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So we say goodbye to 2017! End of the year toast


As every year, we held a toast to celebrate the great year that has gone by, as well as all our achievements along with the people who accompanied us in each step we made during 2017.

Among those present were Moisés Borowicz, Tauba Cymrot, Mónica Dawidowicz and Sofía Noelly Talgham, Holocaust survivors, as well as Sulim and Eva Granovsky. All of them received as a gift a mate that contained the phrase “How wonderful it is that nobody has to wait a single moment before starting to change the world”, written by Anne Frank.


During the toast, gave their words with Hector Shalom: Patricia Szulman and Dr. Julio Toker (president of the Association of Friends of the Centro Anne Frank), as well as Carolina, Irina and Micaela, young people from our team of volunteer guides.

Once again, thank you all for walking with us during a great year of achievements!

Have a very happy 2018!

Visit Anne Frank Museum in summer: a great opportunity to share the afternoon with family and friendsSo we say goodbye to 2017! End of the year toast


The Museum awaits for you this summer with excellent offers for all. We invite you to come from Wednesday to Saturday from 14 to 19 h, to visit and explore our exhibitions.

Some of our initiatives that we have for you on holidays:

  • 2×1 on the entrance every Wednesday
  • Guiding tours through every room of the Museum in which we exhibit original objects
  • Debate activities about present topics
  • Scenography recreation of the Secret Annex where Anne Frank was hiding for 2 years with other 7 people.
  • Video screening

Don’t miss this opportunity!

‘Otto Frank’ Youth Thinking Space. Last encounter of the year!

Otto Frank Space

We are thrill to share that on Saturday December 16th, the ‘Otto Frank’ Youth Thinking Space carried out its 21st and last encounter of 2017. As always, all youngsters that have chosen this Space also joined this event.

We got together to evaluate and celebrate the great year that we have; but, above all, we wanted to listen carefully the opinions of the youngsters that choose us and consolidate the ‘Otto Frank’ Space’s identity with their commitment, in order to continue growing based on their observations and suggestions.

We are very proud of the growth of the ‘Otto Frank’ Space, and thankful to all those who made it possible. We await next year’s next opening to invite all those youngsters who would love to participate. It will be a great opportunity to know each other and to explore the wonderful experience of dialogue.

See you again next year!

Agenda 2018: You can make your reservation to visit us next year with your school!


If you are interested in bringing your school-group to visit the Anne Frank Museum, you can contact us on 3533-8505 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 19 h.

For more information, send us an email to: visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

Take the chance and ask for a reservation!

We dismissed the year with our peer-guides!


The Anne Frank Museum would not be the same without the enormous commitment of our peer-guides that, day by day, choose this place to develop and improve themselves.

These youngsters, full of energy and enthusiasm, are the main characters of the beautiful year that we had; so that, we had to honored and thank them for the tenacity with which they carry out their daily task.

On Friday December 29th, we had a lovely afternoon to celebrate with them and to think about the 2017 that gave us so many joyful and unmemorable moments.

Per-guides are the heart of the Anne Frank Museum and their dedication make everything worth.

We are very proud of you, guys!

Teacher’s Seminar in the Netherlands. July 16th, 2018. A unique opportunity for experience in context. We have extended out 10% discount until the January 31st!

Teacher´s Seminar

The Teacher’s training Institute is organizing its 3rd Teacher’s trainning seminar, in the city of Amsterdam, joining the official delegation, winners of the literary contest “From Anne Frank to our days” and peer guides from the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

This seminar aims to the understanding of the phenomena of violence and discrimination between people, in particular within the educational environment. We will work in depth ethical, political and social aspects that impact on the complexity of these issues. We will also analyze the rol of educators today and the possible intervention strategies that the educational institution can apply to prevent, mitigate or counteract these processes that act in society.

The trip will take place in the city of Amsterdam where the group will visit significant places that were important in Anne and her family’s life. Also, we will make a special visit to the Hague.

Departure date: July 16th, 2018.

If you pay the enrollment until January 31st inclusive, you will get a 10% discount in 8 instalments.

For questions, please write us to: institutoanafrank@gmail.com

Already 2018 and our courses are open!

If you have not enrolled yes, fill in the form here: https://goo.gl/forms/w42uzCYzhjWnfdP63

This year during the first semester, for the one-on-one courses, we recommend you the “???? PATH”. You will be able to do 2 courses: “Diversity and coexistence in the classroom” and “Interventions on violent situations at schools”.

The whole experience unites 5 one on one classes and 3 virtual modules for each course. The lectures will take place at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina every Saturday from 9.30 until 12.30.

The online course “Anne Frank and writing as a possibility for freedom” are 8 weekly online lectures and a final one on one exam that will take place at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

All of our courses grant scores: 0,360 for CABA and 0,28 for Provincia de Buenos Aires (each one).

You can read more about all of our proposals here: https://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/instituto-cap-docente#cursos

Planning Breakfasts for educators and supervisors!

If you are a teacher, librarían, tutor, and you want to get to know everything we provide, soon we will be announcing exact dates for the following breakfast we will be carrying out in march for you to be able to know all the activities the Centro Ana Frank has for 2018!

We extended the 10% DISCOUNT until 31/1 for the Youth in the Netherlands program!


The Centro Ana Frank Argentina invites to be part of the 9th Delegation to the Netherlands, to share with young guides and interested young people from all over the country, “Amsterdam from the eyes of Anne Frank”.

Directed to: guides of the Centro Ana Frank Argentina and of the itinerant exhibitions and to interested and committed young people who want to join to share a beautiful experience that will be engraved in the retinas and in the soul.

This program aims to empower young people and provide a learning and exchange experience in the context in which Anne Frank and her family lived. Having the possibility to transit the city of Amsterdam and The Hague, including official receptions and a visit to the Anne Frank House with special guide. We will also visit places inaccessible to tourism, the house in which they remained hidden and which today houses the original of the “Diario”, among many other unforgettable places.

Departure: Monday, July 16, 2018.

10% discount paying the registration until 31/1 and possibility of 8 installments.
REPORTS AND RESERVATIONS: Anne Frank Center. Superí 2647 – CABA (1430)
Tel .: (11) 3533-8505 or by mail to proyectoscafa@gmail.com

The travelling exhibitions can visit your city

Travelling Exhibitions

The travelling exhibitions of the Centro Ana Frank every year tour around the country, training local youngsters as peer guides so the visitors can learn about the history through their voices.

In 2017 we started working in Uruguay and Paraguay, and also created a new exhibition ´Traces of violence, gazes through gender´. The exhibitions where presented in 53 locations in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and trained 839 young guides. The exhibitions where visited by 60.209 people.

We hope to exceed this number in 2018!

Right now the Centro has 8 travelling projects you can find them on here

Congratulations to the finalist of the 9° Educational Project Contest and to the 8 winners of the trip to Amsterdam!


The 26 finalists of the 9° Educational Project Contest “Social inclusion and building of coexistence in school” had the opportunity of talking to the jury about their work. The colloquiums were an important instance of exchange and learning, as the finalists shared how was the process of elaboration of each project, the identification of problems, the objectives, the addressees and the activities. Many of these youngsters and teachers have already been doing their projects, and others are very excited to be able to do it during the next school year. To all of them, congratulations!

After the interviews, the jury choose, with great difficulty, the eight winners of the trip to Amsterdam, inside the program “Amsterdarm from the view of Anne Frank” in July of 2018. The winners are:

Category 1:

  • Micaela Gueler
  • Sofia Di Vito
  • Ana Clara Palazzesi

Category 2:

  • Brenda Aimé Hessling
  • Rocío Daniela Ramirez
  • Muriel Alejandra Dello Russo

Category 3:

  • Victoria Penas

Category 4:

  • Mariano Nagy

We presented the IV Edition of the book “From Anne Frank to our days: text and projects that build coexistence”

Presentation of the book

We presented in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti the 4th edition of the book that contains the winners literary texts and the educational projects of the finalists of our Literary Contests 2015 and 2016. This book was made in collaboration with Eudeba and the Ministry of Education of Argentinian Nation.

The authors, their relatives and friends, the jury and authorities of different organizations shared the event with a lot of emotion. For us this publication is a real demonstration of value of the voice of the youngsters and teachers that want to transform the reality and make It better. The book will also be used as a didactic material for the Institute of teachers training of the Anne Frank Center.

Congratulations to all the young writers and enthusiast teachers!

Launching of our Literary Contests 2018

Literary Contest

We invite you to participate in the 10° Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days” destined to youngsters of ages between 13 to 25 and teachers of all levels, and the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest, for youngsters from 13 years old and adults that belong or had belong in establishments of special education.

The literary contests are a very enriching opportunity for the approach of thematics as the human rights, the Holocaust, the life of Anne Frank, the dictatorship in Argentina, violence, discrimination, coexistence and inclusion, and to stimulate youngsters and adults to become writers, making their voice and ideals heard.

School Encounters in the Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs 2017

School Encounters

Last year we made 7 School Encounters in which a total of 27 groups, 800 kids and more than 80 teachers participated.

Each Encounter is an opportunity for the kids to think about their identities, know each other and share. In the workshops, they talk about the different form of violence and discrimination that they know, and the thigs that they lived.

After the 7 big Encounters that took place during the 2017, we want renew our commitment with kids and teachers.

We want to greatly thank all the institutions that decided to be part of this activity and we invite all the schools that are interested to participate in the Encounters of 2018!

Terms and conditions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

V Newspaper Project 2018

Newspaper Project

In February we will have the open convocatory to all the schools in the country to participate in the V Newspaper Project, destined to groups of 6° and 7° grade and 1st year, special education schools and adults. In the 4 previous editions 191 groups, with more than 6000 students from all over the country participated, and we hope to reach new localities, schools and young writers.

We want to thank all the students and teachers that investigated and wrote with so much commitment and enthusiasm during this year and we invite all the schools of the country to participate in the next edition of the project.

Terms and conditions: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

We delivered the newspapers in the Special Education Schools that participated of the Project

Special Education Schools

During December, we delivered the newspapers to the schools that participated with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication of the Newspaper Project this year. In some institutions was in the context of the end of the year act and in others, in meetings especially arranged to talk about the project and to read the newspapers.

Those were emotional experiences of the put into value of the work done by youngsters and adults with their teachers.

We invite schools to join this project in this new year!