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Newsletter nº64 - January

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the month of December. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

The governor of the Province of Buenos Aires and the mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, have visited the Museum with the Judge Sergio Torres

Authorities together

On December 21st, the governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, and the mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, visited the Museum, being received by the Judge Sergio Torres, President of the Council Academic Adviser. The purpose of the visit was to know deeply the projects of the Anne Frank Center of Argentina and to increase experiences together.

The mayor said: ´´The Museum transmits a possitive message. I liked the combination of the holocaust exhibitions with the dictatorship exhibitions, and I found really interesting the fact that it´s posible to see details, objects.´´

The governor asserted: ´´This a place that should be known for lots of kids so they won´t lose the memory. We are going to take all the material we could see here as an itinerant display to the Province.´´

We hope this meeting brings many new projects.

The Director of the Anne Frank Center was declared ´´distinguished personality´´ in the field of Human Rights by the Legislature of Buenos Aires


On December 6th, Hector Shalom, the Director of the Anne Frank Center of Argentina and Representative of the Anne Frank Stichting, was declared ´´distinguished personality´´ by the Legislature of Buenos Aires in the field of Human Rights, as a result of his work for social inclusion of young people and coexistence against all forms of violence and discrimination.

Throughout the event, an important panel accompanied Héctor Shalom, stating the importance of continue the struggle for a more equitable and fair society. This panel was formed by Estela Barnes de Carlotto, President of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, María Rachid, Director of the Institute against Discrimination of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Deputy María Luisa Storani, Professor Ana María Ravaglia, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports of the Nation, Ex deputy Aníbal Ibarra and Sergio Torres, Federal Judge of the Nation.

Furthermore, many authorities that couldn´t be present sent their congratulations and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Martin de la Beij, gave a speech that expressed the importance of the role the Anne Frank House has in the continous strengthening between the two nations.

To crown the event, Alexandra Zalazar (museum guide) have given a warm speech that remarked why the Anne Frank Center of Argentina allows young people to express their voice as well as to find a space of support.

We have signed an agreement of cooperation with the National Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism

During the agreement

On December 26th, we signed an agreement with Claudio Avruj, Nacional Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism, who came with their cabinet members in order to know the Center and the experiences it gives.

This agreement will strength educational activities in human rights field, starting from Anne Frank legacy all over the country. More over, we established action lines for the commemoration of 70° anniversary of the ´´Diary of Anne Frank´´ publication.

Mauricio Szulman, Julio Toker (President of Friends Association) and Monica Dawidowicz (member of the Honor Committee) were also present.

¨SIRIA: a genocide in our days.¨

Siria workshop

Nancy Falcón, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in Political Sciences, PhD in Philosophy from the University of San Martin and Executive Director of ¨Diálogo Intercultural Alba¨, gave the workshop ¨SIRIA: a genocide in our days¨ on December 29th, with the purpose of analyzing the crisis of refugees in Siria.

During this meeting, Nancy talked about geopolitical delimitation processes, the independence of Middle-East countries and Syrian refugees difficulties in order to reflect about our responsability when facing a new genocide.

Many people were present, specially young guides who demonstrated a lot of interest in knowing more about this genocide it moves all humanity.

Special advantages for the trip to the Netherlands until 13th January!

Trip to Holanda

AMSTERDAM UNDER THE EYES OF ANNE FRANK”: “Special program in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the first publication of the Diary of Anne Frank” – July 2017.

Don´t miss this incredible opportunity! You can get a 10% discount and 8 fees paying the enrollment until January 13th!

The Anne Frank Center invites you to join the “8th Amsterdam Delegation under the eyes of Anne Frank” to live together a fascinating experience, full of emotions, with young people, teachers, national, ministerial and municipal authorities.

4 programs:

  • 1st seminar for guides and young people around the country.
  • The 2nd seminar for educators at all levels.
  • Program for adults.
  • Delegation of national and provincial authorities.

The program includes a special visit to the city of The Hague and access to restricted places to general tourism.

Departure: July 17th, 2017

INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: Anne Frank Center – Superí 2647 – CABA (1430)

Tel.:(11) 3533-8505 Cel: (11) 156-120-9635 mail: direccion.centroanafrank@gmail.com
Payments must be made in our office, in Superí 2647 from Monday to Friday between 9 to 6 PM or by bank transfer to the account of the Foundation in banco credicoop City.

3rd consecutive year of ´´The kids´s voice´´ at schools

Newspaper project

As a closure of the Newspaper Project, representatives of the Museum have taken to participants schools the 3rd edition of ¨The kid´s voice´´, which contains one journalistic article from each 55 school groups.

We have seen the happiness and emotion of the kids while they were receiving the copies as a result of their compromise and effort. ¡We thank and congratulate the dedication of every participating school!

This project allows students from all over the country to make a newspaper where they can express their feelings and ideas writing, interviewing and investigating about human rights, Nazism, the dictatorship in Argentina, racism. This is also a complement for the work in class because it contains many instructions.

Pre-enrollment is already open! We invite you to book your vacant until January 20th by clicking here.

We congratulate the finalists and 8 winners of the 8th Educational Projects Contest

The 8 winners

The 8th Educational Projects Contest ¨Social inclusion and coexistence construction at school´´ have had 23 finalists who have presented their work to the judges during intense conferences. People who have won the previous literary contest have talked about the project they have created, their objectives, public and methodologies.

From this exchange of ideas, the judges have taken the hard decision of choosing the 8 winners for the Holanda trip, who will visit the Anne Frank House in July 2017. They are:

CATEGORY 1 (from 13 to 15 years)

Yael Crupnicoff. Martín Buber SCHOOL, CABA.
Daniela Belén Der Torossian. Cristiana Evangélica School, CABA.
Abril Gargiulo. Lincoln HALL School, CABA.

CATEGORY 2 (from 16 to 18 years)

Milagros Atanes. Carlos Saavedra Lamas Institute, Río Tercero, Córdoba Province.
Catalina de Lafuente. Santa Inés School, San Isidro, Bs. As Province.
Candela Andrea Rojas Cano. San Antonio de Padua Institute, Esteban Echeverría, Bs. As. Province.
Cecilia Lucía Chiappino. Florentino Ameghino n°47 School, Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe Province.

CATEGORY 3 (from 19 to 25 years)

Pablo Ariel Montemurro Álvarez. National University of San Juan, San Juan capital, San Juan Province.

We congratulate every contestant as well as every finalist for the effort and dedication they have given in this contest! Every finalist educational project will be published in the 4th edition of ¨Texts and Projects that build coexistance¨, edited by Eudeba.

Launch of our Literary Contests

Anne Frank

We invite you to participate in the 9th Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days”, aimed to young people from 13 to 25 years old and educators of all levels. We also invite you to join the 5th Inclusive Literary Contest, for young people from 13 years and adults that belong or have belonged to special education schools
The Literary Contest is one of the most emblematic projects of the Center.

From its beginnings, they have been a very enriching opportunity to approach the subjects of Human Rights, Holocaust, Anne Frank’s life, violence, discrimination, coexistence and inclusio and to encourage young people/adults to become writers, making their voice and their ideals heard.

We share the experience of one of the winners from the last literary contest, Abril Gargiulo, who have moved us with her beautiful words:


¨The values and experiences that can be achieved are incomparable, even if you win or not. The fact of having a space to express the ideas and writing is really positive. What have happened to me and to most of the people was it has surprised us how capable we were to do what we wanted to do. We have also discovered a new interest in something we hadn´t noticed until that moment.

The contest has been really important to me. It has shown me we can change the world. Everything counts.¨

We hope more and more young people, teachers and adults from all over the country get encouraged to express themselves literally and poetically. All winners writings are published in the book “Texts and projects that build coexistence” edited by Eudeba.

Contest deadline: Friday 14th, July 2017.

To access the contest rules of 9th Literary Contest, please click here.

To access the contest rules of 5th Inclusive Literary Contest, please click here.

The traveling exhibitions have visited 13 places of Santa Fe Province

In Santa Fe

During 2016,the traveling exhibitions have been present in Sunchales, Gálvez, Santa Fe Capital, Villa Ocampo, Reconquista, Coronda, Vera, Esperanza, Llambi Campbell, Casilda, Carcaraña, San Justo y Arequito.

We are really glad to say 456 youngsters of Santa Fe have been trained as guides and messengers of the Anne Frank Legacy, making possible that 33.800 people met the exhibitions.

We thank Leonardo Simoniello, our representative in Santa Fe Province, for his excellent work that allowed the arriving of the exhibitions and educational experiences all over the province. His compromise makes possible more projects with the Education Ministry.

The traveling exhibitions can visit your city

Traveling exhibitions

The Center of Anne Frank has it traveling exhibitions that year by year, visit every corner of our country training youngsters as local guides in order to bring the history closer to the people. In 2016, the traveling exhibitions have been present in 34 places of Argentina, 930 youngsters have been trained as guides and 75 people as local trainers. More over, the exhibitions have been visited by 58.235 people. We would love to surpass this number in 2017!

Nowadays, the Center has 8 traveling projects listed here:

If you are interested in having our exhibitions in your municipality or school, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

For more information about the exhibitions, visit our website: http://www.centroanafrank.com.ar/muestras-itinerantes.

Contact information: proyectoscafa@gmail.com or nurit@annefrank.nl.

Last training guides of the year

Last training

During December 2nd and 3rd, we had the 6th and last training guides of the year but… We would like to tell you that the enrollment is already open for 2017!

If you are between 15 and 25 years old and you would like to join our volunteers team or you know someone who might be interesting in doing it, please put it contact with us at guiascafa@gmail.com.

Being guide of the Museum is a completely transforming experience that can enrich our meddling in the society and our ways of thinking in order to become in active people as well as more tolerant.

A beautiful and enriching experience is waiting for you. Don´t miss it!

The guides went to camp


With the purpose of saying goodbye to 2016 and rewarding the guides for all the work they do, the youngsters went to camp or ´´cafpamento´´, as we like to say it. During two days in CSIS, they have shared beautiful moments and enriching experiences.

They had fun, the played, met each other, reflected and, specially, they filled of energy to face 2017.

It was really nice seeing them sharing such good moments and listening to their opinions, which make us proud and encourage us to keep on going.

Summer Plan: Come and enjoy your holidays at the Anne Frank Center!

The Museum

Come to visit the Museum with your family! Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm.

• Every Wednesday 2 × 1 in general tickets starting from December 1st.
• Audiovisual projections.
• Workshop “The amazing class of Zamba and Memory”.
• Guided tours in our unique rooms in Latin America with original historical objects.
• Scenic recreation of the hideout where Anne Frank and 7 other people lived for more than two years.
• Interactive debates activities.

In JANUARY and FEBRUARY: Exhibitions “Read and write with Anne Frank” for children from 9 years to 12 years.

See you here!

Teacher training courses during te summer

For the second year, we launch the summer on-line course ¨Anne Frank and the writing as a practice of freedom¨.

8 virtual classes and 1 face-to-face final exam.

Start: 25/2.
To enroll, please click here.

For further information, please write to institutoanafrank@gmail.com

We have toasted to the incredible 2016 and we get ready for a new year with many projects

The toast

On December 22nd, we made a toast with staff members, guides and authorities who worked with us during 2016. It was a beautiful meeting, full of joy and felt words.

We are proud to say the museum grows year by year and that is reflected on the number of people who choose us to receive the message we transmit. On 2016, 568 school groups visited us, which means 15.920 students from primary and high school. We received 1573 teachers who came with the kids and chose the museum as a part of their schedule.

You can already schedule your visit in 2017. We are looking forward to share a beautiful experience!

We keep on moving forward!