOSUR and member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Centro Ana Frank; Norma Morandini, Director of the Observatory of Human Rights of the Honorable Senate of the Nation; Alejandro Gomez, Minister of Culture; Laura Conte, Clara Wainstein and Ida Scharsman, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founding Line; Dr. Diego Marias, President of the Commission of Constitutional Affairs, Legislature of Buenos Aires.

Ana Frank Theatre

Also participaited Monica Dawidowicz, survivor of the Shoa; Lic. Pamela Malewicz, Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of CABA; Lic. Natasha Steinberg, Chief of Staff of the Subsecretariat of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of CABA; Jonathan Karszenbaum and Fabiana Mindlin both Directors of the Holocaust Museum; Gonzalo Conte, Open Memory and theatrical entrepreneur; and Carlos Rottemberg, among many others.

Ana Frank Theatre

Our special thanks to Maria Eugenia Vidal, Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires; Daniel Filmus, National Deputy CABA and Horacio Salvador, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in the Netherlands, for expressing their commitment to the project as well as the many expressions of support.

Marta Varela chose the Museo Ana Frank to commemorate the “Day of Tolerance and Respect between People”

Varela in our Museum

The Armenian Genocide, commemorated under the figure of “Day of Tolerance and Respect between People” this year had a special space in the Museo Ana Frank. Our precious chestnut tree was dressed in “Do not forget me” flowers written with messages of peace, hope and respect narrated by the young people of the Otto Frank Space.

Marta Varela, National Senator, chose to visit the Museo Ana Frank as her commemorative activity for the day. After touring our facilities we closed her visit in front of the chestnut tree.

The Senator expressed her appreciation for the work we carry out day by day. She highlighted the delicate work we do collaborating to the maintenance of the collective memory and the diffusion of important cultural symbols.

Varela reaffirmed her commitment to the Museum by demonstrating the accompaniment from her role as Senator, in conjunction with her block, to our current and future projects.

Training Courses for Teachers: the practice of Human Rights within the Classroom

From the Teacher Institute of the Centro Ana Frank we continue presenting proposals for updating to work in the classroom on human rights issues.
During the month of May we will start a new cohort of the virtual course “Ana Frank and the writing as a practice of freedom”.

The course begins on May 5 and one of the central axes of the work will be to analyze the creative writing of Anne Frank, highlighting the importance of promoting creative writing in young people.

The VIRTUAL course consists of 8 weekly classes and a final face-to-face examination that takes place at the Centro Ana Frank. Both courses awarded a score of 0.360 for CABA and 0.28 for the Province of Buenos Aires.

To register, complete this form: https://bit.ly/2JROMcZ

Check program HERE

Training workshops

At the end of May starts the training workshops for teachers and the general public interested in addressing in depth problems related to the teaching of memory topics. The focus will be on addressing the contents and resources for the transmission proposed by the Museo Ana Frank from different perspectives.

BEGIN THE 29/5 17hsCoexistence in schools: how to intervene in situations of violence?ANA CAMPELO UBA-PAULA CONTRERAS UBA Coexistence in school from a rights perspective. Children and young people as subjects of specific protection.
The importance of teacher intervention in shaping groups and in the links between children and youth. Intervention times: before, during and after.

Consult the complete agenda HERE

To register complete the following form: https://bit.ly/2Fkvbi6

For more information: Institutoanafrank@gmail.com

“The Diary of Anne Frank”: Theater and traveling exhibition

Mecenazgo Cultural

During May we will start with the second stage of the project “The Diary of Anne Frank: theater and itinerant exhibition”. In it we combine functions of musical theater produced together with GENERARTE and the itinerary of the exhibition “Reading and writing with Anne Frank”.

The performances will take place at Belgrano Auditorium in the City of Buenos Aires, being able in this way, to highlight the staging and enrich the students’ experience.

A teacher training meeting is held to work with the sample in the schools.

The Project is carried out within the framework of Cultural Patronage for the C.A.B.A. Except for the cost of school transport, all activities are free. In this way, we enable the participation of more schools in the experience.

For more information: Institutoanafrank@gmail.com

You’re still in time to sign up for the Teachers’ Seminar in The Netherlands 2018!

Teachers' Seminar

Aimed to educators, the Instituto Ana Frank for Teacher Training organizes its 3rd Teacher Training Seminar in the City of Amsterdam, along with the Official Delegation, winners of the Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days” and guides of the Centro Ana Frank.

Our goal is understanding the phenomena of violence and discrimination among people, particularly in the school environment. We will investigate ethical, political and social aspects that affect the complexity of these problems. We will analyze the role of the educator and the possible intervention strategies of the school institution to prevent, mitigate and / or counteract these processes that act in society.

The trip will take place in the city of Amsterdam, where significant places will be visited and traveled by Ana and her family. In addition, we will make a special visit to The Hague.

A different place to our own allows you to rethink values, beliefs and points of view. Visiting spaces related to our own roots or direct experiences that challenge us open the opportunity to explore our own identity.

Are you going to miss this unique opportunity?

Contact as for more information: institutoanafrank@gmail.com

2nd Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days” in Iriondo, Province of Santa Fe

Literary Contest in Iriondo

On April 20th and 21st, we welcomed the eight enthusiastic writers from Iriondo, Province of Santa Fe. They are the winners of the 2nd Literary Contest specially organized for the youngsters and teachers form that location. They came to Buenos Aires to participate in a seminar that consisted of a series of workshops that attend on conceptual and methodological aspects of how a problem is identified and what are the steps to take to intervene in reality and transform it, creating greater coexistence in diversity. This encounter had the objective to inspire some thematics and to offer a few tools to start the second instance, the Projects Contest “Social inclusion and construction of coexistence in school”.

Our greatest recognition to the youngsters and teachers that participated, and to the House of the Iriondo Department, for promoting the development of a local Literary Contest.

We remind to all the interested that is possible to create regional Literary Contests. We also invite to participate in the 10th Literary Contest and the 6th Inclusive Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our Days”, both national contests.

5th Newspaper Project “Anne wrote her diary, we write ours”, a proposal that continues to grow

Newspaper Project

We have more than 95 schools from different parts of Argentina inscribed in this project that promotes the investigation, the critical reading and the transforming writing. Each group creates in their schools with their teachers, a newspaper with articles, interviews, letters, recommendations, and others kind of texts. They write about the life of Anne Frank, Nazism, the military dictator ship in Argentina and the Human Rights today, diversity and coexistence.

On 28th June, in the Microstadium of the biggest football field of the city, we will organize the commemorative event of the 89º Anne Frank’s born day and the 9º anniversary of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, with the assistance of all the writer students. In this occasion we will exhibit the newspapers in a panel format.

We are still receiving new interested schools. The project ends with the impression of a printed newspaper that has one article from each school group and with massive spread.

The Centro Ana Frank goes to special education schools to present our projects

special education schools

This month we visited one more time different schools of special education, since they showed interest in getting to know better the projects that includes them. All of them have committed in the participation of the different proposals, and the also valued the meaningful and enriching impact that generates in the students the approach of the thematic of the Museum.

We also invite them to participate in the 6th Inclusive Literary Contest!

We had our second training of guides!

Training of Guides

On Macrh 11th and 12th, from 9 am to 6 pm, we had our second training in 2018. The two days included a series of workshops to approach the topics we work with.

We aim for our guides to be able to Share the legacy of Ana Frank with others, as well as the importance of Human Rights.

If you are between 15 and 25 years old, and would like to be part of our team or know someone who would, send us an email to guias.cafa@gmail.com.

You can also be a guide!

School visits: A great opportunity for your students!

School Visits

We invite you to visit us with your students, in order to share a tour which starts from the testimony of Anne Frank, going through different historical periods, until we get to the present.

Leaded by one of our young volunteer guides, our visit encourages to think about the importance of Human Rights, analyzing different periods of history during which they were severely put at risk.

In order to book a date, you can reach us at 3533-8505 from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

For further information, you can send us an email to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

We look forward to your visit!

Individual visits: The museum is waiting for you!

Individual Visits

The museum waits for you with an ideal proposal to share with friends and family.
Guided by a member from our team of young volunteers, we offer an instance to think about the role of Human Rights within time, being the testimony of Anne Frank the starting point to analyse different historical processes, until we get to our days.

Thursdays from 4 to 7 pm, 2×1 in the general ticket

For any consult, you can reach us at 3533-8505 int 30 or visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

Don’t miss this!

“Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space: “Armenia. Identity, history and present”

Our third encounter was a very special experience, during which we had the chance to learn more about the armenian history and culture, not only in terms of the genocide, but also regarding nowadays.

We were able to listen to Anush Grati, and find out more about her story and bond with the Armenian community.

In order to close the encounter, all the youngsters took a moment to write a message on a copy of the flower “Forget me not”, in commemoration of the Armenian genocide. Those messages where later on hanged on the museum`s Chestnut, so as to allow our visitors to read them.

Thank you all for joining us in this news start!

“Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space: Popular expression through street music

“Otto Frank” Youth Thinking Space

Between dancing and laughter, we had a really entertaining encounter, during which we went through the evolution of street music, in different countries, as a way to express social requests.

The youngsters of the encounter were also able to create their own group of street music, as well as to write and perform a song to represent the main ideals of the group.

Thank you, young people, for your enthusiasm and commitment.