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Third National Encounter of Youngsters: A wonderful experience that left its trace

National Encounter of Youngsters

On November 25th, 26th and 27th, we had the third edition of the National Encounter of Youngsters from Centro Ana Frank, an initiative aimed to empower those youngsters who are related to our museum from all over the country, so that they can spread our activities and learning proposals in their own areas of belonging.

On Saturday morning, we received the youngsters coming from different places to Buenos Aires, where the Encounter would take place.

National Encounter of Youngsters

The program was made up of 5 rotating workshops based on different topics:

  • Anne Frank and other genocides: we worked with an episode about memory from a cartoon named Samba, to debate about the history of towns who went through genocides.
  • Gender violence: we focused on the analysis of the sexist culture we live in, as a frame which that enables violence against women.
  • Testimonies as a tool: we listened to a recorded testimony of Victoria Montenegro, a daughter of State terrorism victims in Argentina, and discussed the value of testimonies to spread legacies and humanize the victims.
  • 4 roles and coexistence: we aimed to allow youngsters to empathize with others through personal stories of violence and discrimination, in order to identify the role each one plays (victim, aggressor, passive observer or protector).
  • Stereotypes and Prejudice: we used social networks I order to identify all barriers we have when getting to know other people.

The youngsters were given the resources they needed to carry out these activities in their own areas, as part of the process to become ambassadors from Centro Ana Frank.

National Encounter of Youngsters

As a complement, we had the testimonies of Mónica Dawidowicz, survivor from the Shoa, and Vera Jarach, member of “Madres de Plaza de Mayo”. Both stories were very moving for the youngsters and they made many interesting questions.

After the activities on Saturday and Sunday, we went to Buenos Aires City Centre on Monday morning to have guided tour around the main historical sites there.
Close to midday, we went to the Memory Park as a way to remember the victims of State terrorism in our country. Daniel Tarnopolsky, relative from victims, was there with us to tell his story.

National Encounter of Youngsters

Finally, we went to Centro Ana Frank in order to end the Encounter. Some people who hadn’t visited the museum before had the chance to do it, and then we focused altogether on their role as ambassadors.

Thanks to all the participants for joining us and sharing this wonderful experience! We hope you found it enriching, and that you consider your training process successful.

The Night of Museums: an emotional night to remember

Night of Museums

On Saturday, November 4th, Centro Ana Frank took part in one of the most important evenings in Buenos Aires.

For the 8th year in a row, we opened our doors to give people the chance to visit our museum for free during the whole night.

We had 2250 visitors going around and enjoying the proposals leaded by more than 70 peer guides, a wonderful group of teenagers who showed their huge commitment and enthusiasm at every moment.

Sofía Noelly Talgham, survivor from the Shoa, gave her testimony and told u show she came to Argentina, escaping from the Second World War. Moreover, we listened to the story of Gabriel Corvalán, relative of State terrorism victims, who told us about the struggle and the permanent search of his family after the dictatorship. They both gave their testimonies for about 100 people.

We also had an exhibition from “Madres de Plaza de Mayo”, called “Retratos Recuperados” (Recovered Portraits), a selection of pictures of Grandmothers and the Grandchildren they met again after the dictatorship.

In addition, some guides played roles in small scenes based on the Diary of Anne Frank, directed by Marcia Rago.

This year, we had a buffet to raise funds for kids from the “Kellun” Project.

Thanks to all the guides, members of our staff and visitors for taking part in this wonderful evening!

Otto Frank Space-18th Encounter: “The Night of Museums”

On Saturday, November 4th, all the members of the Space came to take part in the Night of Museums, one of the most important evenings of the year for us.

This was undoubtedly a great opportunity for these youngsters to dimension the recognition and visibility of our museum.

Thanks for sharing this night with us!

Otto Frank Space-19th Encounter:”Getting ready for the 3rd National Encounter of Youngsters”

Otto Frank Space

On Saturday, November 18th, we got together with the youngsters of our space to think about the best way to introduce Buenos Aires City to the participants of the national Encounter from other parts of the country.

It was really interesting to discuss and agree on how to define our city, and also our museum, in order to tell others about it.

Thanks for choosing us once again!

Otto Frank Space-20th Encounter: “Disobedient Stories”

Otto Frank Space

On Saturday, December 2nd, we had a new Encounter, and this time we received “Disobedient Stories with Spelling Mistakes”, a group of sons, daughters and other relatives from genocide perpetrators, who look for Memory, Truth and Justice.

We talked to Pablo Verna, Analía Kalinec y Liliana Furió about their struggle, their past and their present. We had the chance to approach the complex path these people go through. And we found out that, having to choose between being loyal to their families, and to the whole society, they went for the last one. That`s why they started to search for the truth, in many cases risking the relationship with their relatives, but their commitment and determination help them carry on every day.

We admire your great value and support you from now on with your struggle.

Thanks for sharing your stories among these youngsters!

Come and visit the museum during the summer: An ideal plan for holidays with your family

particular visits

From December 13th onwards, the museum will start its summer schedule, for which we will open for visitors from Wednesday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm.

We wait for you to visit us with the whole family and get to know our different exhibitions, including different proposals:

  • Guided tours through our exhibitions, which have original objects.
  • Debate activities about controversial topics from nowadays.
  • Recreation of the Secret Annex where Anne Frank spent two years with seven other people.
  • Audiovisual material.

Don`t miss this chance!

We inaugurated our travelling exhibitions at Usina del Arte!

Inauguration at Usina del Arte

On Tuesday, November 21st with an opening ceremony we launched our exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy. Human Rights today” at Usina del Arte.

The ceremony counted with the presence of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Chief of Government of Buenos Aires City. Federal judge Sergio Torres was also present, who expressed: “All those who get to visit the Centro and who get to join us along this exhibition will find a place full of young dreamers, who dream of Anne´s dreams”.

Last but not least, the director of our institution Mr. Héctor Shalom, stated to the media that “Anne Franks´s history is very appreciated, and makes youth feel very close to this exhibition. They are approached on the significance of the four roles: aggressor, victim, bystander and helper. Anne Frank represents a source of inspiration for the reflection on meaning of life and mutual responsibility”.

The exhibition will be open to public until December 10th, from Tuesday to Thursday from 2pm to 7pm, on Fridays from 12am to 9pm and on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 10am to 9pm.

We look forward to seeing you!

Shared activities between our museum and the NGO S.E.A (Signs in Action)

Night of Museum

In the Museum Night there were interpreters that accompanied the tours and the different activities. This was a join activity that we carried on with S.E.A, Signs in Action, the NGO that works towards inclusion of deaf people. We have signed an agreement with the organization, which is the door to the realization of several joint projects, such as conducting a workshop in L.S.A. (Argentinian sign language) for museum guides, future trainings for deaf guides, the participation of interpreters in the Open Museum and various actions that help to achieve a more inclusive and accessible museum.

We delivered mentions to the participants of the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest

Inclusive Literary Contest

During November we delivered mentions to the participants of the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest 2017, putting into value their literary texts, which reflected a lot of commitment and creativity.

The youngsters and adults that participated received with emotion and joy the mentions. We want to also thank and recognize the schools that stimulated them, giving them the possibility of becoming writers, putting into words their emotions, thoughts and dreams.

The kid´s voice returns to the classrooms

The Kid´s voice

During the last month we printed the 4th edition of the newspaper “The kid´s voice”, that contains a note of each of the 64 scholar groups of the different provinces of the country the country that participated, giving a closure to the newspaper project, in which kids from ages 10 to 13 and schools of special education wrote notes about Anne Frank, Nazism, the last Argentinian dictatorship, coexistence and human rights nowadays.

Like every year we are approaching the schools in Buenos Aires to deliver them copies of the newspaper in the frame of the end of the year acts, recognizing the great work done by the children and their teachers in the preparation of their newspapers.

We hope that the schools enjoyed the process of this project and that many schools join this initiative in its 5th edition 2018!

We present the IV Edition of the book “From Anne Frank to our days – Texts and Projects that build coexistence”

Present the book

In the fram of the 70º Anniversary of the publication of the Anne Frank Diary, on Tuesday 12th we will present in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, the IV Edition of the book “From Anne Frank to our days – Texts and projects that build coexistence”. In this book are gathered the literary texts from our literary contests of the years 2015 and 2016, and all the educational projects of the winners and finalists of both contests.

We congratulate all these young writer and teachers that with a lot of talent and dedication put into words and actions their dreams and committed in the writing of their educational projects.

We present the book Hanka 753 written by Alejandro Parisi

Hanka 753

On a very emotional day full of attendees, on Wednesday, November 22nd, Alejandro Parisi, author of “The ghetto of the eight doors” and “The girl and his double”, presented at his headquarters his new book Hanka 753, which completes the trilogy about the Holocaust, together with Hanka Dziubas Grzmot, protagonist of the story and survivor of the Shoah.

Participants included Lic. Jonathan Karszenbaum, executive director of the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires, Susana Luterstein, president of S*herit Hapleitá and member of Generations of the Shoah in Argentina*, and our young volunteer guides, Leila Mayer and Julieta Méndez Noe.

All of them expressed beautiful words of thanks to Hanka for their strength and courage, and also shared rich reflections.

Before all the attendees, Hanka said: “I want to tell the youth not to let it beat in any way. We are people who understand what happened in the war and how the boys fought in the Warsaw Ghetto. They wrote “do not forget us” so we will never forget our youth. Now it’s up to you. “In turn, Alejandro Parisi also thanked Hanka for entrusting her story and for the entire year they shared together so that he could let her know how she managed to survive the cruelty and horror of Nazism.

Thanks to all the attendees for joining this special event!

The travelling exhibitions 2017 tour concludes!

Travelling Exhibitions

Centro Ana Frank Argentina counts with seven different travelling projects. Which have been simoultanesouly working throughout 2017. During November, the journey which began in October with exhibitions on 3 de Febrero District, Buenos Aires Province, and Neuquén City, Neuquén Province concluded.

Likewise two peer guide trainings took place in Ezeiza, where the exhibitions remained open to public from November 6th to 18th. As well as in San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán Province where the exhibitions received visitors from November 13th to 24th.

In such a way, by December 10th the tour through Argentina will have concluded with the exhibitions of “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “From Democracy to Dictatorship. Human Rights today” now open to public at Usina de Arte.

The travelling exhibitions keep on touring Uruguay

Exhibitions in Uruguay

During October, the exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “Traces of Violence, Gazes through Gender” began its tour across four different points within Montevideo City, which had 31 youngsters were trained as peer guides.

These exhibitions remained open to public at Biblioteca Municipal del Cerro (Local Library) from October 31st to November 10th and at Complejo SACUDE (Casavalle) from 14th to 24th November. The presentations continued and concluded at Centro de Privación de Libertad “Punta de Rieles” (Deprivetion of Liberty) where the exhibitions were exposed from November 28th to December 8th.

The Netherlands July 2018 Youth Programme was released! BRIEFING TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19TH AT 6PM

Youth Programme

Centro Ana Frank is encouraging the youth to take part of the 9th Delegation to The Netherlands to share the “Amsterdam from Anne Frank´s sight” experience with peer guides and interested youngsters from all over the country.

The programme is aimed to Centro Ana Frank´s and the travelling exhibitions´ peer guides; and interested and committed youngsters who are willing to live this wonderful experience, which will always remain on their retina and soul.

As of the rich experience had through 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 which had over 400 people to gather experiences at the most significant places of Anne Frank´s life, 2018 is encouraging us to take a new journey.

The aim of this programme is to empower the youth and provide a learning experience and exchange opportunity understanding the context Anne Frank and her family lived and getting to reflect about it: by touring the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague, including official receptions events and a specially guided visit to the Anne Frank House. We will also be visiting closed places for common visitors, the house where they remained in hiding, which contains the original “Diary”, among many other unforgettable places.

Departure: Monday, July 16th 2018.
Briefing: Tuesday, December 19th at 6pm

10% off if paying by December 28th, with a 8 installment payment offer.

REPORTS AND RESERVATIONS: Centro Ana Frank. Superí 2647 – CABA (1430)
Tel.: (11) 3533-8505 or via e-mail to proyectoscafa@gmail.com

New tecaher´s trainnings at Pueblo Andino, Villa Eloisa, Salto Grande and Olivares (Santa Fe)

Trainnings in Santa Fe

Over 200 teachers and families participated in the workshop “Possible interventions in situations of violence or discrimination at schools”, in charge of specialists in the subject: Dr. Flavio Rapisardi, Lic. Gabriela Salina, Lic. Inti Caporale.

The Proyect “El Diario de Ana”, supported by Mecenazgo Cultural was taken to the “Centro Cultural de la memoria haroldo Conti”

Musical El Diario de Ana Frank

On november 4 and 5, over 500 students of primary school from Buenos aires City watched the musical “El Diario de Ana Frank” and the ejoyed the exhibition “Leer y escribir con Ana frank”, together with coordinators from the Program “Educaciòn y Memoria” of the Ministery of Education of the city of Buenos Aires.

¡New discounts for the Teacher`s Seminary in Holland 2018! NEW INFORMATIVE MEETING, TUESDAY 19/12 at 18 hs

Teacher´s Seminary

Aimed at educators, the Anne Frank Institute of Teacher Training organizes its 3rd Teacher Training Seminarin the City of Amsterdam, along with the Official Delegation, winners of the Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days” and guides of the Anne Frank Center.

It purpose is to understand the phenomena of violence and discrimination among people, particularly in the school environment.

We will work on the ethical, political and social aspects that affect the complexity of these problems. We will analyze the role of the educator and the possible intervention strategies of the school institution to prevent, mitigate and / or counteract these processes that act in society.

The trip takes place in the city of Amsterdam, where they will travel significant places and traveled by Ana and her family. In addition, we will make a special visit to The Hague.

We think that, a different place such as Holland, allows you to rethink values, beliefs and points of view. Visiting spaces related to our own roots or direct experiences that challenge us open the opportunity to explore our own identity.

Are you going to miss this unique opportunity?!

2nd INFORMATION MEETING: Thursday, Tuesady 19th at 6 pm in Superí 2647.

CONSULTATIONS at institutoanafrank@gmail.com
DISCOUNT of 10% paying the registration until 28/12. Possibility of payment in 8 installments.

Course open to the public, free and awarding a diploma

If you still haven`t tried it, we invite you to join the self-managed course “El mundo de Ana Frank”. Just need to enter and regsiter in out virtual campus:

The course consists of short distance training, open to educators from all over the country. It is free and grants a diploma.

Also, in this initiative, everyone can manage their time. It consists of three classes and an introductory video that ends with a multiple choice questionnaire. Once the modules are completed, a diploma is awarded. Sign up here.

You can do it whenever you want!

Consultations to institutoanafrank@gmail.com or by telephone (11) 3533-8505

Courses of the Anne Frank Institute for Teacher Training 2018

The Anne Frank Institute for Teacher Training has online and face-to-face courses.

For the face-to-face courses during the first semester, we suggest taking: “Diversity and coexistence in the classroom” and “Interventions in situations of violence in the school”.

Each one consists of 5 face-to-face classes and three non-face-to-face modules. They are given at the Anne Frank Center on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

It awards score of 0,360 for CABA and 0,28 for Province of Buenos Aires each.

The VIRTUAL course consists of 8 weekly classes and a final physical examination that takes place at the Ana Frank Argentina Center. The course that is dictated is “Anne Frank and writing as a possibility of freedom”.

It awards score of 0,360 for CABA. and 0.28 for the Province of Buenos Aires.

To sign in, complete this form : https://goo.gl/forms/w42uzCYzhjWnfdP63

For more information: