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Newsletter n°72 - September

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

Congratulations to the winners of the 9th Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days”

After several weeks of a very intense and interesting reading, our prestigious jury has evaluated, debated and finally decided the winners.

It´s a great joy for us to receive so many literary texts, this year more than ever, from youngsters and teachers from all over the country, who are committed and touched by Anne Frank´s story, Nazism, the last military dictatorship in Argentina, human rights, diversity and coexistence. We hope that all participants, not only the winners, feel proud of their writing, presentation, expression and willingness to be part of a proposal like this one. We invite them all to approach the Anne Frank Center and share other activities.

The winners were recognized in an important awarding act, on Friday, September 8th at the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, inside de Ex Esma. They were invited to go with their family, friends, teachers, schools authorities and ceremony flags.

Huge congratulations to all this teachers and young writers!
To see the list with their manes, click here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5fvyprgq6J9UWYtMlFDREZmVzg

Congratulations to all the Winners of the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest

We congratulate all the 13 winners of the Inclusive Literary Contest! They jury has agreed that this year participant texts have been full of creativity and originality. We also congratulate all the schools for their great work, motivation and support of their students, youngsters and adults that participated in the Contest.

Winners of Category A

  • Lucero Aylen Quiróz Acebey-Instituto Integral de Educación
  • María Martina Steinhardt-Instituto Privado De Lasalle
  • Sofía Rojas-Instituto Integral de Educación
  • Lara Agustina Devoto-Instituto Pringle Morgan

Winners of Category B

  • Germán Edgardo Araujo Rodríguez – Instituto Privado De Lasalle
  • Lucas Weinmann-Instituto Génesis
  • Gonzalo Calderón Tarifa-Instituto Génesis
  • Maitén Rojas-Instituto Vitra

Winners of Category C

  • Bruno Alberto Perotti- Instituto Génesis
  • Eloisa Beatriz Gutiérrez-Instituto Génesis
  • Nidia Vanesa Scalzo y Luciano Antonio Pittito – Instituto Recreativo Terapéutico Especial
  • Roxana Verónica Pilla-Centro Terapéutico del Sur

On September 8th they were honoured in the awarding act together with the winners of the 9th Literary Contest in in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti.

We are very pleased, because this year more Especial Education institutions have participated in this project.

Once again… We found each other in diversity!

School Encounters

Once again, we celebrate the School Encounters in the diversity of Cultures and Beliefs. For us is a great joy to see schools from different neighbourhoods, cultures and educational projects introducing each other, talking and sharing different workshops about how to deal with different violent situations, towards an active rol to protect and take care of their selves and others.

We firmly believe that these activities promote coexistence in diversity through mutual understanding. The youngsters and teachers shared a lunch with typical food from the different groups.

We want to thank all the schools that participated, the new ones and the ones that have been following this activity for years.

Participating schools: Escuela Nº 13 – D.E. 20 “República de Filipinas”, Instituto Alberto Schweitzer, SGS Loma Verde, Instituto Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Escuela Ntra. Sra. de La Anunciación, Escuela ORT Sede Belgrano, Colegio Montessori de Luján y Colegio Palabras de Ezeiza.

Visits from Special Education Schools to the museum in the second half of the year

Special Education Schools

In this second part of the year, we invited the Special Education Schools to visit the museum and approach their students the story of Anne Frank and the topics related to the human rights, discrimination, violence, diversity and coexistence. It´s our goal that more schools, public and private, from all over the Province, visit us and participate in the different projects that include them, so they can share meaningful learning experiences.

To* book a visit*, you can communicate by phone from Monday to Fridays, between 9 am and 7 pm, to 3533-8505. For more information, please contact visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

The National Encounter of Youngsters is coming!

National Encounter of Youngsters

In November 25th, 26th and 27th, we will carry out the National Encounter of Youngsters in the Department of Avellaneda. This will be an excellent opportunity to share, transform and get to know each other.

We invite the guides at Centro Ana Frank Argentina from all over the country, the participants from the Literary Contest (cateogories 2 and 3), members of the Otto Frank Space for youth thinking, and participants from MICC.

This encounter will include testimonies, special visits, talks, and enriching exchanges, among other activities.

If you fill in before September 25th, paying part of the total value, you will have a 20% discount! (The price includes internal transports)

You can fill in at encuentronacional.cafa@gmail.com or call (011) 3533-8505 for any consult.

We wait for you to share this amazing experience!

Start of courses! 2nd Semester of the Teacher Training Institute

Virtual Courses

face to face courses

Re-launch of the Self-Managed Course

Self-Managed Course

A new edition of the Otto Frank Space: “The Pencils keep writing. 41 years since the Night of the Pencils”

Otto Frank Space

Special Testimony with Cristobal Mainer.

On September 9th at 6 pm we commemorated such an important and signifying event in the history of our country.


Exclussive encounter for young people from 16 and 26 years old. Debates and talks at Centro Ana Frank (Superi 2647).

The Centro Ana Frank Argentina signed a letter of intent with CABA’s Minister of Culture, Ángel Mahler and the Anne Frank House of Amsterdam


With great joy, we are pleased to share the commitment assumed by the Ministry of Culture of CABA with the Centro Ana Frank Argentina.

Around the visit of the Minister Angel Mahler to the City of Amsterdam, the Ana Frank Argentina Center, the Anne Frank House Amsterdam and the Buenos Aires Culture Ministry, have signed a letter of intent to promote and support the Museum’s activities, interest in the projects carried out here and compromising the continuity of cooperation in the educational area.

His visit was received by Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House together with Kajsa ollongren, deputy mayor of Amsterdam. After the signing, the Minister toured the Museum leaving at the end of an emotional message: “I hope our team can help, from where we are, to make a better world”.

The Anne Frank Center, protagonist of an exceptional program of “Perros de la Calle”

Perros de la Calle

On August 15th, Perros De La Calle (one of the most listened radio shows of the country), made a special edition live from Amsterdam. Since this edition was mainly focused on the story of Anne Frank and the visit to her house, Andy Kusnetzoff and his team visited us days before the trip in order to make known how the legacy of Ana is working in our country and , in particular, to disseminate the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust, in this case, by Sara Rus and Monica Dawidowicz.

We are deeply grateful to the entire Perros de la Calle team for transmitting with so much commitment and enthusiasm the legacy of Ana Frank, as well as for the great space provided to Monica Dawidowicz and Sara Rus, who were able to elaborate and tell their valuable stories.

Working together with the ESMA Memory Site Museum

Working together with the ESMA

During August, Mr. Héctor Shalom, director of our Centro, visited with the Rabbi Silvina Chemen the ESMA Memorial Site Museum (former clandestine center for detention, torture and extermination), who were welcomed and guided by Alejandra Naftal, director of the institution, along with her team.

Certainly, it was a deeply moving experience, full of sensations, contact information and a place where the horror unfolded his most sinister actions.

In turn, we also received their visit with the objective of knowing the Centro and our activities in depth, to continue strengthening our link in order to jointly develop different projects.

The musical “The Diary of Anne Frank “ was released! A traveling play that is part of the City of Buenos Aires Government´s Sponsorship Project

Premiere play

On 17th August, it was the premiere of the musical “The diary of Anne Frank”. Two performances took place due to the amount of people who wanted to assist! The result was 180 people present.

During this emotional experience, the actors transmitted strong messages through their songs, professionalism and acting, representing the life of the Frank family before, during and after the Shoah.

The project was created as a result of the City of Buenos Aires Government´s Sponsorship Project, which will make possible that the exhibition “Reading and writing with Anne Frank”, as well as this musical, travel throughout schools and culture centers, without paying, for the next two years.

We really want to thank the actors for the commitment and love they gave during the two perfomances.

If you are interested in having this musical in your institution, please get in contact with us at 📧 a institutoanafrank@gmail.com

Training of Guides

We are happy to share that on August 25th and 26th, we had the third guides training of the year at Centro Ana Frank.

A big group of youngsters came to the museum and shared two days of workshops to approach the topics we work with.

We want to thank them for their commitment and enthusiasm towards the contribution to their own formation, and congratulate them, beacuse we can already say they are guides at Centro Ana Frank.

We also want to wish the best for this new stage, which will hopefully contribute to their personal growth.

Welcome to the team!

Otto Frank Space-12th Encounter: “What happens when life doesn't seem to make sense? Youngsters: Suicide, risks and care-taking”

Otto Frank Space

On August 12th, we lived a truly moving experience during our new Encounter from the Otto Frank Space. We talked about what happens when life suddenly doesn´t make sense, when we or someone we know needs help, and what is the result when we are willing to listen with all the implications the word has.

We had the privilege to receive Dr Gustavo Alfredo Girard to think about suicide among teenagers and how we can take care of them. Thank you, Gustavo, for your words and your listening.

Otto Frank Space-13th Encounter: “Native towns. The fight for land”

Otto Frank Space

On August 29th we had another encounter among youngsters.

Together with Luis Pincén, Carmen Burgos y Margarita Abapillo, we thought about the different possible perspectives to look at the world we are so used to conceive from the same one.

Thank you for guiding us through this approach to the complexity that our diversity comes along with. And thank you, young people, for making this space your own every day.

School visits: a transforming experience!

School Visits

We invite you to bring your students to the museum, in order to think about human rights and their evolution over time, going from history to our days and the role they play in every context.

The visit, including videos, historical timelines and vivid experiences, is leaded by one of our young peer guides, who invites students to participate all along.

You can call as at 3533-8505 to book a visit, or send us an e-mail to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

We wait for you to share a memorable experience!

Individual visits: an excellent proposal for family and friends!

Individual Visits

The museum waits for you to go through an enriching path that focuses on human rights to think about the past and the present.

The visit includes videos, vivid experiences and historical timelines, and every stage is leaded by a young guide from our team, who daily contributes to spread the message we want to give.

We wait for you from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm.