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Newsletter n°66 - March

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the month of March. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

We have opened the ´´Otto Frank´´ Youth Thinking Space with Estela de Carlotto!

All together with Estela

With great joy and excitement, this last Saturday we opened the ´´Otto Frank´´ Youth Thinking Space with Estela de Carlotto, the godmother of the project.

With more than 160 young people present, the Centro Ana Frank Argentina opened the new space that will be held twice a month during Saturdays in Superí 2647. It will offer talks, debates and activities about human rights, democracy and freedom.

Mr. Hector Shalom, director of the Centro Ana Frank, said: “The idea of Otto Frank inspire us to create this space. Therefore, we will have a place to work, think and discuss the issues that most concern us, as well as a place where young people from all over the world will be able to discuss isuess about discrimination”.

Mr. Héctor Shalom

Touched by the presence of Estela de Carlotto, young guides shared the letter they had read to her when his grandson Guido was found.

Guides of the Centro

On the other hand, in order to know the origin and objectives of this new project, a video of the “International Youth Conference”, the original space created by Otto Frank from where our new project is inspired, was shown. There, we could hear Otto talking about the purpose of the conferences,the role of young people, the importance of human rights and the necessity of discussing world problems to make a change. To accompany these testimonies, an interview of Rita Goldberg, godchild of Otto Frank and participant of the conferences organized by him, was also screened. There she said: “People came from all over the world and the conferences were quite fancy´´. She also talked about the high level of the meetings, the subjects they used to discuss, and how fun they used to have. She mentioned the parties they organized and the excursions they did with Otto around Amsterdam, among others anecdotes. Rita also made a special video for us, where she expressed an inspiring message for young people: “You are our hope, really, just as Otto thought we were the hope of our generation.”.

Rita Goldberg

After this, the letter sent by Abraham Soeterdorp was read.

In turn, different guides gave a speech in which they expressed the importance of creating spaces for debate and reflection for the creation of critical thinking. One of them, Sol Centeno, remarked: “The idea is to be able to give a voice to young people. A voice we already have, but that can be used to debate. That is why I believe that we are all here today.´´ On the other hand, Alexandra Zalazar said:” The challenge is to be able to create a perspective of reading our present.”

Wanda Holsman, Coordinator of the Museum, expressed “If Estela, who has always been present, godmothers us, this space is different”.

Members of the Centro

After the words of Center´s members, Estela de Carlotto gave a beautiful speech about her history, how she created ´´Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo´´ and which methodology of work they developed. She also focused on the importance of keep moving forward, giving and look after our democracy. ´´We have the longest democracy, so we have to watch it, protect it and fight for it. ´´Never again´´ is the key word.´´

Talk with Estela

Furthermore, referring to the importance of working in society, she claimed: ´´I know you have a stunning programme scheduled for different Saturdays. The fact of listening to each other will make you know each other and grow up together. You will grow up in groups, in society. You will participate not as observants, but as actives. And in those meetings, I will also learn from you. Youth is essential.´´

After these words, youngsters had a moment to ask questions and express their opinions.

Our next meeting ´´The human impact of the last Militar Dictatorship. The present of victims, relatives, witnesses´´ will be on Saturday 25th from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

LATEST PLACES for the second seminar in the Netherlands “Anne Frank coexistence in inclusion”!

In Amsterdam

2nd Seminar “Anne Frank coexistence in inclusion”: a unique training experience in context.

Amsterdam becomes a “classroom”, with testimonies of Anne Frank’s companions, members of the resistance, people who hid and protected the persecuted during the 2nd war.

The program includes:

  • Visits to museums, historical sites and study centers.
  • Workshops taught by specialists of the Anne Frank House and educators of different spaces dedicated to the construction of learning experiences from the history of Anne Frank and the Holocaust.
  • Day of study and prior preparation in Buenos Aires + other evaluation and application after the experience.
  • 7 days (6 nights) in the Netherlands, with activities in Amsterdam and The Hague.


For more information, please send us an email to institutoanafrank@gmail.com or by telephone at (011) 3533-8505 int. 34.

Breakfast for Educators 2017


If you are a librarian, teacher or educator and you would like to visit our Museum, proposals for activities and share thoughts with other colleagues, we invite you to participate in the Breakfast for Educators 2017 on Wednesday, April 5th at 10 am in Superí 2647.

Please, send us your confirmation to institutoanafrank@gmail.com, indicating your position and school.


The course “The world of Anne Frank” is starting. A self-managed course is an opportunity to acquirein a few clases, the necessary contents to develop a programme in the classroom. It is a distance proposal, short duration, open to the public and free, available in our platform.

Opening date: April 1st.

Each one manages their time. There are three classes and an introductory video that ends with a multiple choice questionnaire. After finishing the modules, a diploma will be awarded.

The course is available in http://campus.centroanafrank.com.ar/login/index.php

We launch our 2017 face-to-face courses


Opening date: April 29th.

The courses are:

  • Anne Frank and writing as a practice of freedom.
  • Diversity and coexistence in the classroom.
  • Violence at school.
  • Formation of Citizenship from the teaching of the Holocaust.
  • The debate as a teaching and learning tool: How to deal with complex situations in the classroom?

Attended: Saturdays from 9 am to 12.30 pm at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina, Superí 2647, CABA.
Score: 0.360 for C.A.B.A. and 0.28 for the pcia. of Bs. As.

Our training proposals aim to reflect our own practice in order to provide strategies and tools to participants for classroom work, assuming the commitment of producing knowledge to transform the world where we live.

For more information, please send us an email to institutoanafrank@gmail.com or by telephone at (011) 3533-8505 int. 34.

SCHOOL VISITS: Visit the museum with your school!

Come during March and find a new proposal.


Due to the commemoration of March 24th, during this month the visits will include a deepening of the last Argentine Dictatorship.

To book your visit, contact us by telephone from 9 am to 7 pm at 3533-8505, int. 30.

For inquiries, you can send us an email to visitas.centroanafrank@gmail.com
We are looking forward to seeing you!

2017 First Training Guide!

Traininig guide

On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of March, we had the first training guide of the year. Many youngsters between 15 and 25 years old, participated in this beautiful experience.

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteer guides, please get in contact with us at guides.cafa@gmail.com


Registration open to participate in School Encounters

Schol Encounters

In this 2017, year of the 70th anniversary of the publication of “The Diary of Anne Frank”, we call again elementary, middle and special education courses to participate in our School Meetings in the Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs.

The proposal is bringing together school groups from different schools so they know each other exchanging information about their traditions and elements that make their identity.

Throughout one morning, the students know the museum, and then, in small groups, they share workshops with different dynamics of reflection about discrimination. As a closing, the students enjoy a lunch with traditional foods they choose and bring.
Special education schools are invited to participate in the meeting they consider pertinent according to the average age of the group attending.

Do not miss this opportunity!

6th, 7th grade and 1st year of high school: Friday, May 19th; Monday, August 28th and Tuesday, October 24th.

2nd to 6th year of high school: Monday 22nd May; Wednesday 30th August and Friday 27th October.

To participate in the meetings, please complete the following registration form
For more information, please enter here

Contact: actividades.cafa@gmail.com or by telephone at 3533-8505 int. 3. 4.


Newspaper Project

Courses of 6th and 7th grade of primary schools, 1st grade of high-school, special education* and young adult schools take on the role of journalists and writers.

In 2017, we invite schools all over the country to participate in the 4th edition of the Newspapers Project, in which students fulfill the dream of Anne Frank: being journalist and writer.

The proposal consists in writing newspaper articles about the life of Anne Frank, the Holocaust, the military dictatorship in Argentina, human rights, diversity and coexistence. Starting from a predetermined format, each group creates its own newspaper, investigating and elaborating interviews, surveys, information notes, among others.

All the students that integrate the project will be convened to a great event that commemorates the anniversary of Anne Frank´s birthday.

In November, the project closes its cycle with the publication of “The kid´s voice”, a printed newspaper that integrates a piece of each group production.

Delivery date: Wednesday, May 17th.

Registration form:

For more information of this project, click here.


Literary Contests

We invite you to participate in the 9th Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days”, aimed to young people from 13 to 25 years old and educators of all levels and the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest, for young people from 13 years and adults that belong or have belonged to special education establishments.

The Literary Contests are a very enriching opportunity to approach different topics in literary form (human rights, Holocaust, life of Ana Frank, dictatorship in Argentina, violence, discrimination, coexistence and inclusion), stimulating young people, teachers and adults to hear their voice and ideals so they can transmit them through the writing.

We invite all those who feel sensitized by the life of Anne Frank and all history of violation of human rights to encourage you to manifest literally and poetically. All winning piece of writings will be published in the book “Texts and projects that build coexistence” edited by Eudeba.

Closing date of the competitions: Friday 14th, July (without registration).

To access the bases of the 9th Literary Contest, please click here.

To access the bases of the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest, please click here.

We have started the year with many traveling exhibitions touring the country!

Itinerant exhibitions

From the 16th to the 29th of March, the exhibitions will be presented at the Culture House of Rio Tercero, Cordoba Province. Therefore, on 14th and 15th of March, the training will take place for the young people who will be guiding the exhibitions.

We will also be present in San Javier, Province of Santa Fe, starting the tour that will carry out the exhibitions in this province throughout the year. On March 24th, 25th and 26th, trainers and guides will be formed to accompany the visitors on the route of the exhibitions that will be inaugurated on March 27th.

In 2016, we added 789 youth as volunteer guides across the country and over 48.000 people. We hope to still incorporating young guides to our projects and to reach new locations throughout the country!

If you are interested in organizing the presentation of any of our exhibitions in your municipality or school, you can contact us at proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

For more information about the exhibitions, visit our website http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes