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Newsletter n°71 - August

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

Opening of face-to-face and virtual courses of the Teacher Training Institute

On August 19th we are starting our online and virtual courses. They seek to generate reflection on their own practices and provide new tools for working with students, starting from the story of Anne Frank.

Face-to-Face courses

Online Courses

If you want to register and reserve your vacancy, you can do it by completing the following form:

Face-to-face: Registration of face-to-face courses – 2nd quarter 2017

ONLINE COURSES: Enrollment online courses -2° term 2017

New Working Breakfast for teachers

Breakfast for Teachers

If you are a teacher, a professor or you work in the educational sphere and you are seeking to share your experiences and realities with other colleagues and get to know new training proposals for your students, we invite you to take part in a new Working Breakfast! Tuesday, August 19th, 10 am here at the Anne Frank Centro, Superí 2647, Coghlan.

The musical of “The Diary of Anne Frank” is launch

Launching of the Musical

The Centro Ana Frank and the Generarte group, with the support of the Cultural patronage of the City of Buenos Aires, launch the musical “The Diary of Anne Frank”. After an advance made at the Open Museum, on June 24th, the official premiere will be held on Thursday, August 17th at 6pm in our Museum, Superí 2647, Coghlan.

Come and enjoy the premiere! Book your ticket in:

School Visits: an opportunity to keep on enriching yourself together with your school

School Visits

After the winter holidays, we come back to receive the schools that choose us every day with the usual enthusiasm.

We invite the teachers to bring their students to the museum, for them to visit our rooms, leaded by a young guide from our group of volunteers.

Focused on the evolution of human rights over time, our exhibitions go through different historical moments, until we get to the present. Their aim is to enrich students by analyzing the crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War and our Military Dictatorship in Argentina.

The visit includes different stages, such as historical timelines, vivid experiences and audiovisual material, all of them leaded by one of our young volunteers.

In order to books a visit, you can call 3533-8505, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

For further information, you can send us an email to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com

¡Come to visit us!

Individual visits: we are waiting for you!

Individual Visits

The museum has a truly interesting proposal for you to share with friends and family.

Our rooms go through human rights in different historical moments until we get to our days.

In order to approach the topics we work with, our exhibitions include historical timelines, vivid experiences and audiovisual material. Every stage is leaded by one of our young volunteer guides.

We wait for you from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm.

Don`t miss this opportunity!

The third guides training of the year is coming!

Guide Training

For all those youngsters who look forward to becoming members of our team of volunteer guides, we want to tell on August 25th and 26th, we will be having the third guides training of the year!

If you are between 15 and 25 years old, and you want to live a life-changing experience among youngsters such as you, send us an email to guias.cafa@gmail.com

You can also be a guide at Centro Ana Frank!

Our exhibitions are touring more and more places across our country!

On Friday July 7th our experience at the second place of the tour through Buenos Aires Province –the City of Lanús- concluded, right after a very fruitful experience at Vicente López during May.

We thank the Buenos Aires Province Government, the Buenos Aires City Government and the Municipality of Lanús Government for its support on this remarkable project. This enabled the training of an energetic and enthusiastic team of volunteers who received hundreds of visitors willing to learn about the history of Anne Frank.

The third stage of this Project will take place on August 14th and 15th in San Isidro, where the exhibition will be open to public at Centro Cultural Boulogne until September 8th.

Touring Exhibitions

Within the framework of 2017´s Federal Council of Education Assembly, the exhibitions “Anne Frank, a history for today” was shown at Córdoba City until July 1st. Then, it travelled to the locality of Bower, where local volunteer guides, who were trained at the capital city, fulfilled their role as they guided the visitors who approached the exhibitions.

Federal Council of Education Assembly

At the same time, last month we continued with our high impact project at Iriondo Department, Santa Fe Province.

During August, we will be carrying out a new volunteer guides training on the 25th and the 26th at the City of La Plata. This will count with the support of Centro Literario Israelita (Israeli Literary Center), Biblioteca Max Nordau (Max Norday Library), Universidad Nacional de La Plata (National University of La Plata) and the Comisión Provincial por la Memoria (Province´s Comission for Remembrance).

Moreover, another very important project in Entre Ríos Province will begin with the support of local government. Exhibitions “Anne Frank – a history for today” and “Traces of violence, gazes through gender” will be open to public first at City of Paraná –where the training will take place on August 2nd and 3rd and the showcase from the 4th to the 14th at Museo de la Casa de Gobierno- and after that at Concordia –where the training will be on August 16th and 17th and the showcase until the 31st at Fundación Magma.

Record participation in our Literary Contests!

Literary Contests

The last July 14th was the deadline of the 9° Literary Contest and the 5° Inclusive Literary Contest. We are really happy with the great number of literary works that we have received in both contests! Teachers and youngsters from all over the country, inspired with Anne´s story and the violation of human rights in the world, have joined this experienced and were encouraged to put into words all their ideas and feelings. The total of participants was 620! Record number in the history of our contests.

We greatly thank our jury that accompanies us every year, reading the great amount of texts we received. The winners will be chosen and announced via our social networks and web page at the end of August.

We hope that more teachers and young people will join in the beautiful experience of expressing themselves poetically and literarily next year in the 10th Literary Contest and 6th Literary Contest Inclusive!

Otto Frank Space “Abortion: Debate and Controversies”. 10th Encounter

Otto Frank Space

Moved by all the youngsters who make this space grow day by day, we are proud to share that on Saturday, July 15th, we had our 10th Encounter.

On this occasion, we received Maria Luisa Storani, Mercosur Legislator, Director of the Human Rights and Gender Observatory from the national legislative blocks from the Radical Civic Union, and member of the Academic Council of Centro Ana Frank.

Together with her, we joined among youngsters to debate about the diverse positions towards abortion in our country, and get deeper into the different aspects that constitute such a polemic and controversial issue.

We want to thank Maria Luisa, in the first place, for taking part in this encounter. And once again, thank you, youngsters, for your commitment and work in order to create a healthy space for dialogue and exchange.

Let`s keep on using debate as a tool to form our opinions and listen to one another!

Otto Frank Space “Rock and Resistance. Drums in Struggle”. 11th Encounter

Otto Frank Space

On Saturday, July 29th, we had a new edition of the Otto Frank Space, during which we talked about music as a form of resistance, given that we conceive art as a social transformer.

In order to approach the topic, we received Daniel Buira, drummer and percussionist, founder of the music band named “Los Piojos”, director of “La Chilinga” (popular school of percussion), and creator of a unique model for social integration and sense of belonging in informal education regarding popular art.

For closure, a group of percussionists from “La Chilinga” played for all the youngsters, showing their huge passion towards art.

We want to thank Daniel for sharing this meeting with us, and for reminding us of the great potential art has when it comes to expressing and giving a message.

We are pleased to see so many youngster choosing Centro Ana Frank as a space for dialogue and deep thinking. We trust this place to keep on growing thanks to you.

Thank you for choosing us one more time!

Cinema and Debate at Centro Ana Frank

Making good use of the winter holidays, we gathered with our team of volunteers to go back to one of our classics: movie and debate!

On this occasion, we chose a movie called “Nerve”, regarding youngsters and how they trespass limits, encouraged by a virtual game which often pushes them to put themselves in danger.

After the movie, we had dinner together and discussed the issues brought about by the story, and the message it leaves about the importance of putting our own and others safety before any attempt to play with limits and challenge them.

Thank you, guides, for sharing such a beautiful moment with us!