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We launched the web "Significant experiences in the challenge of teaching the Holocaust and Genocides in the 21st century"!

Proyecto del Centro Ana Frank Argentina y IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance).

Launch of Web

In the framework of the commemoration of the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust on January 27, we launched the website that contains information on how to teach the Holocaust in the 21st century, within the framework of the commitment assumed by the Argentine Republic as a member of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and as a joint effort between the State, civil society and international organizations.

This website aims to provide material about the genocides experienced in our century in order to address the issue both to work in the classroom and in other areas. In addition, it was born after the International Seminar “Significant experiences in the challenge of teaching the Holocaust and Genocides in the 21st century”, held a few months ago in our country and then in Uruguay, of which we are part as organizers together with UNESCO, the Ministry of Education of the Nation, the IHRA and the OEI of Uruguay, among other important organizations.

We share the link to know the website:

IHRA seminar in the cities of Berlin, Amsterdam and The Hague for authorities of the Ministries of Education, Secretaries of Human Rights and international organizations of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

IHRA Seminar

Within the framework of the IHRA Project (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance), we carried out the seminar “Significant experiences in the commemoration and education on the holocaust” between the 7th and 12th of January in the cities of Berlin, Amsterdam and The Hague.

The program was directed at the highest authorities of the Ministry of Education and Human Rights and the Secretariats and directors of Human Rights Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Delegation was received in the city of Berlin by Dr. Felix Klein, Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Patrick Siegele, Director of the Anne Frank Zentrum; Dr. Elke Gryglewski, Director of the House of the Wannsee Conference; Jan Schapira, Anne Frank Zentrum.

In the city of Amsterdam they were received by Ronald Leopold, director of the Anne Frank House; Garance Reus-Deelder, general manager of the Anne Frank House; Jan Erik Dubbelman, head of the international department of the Anne Frank House; Dienke Hondius, representative of the Free University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit); Jurmet Huitema-de Waal, project coach at Anne Frank Stichting; Emile Schrijver, director of the Holocaust Museum; Annemiek Gringold, curator at the Holocaust Museum; Gerard Mensink, Managing Director Noaberkracht Dinkelland Tubbergen; Jan van Kooten, director of the National Committee 4 and 5 May; Floris van Dijk, Senior Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports; Johannes Houwink ten Cate, Prof. of the University Van Amsterdam specialist in transitional justice of Nuremberg; Monique Brinks, specialist in charge of the Westerbork Memorial; Frank van Vree, NIOD-director; Niels Wietkamp, ​​member of the National Committee of May 4 and 5; Ana Maria Quartas, from the Department of Diversity of the City of Amsterdam; and Sabine Gimbrère, director of international relations at Amsterdam.

The program had a special visit in The Hague where they were received at the Embassy of Argentina in the Netherlands by Ambassador H. Horacio Salvador; by Mtro. Emanuelle de Foy, Representative of the Embassy of Belgium in the Netherlands; by Katarzyna Banaszkiewic, Representative of the Embassy of Poland in the Netherlands; Carlos Herrera Rodríguez, Ambassador of Peru in the Netherlands; and by Ricardo Nario, Ambassador of Uruguay in the Netherlands. They were then received by Cynthia Chamberlain, legal officer of the International Criminal Court; Fabricio Guariglia, Director of the Prosecution Division of the International Criminal Court; Osvaldo Zavala Giler, special assistant to the recorder of the International Criminal Court; Antonia Pereira de Sousa, External Relations and Cooperation Officer of the International Criminal Court; Khadiya Arib, President of the Dutch Parliament; Mrs. Gerdi Verbeet, former President of the Parliament of the Netherlands; and the Dutch Minister of Education.

IHRA Seminar

Among the participating authorities have exchanged their experiences: the Vice Minister of Worship of the Ministry of Education of Paraguay, Herminio Lobos Centurión; Under Secretary for the Protection of Human Rights, José Brian Schapira (Argentina); María Luisa Storani, Member of PARLASUR; Juan Miguel Gonzalez Bibolini, Executive Secretary of IPPDH Institute of Public Policies on Human Rights of MERCOSUR; Director of International Relations of the Ministry, Tomás Anibal Zapattini (Paraguay); Director of Education, Rosita Angelo (Uruguay); the Director of the Office of the OEI-Mercosur in Uruguay, Ignacio Hernaiz; Prof. Fernando Da Rosa, responsible for the wikipedia Project in Education CEIBAL / Uruguay and Héctor Shalom, Director of Casa Ana Frank in Argentina.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation and reception of the authorities of Anne Frank House, Berlin Zentrum, May 4 and 5 in Holland, the Argentine Embassy in the Netherlands, the International Criminal Court in The Hague and the House of Wannsee who cooperated with the coordination of the seminar and they have received very warmly in their agencies the participating delegation.

IHRA Seminar

This project aims to exchange educational experiences of Holocaust education and commemoration under the commitment of Argentina as a member of the IHRA. In particular, in relation to the reflection and commemoration of the same, working especially in significant learning of the Holocaust with those responsible for educational policies.

We hope that this experience has been as enriching as it was for us and we can continue to motivate and strengthen the creation of new projects for the realization of public policies for education and human rights.

Teacher’s Seminar in the Netherlands. July 16th, 2018. A unique experience!

Teacher´s Seminar in the Netherlands

The Teacher’s training Institute is organizing its 3rd Teacher’s training seminar, in the city of Amsterdam, joining the official delegation, winners of the literary contest “From Anne Frank to our days” and peer guides from the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

This seminar aims to the understanding of the phenomena of violence and discrimination between people, in particular within the educational environment. We will work in depth ethical, political and social aspects that impact on the complexity of these issues. We will also analyze the rol of educators today and the possible intervention strategies that the educational institution can apply to prevent, mitigate or counteract these processes that act in society.

The trip will take place in the city of Amsterdam where the group will visit significant places that were important in Anne and her family’s life. Also, we will make a special visit to the Hague.

Will you let this opportunity slip away?

For questions, please write us to: institutoanafrank@gmail.com

2018 courses of the Anne Frank Institute for Teacher Training

Face-to-Face Course

Virtual Course

The Anne Frank Institute for Teacher Training has courses in face-to-face and virtual mode.

For the face-to-face courses, during the first semester, we suggest to take the “Trayecto Convivencias” composed by the following courses: “Diversity and coexistence in the classroom” and “Interventions in situations of violence in the school”.

Each course consists of 5 face-to-face classes and three virtual modules. The face-to-face courses are dictated at the Centro Ana Frank at the Anne Frank on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

The virtual course “Anne Frank and writing as a possibility of freedom” consists of 8 weekly classes and a final face-to-face exam that takes place at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina. This virtual course starts on March 10th.

Both courses awarded a score of 0.360 for CABA. and 0.28 for the Province of Buenos Aires.

To register, complete this form: https://goo.gl/forms/w42uzCYzhjWnfdP63

You can read more about our courses here:

These holidays, come and visit the museum with family and friends!

Visit the Museum

We invite you to come and see our exhibitions with your friends and family. During summer, we are open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm.

Wednesdays: 2×1 in the general ticket
Thursdays and Fridays: 2×1 for pensioners

For further information: 3533-8505/ visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

We expect to see you soon!

Visits 2018: You can already book your date to visit the museum with your school!

Book your visit

If you want to book a date to come with your school or institution, you can call 3533-8505, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

For further information, you can send us an email to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

Don’t miss this chance!

The traveling museum prepares to tour the country

Travelling Museum

The Centro Anne Frank has itinerant proposals that, year after year, cover all corners of our country, forming young people as local guides to bring the story closer to the public through their committed voice.

During 2017 we also arrived in Uruguay and Paraguay on our tour, in addition to having inaugurated a new exhibition “Traces of violence, gazes through gender”.

Currently, the Centro has 8 itinerant projects listed here: http://centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes

The museum can reach your city!

You still have time to sign up for the Youth program in the Netherlands in July 2018

Youth program in the Netherlands

The Centro Ana Frank Argentina invites to be part of the 9th Delegation to the Netherlands, to share with young guides and interested young people from all over the country, “Amsterdam from the eyes of Anne Frank”.

Directed to: guides of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina and of the itinerant exhibitions and to interested and committed young people who want to join to share a beautiful experience that will be engraved in the retinas and in the soul.

This program aims to empower young people and provide a learning and exchange experience in the context in which Anne Frank and her family lived. Having the possibility to transit the city of Amsterdam and The Hague, including official receptions and a visit to the Anne Frank House with special guide. We will also visit places inaccessible to tourism, the house in which they remained hidden and which today houses the original of the “Diario”, among many other unforgettable places.

Departure: Monday, July 16, 2018.

REPORTS AND RESERVATIONS: Anne Frank Center. Superí 2647 – CABA (1430)
Tel .: (11) 3533-8505 or by mail to proyectoscafa@gmail.com

School Encounters in the Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs

School Encounters

After the significant experiences in the last years, with more of 50 schools and 30 Encounters, in this 2018 we invite primary schools, high schools and schools of special education to participate in our School Encounters.

The proposal consists in get together different scholar groups so they can present their institution, their culture and the elements that build their identity. During one morning the museum offers its rooms for an special tour, and in groups, they share workshops with different dynamics so they can think about discrimination and possible actions and proposals to build a better coexistence in diversity. As closure, the students share a lunch with traditional food that their pick and bring, in a enriching moment of exchange.

The schools of special education are invited to participate of the encounter that consider relevant according to the average age of the group attending.

Dates, program, bases and questions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

V edition of the Newspaper Project

Newspaper Project

We invite schools from all over the country to participate in the 5th edition of this project, in which students take the role of writers and journalists with their teachers.

Destined to students between 10 and 14 years old, schools of special education and adults, the project has multiples goals: promote comprehensive and critical reading, investigation, debate, deliberation, and the initiative of active participation in the educative community and the families, through polls, interviews and observations made by the students.

The proposal consists in the writing of journalistic texts about the life of Anne Frank, the Holocaust, the last dictatorships in Argentina, human rights now days, diversity and coexistence. Starting from a predetermined format, each group creates their own newspaper.

All the newspapers will be exhibited in the form of panels in the frame of the Anniversary of the Centre, around June 12th. In November the project closes its cycle with the publication of the “Kid´s Voice”, a printed newspaper that integrates notes of all the group productions that will be delivered in each school among their authors and classmates.

Inscription form: https://goo.gl/forms/BzjjkqLYpW7SqYay2

Terms and conditions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

Literary Contests 2018

Literary Contest

We invite to participate of the 10th Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days”, destined to youngsters between 13 and 25 years old, and teachers from all levels, and the 6th Inclusive Literary Contest , for youngsters from 13 years old and adults that belong or have belonged in establishments of special education.

The literary contests are very enriching opportunities to the approach of different topics related to human rights, the holocaust, Anne Frank life, the dictatorships in Argentina, violence, discrimination, coexistence and inclusion. And to stimulate youngsters and adults to became writers, making their voice and ideas.

We hope that more youngsters, teachers and adults of all the country be encouraged to manifest themselves literarily and poetically. All the winner writers are published in the book “”Texts and projects that build coexistence” by EUDEBA.

Deadline of the 10th Literary Contest: June 29th

Deadline of the 6th Inclusive Literary Contest: July 13th

Terms and conditions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

We invite Schools of Special Education to participate in the 2018 projects

2018 projects

We have already launched the different proposals for this year, that include the Schools of special education: Both the tour of the exhibition “Anne Frank, story for today” and the workshop “Freedom to be”, the School Encounters in Diversity, the 5th Newspaper Project and the 6th Literary Contest.

From the beginning, the Centre Anne Frank received the visit of numerous Schools of Especial Education that have been interested in the proposal of bringing their students so they can know about the story of Anne Frank and the topics related to Human Rights, discrimination and violence. Those have been very enriching experiences for exchange and mutual learning, in which youngsters and adults have shown very much interested, enthusiasm, commitment and creativity.

It is our wish that this year new schools and institutions join our activities, to achieve our goal of building a more inclusive and accessible museum.