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Newsletter nº62 - November 2016

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the month of October. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

A beautiful experience: the Night of Museums

The Museum Night

On October 29th, for the seventh consecutive year, the Anne Frank Museum participated in this special night, offering the chance to visit the museum for free from 8PM to 3AM.

2,400 people visited the museum and took part of this experience carried out by more than 50 volunteer guides, a wonderful group of youths who passed on their knowledge, commitment and emotion. To all of them, thank you very much!

We would also like to emphasize the participation of Moises Borowicz, a survivor of the Shoah, and Daniel Tarnopolsky, a relative of state terrorism´s victim, who both gave an emotional testimony in front of more than 100 people, telling and sharing their life experiences.

In addition, we offered a buffet in benefit of the cooperative ”Poderolla Gastronomy”, as well as an interesting discount in books for sale.

The Anne Frank Centre of Argentina was present in important newspapers

In the media

Due to the Night of Museums 2016, the Anne Frank Centre of Argentina appeared in the newspaper Infobae, one of the most importants in the country, as one of the most special museums to visit that night. Infobae also made a special press release, which specified all the activities and programs planned for that evening.
More over, we appeared in ´´Página 12´´ and ´´Terra´´!

Join us in this unforgettable experience! The 8th Netherlands Delegation – July 2017

In Amsterdam

“Amsterdam under the eyes of Anne Frank”

“Special Program commemoration on the 70 years of the first publication of the Diary of Anne Frank “- July 2017

INFORMATIVE MEETING: November 10 th at 6.30 PM in Superí 2647.

The Anne Frank Centre of Argentina invites you to join the “8th Amsterdam Delegation under the eyes of Anne Frank” to live together a fascinating experience with young people, teachers and important authorities.

4 programs

  • 1st Seminar for guides and young people around the country.
  • The 2nd Seminar for educators at all levels.
  • Program for adults.
  • Delegation of national and provincial authorities.

Through the testimonies of fellow Anne Frank, protectors and resistance activists, tours of significant spaces in the history and life of Anne Frank, her family and friends, we will seek to know the city of Amsterdam, visiting significant places of the history and memory.

The program includes a special visit to the city of The Hague. We will be welcomed by official authorities in every place and we will also make special visits to restricted areas to the general tourism.

Departure: July 17th, 2017

INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: Centro Ana Frank – Superí 2647 – CABA (1430)
Tel.:(11) 3533-8505 Cel: (11) 156-120-9635 mail: direccion.centroanafrank@gmail.com

Payments must be made in our office, Superí 2647 from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 6 PM or by bank transfer to the account of the Foundation in Credicoop Bank City.

See you there!

We have commemorated the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity

Schools all together

This month,we have celebrated two new editions of our School Meetings in the Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs, along with more than 150 students of primary and secondary school as well as special education students from the City and Province of Buenos Aires.

The participating students presented their projects to the other schools and the particularities of their educational institution through different visual resources. Furthermore, they visited the museum halls and worked in small heterogeneous groups the dangers of discrimination, the value of coexistence and the different roles we can assume in violence situations.

We especially thank to schools: Words of Ezeiza, Integral Institute of Education, Michael Ham College, Alberto Schweitzer Institute, Puentes School and San Luis Gonzaga College for the great commitment and enthusiasm they assumed in their participation.

The Anne Frank Center organizes the School Meetings in the Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs every year. The main objective is to generate a lived experience of students and teachers, calling for the reflection and the valorization of cultural identities and the construction of coexistence in diversity.

Target audience: 6th and 7th grade elementary students, 1st to 6th grade high school students and special education schools.

Questions and enrollment for the next year: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

Training Workshop for the winners of the Inclusive Literary Contest

During the workshop

On October 21st, we held a training workshop for the winners of the Inclusive Literary Contest. The young people who participated, made interactive workshops in which they approached conceptual contents connected with the history of Anne Frank and Nazism, supported by the timeline that is presented in the permanent exhibition. They also participated in proposals related to experiences about discrimination and the role of the guides, as well as the implications of them.

After the workshop, they received diplomas which accredited their role as guides.

Over the next few months and next year, they are invited to lead their own schools, as also special education schools. Definitely, it was a day of reflection, exchange and empowerment for young people.

Coming soon: 3rd printed Newspaper “The voice of the children”

La voz de los chicos

With great excitement, we announce that the Ana Frank Center is working on the preparation of the 3rd edition of the newspaper The Voice of the Children as a closure of the Newspaper Project “Ana wrote her diary, we wrote ours. Students who read to learn and write to tell”. This newspaper will consist on an article made by the 55 school groups of the country that have participated in the project.

The newspaper is a contribution to the reading, research and writing of young students inspired by the history of Anne Frank who seek, through their voice, to make their opinions and values heard.

For all educational institutions interested in acquiring it, it will be available soon.

To all who wants to read the two previous editions of the voice of the children, enter the following links: 1st and 2nd

If you are interested in seeing al the newspapers, please enter here

Questions and enrollment to the 4th edition 2017: actividades.cafa@gmail.com

The Anne Frank Center continues going across the country with his traveling exhibitions

Traveling exhibitions

Each month, young people from different cities are formed as guides of the traveling exhibitions that cross the world, and thanks to the Anne Frank Center, they go over Argentina.

During October, the exhibitions “Anne Frank, a history for today” and “From dictatorship to democracy, human rights today” were led by young people in Llambi Campbell, Carcarañá, Casilda, Arequito and San Justo in the Province of Santa Fe, and De La Garma, in the Province of Buenos Aires.

If you want to visit the traveling exhibitions, write down the next dates for November:

  • From 1st to 12nd: Paseo Aldrey, City of Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires.
  • From 3rd to 11st: The exhibition “Freedom of being, stories of discrimination and diversity” and interactive film project “Free2choose – Freedom of Choice” will visit schools of Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires.
  • From 7th to 14th: Río Segundo, Province of Cordoba.
  • From 16th to 30: Rio Tercero, Province of Cordoba.

If you are interested in taking the traveling exhibitions to your school or city, please write to proyectoscafa@gmail.com.

Guides Trainings


This month, we will have the fifth and last Guides Training of the year.
If you are between 15 and 25 years old and you are interested in joining our team of volunteer guides or you know someone who wants to do it, please contact us to guias.cafa@gmail.com

Don´t miss this beautiful experience!