Centro Ana Frank Argentina


Newsletter n. 61 - October

This is a monthly communication retelling the events at Centro Ana Frank Argentina, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the month of September. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at argentina@annefrank.nl

¡Great ceremony award of the 8th Literary Contest and the 4th Inclusive Literary Contest!

The winners

On September 10th, we had the honor to reward the 46 winners of the 8th Literary Contest and the 20 winners of the 4th Inclusive Literary Contest. We also had representatives of 3 different countries and from 8 different provinces of our country.
In a warm ceremony, young and teachers who have won received their certificate and awards accompanied by their families, friends, teachers and schools.

Numerous authorities applauded Celeste Adamoli (Ministry of National Education), Andrea Dure (Ministry of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires), Gabriel Cruz, Baruj Zaidenknop, Claudio Altamirano, Flavio Galardon and Vanesa Casal (Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires city), Pamela Malewicz and Natasha Steinberg (Human Rights Office of the Governement of Buenos Aires city), Gonzalo Alvarez and Luis Quevedo (EUDEBA), Gerardo Mazur (Hebraica Society of Argentina), Silvina Chemen (Bet El Community), Nancy Falcon (ALBA Foundation), Giselle Balero Reche (Anne Frank Institute of Teacher Training), Julieta Rozenhauz (University of San Martin), Julian Laguens (High Study Fundation OFEC), Julia Conteras (International Center of Human Rights), Julio Toker (Friends Foundation of the Center Anne Frank), Monica Dawidowicz (Holocaust survivor and member of the Honorary Committee of the Center Anne Frank), Natalia Aiello, Isabel Vazquez y Claudia Silva (GEEEBA Institute), Alfredo Bertola (Professor of Special Education).

After the ceremony, we shared a warm reception with the jurors. We would like to especially thank the dedication, respect and commitment they gave to read and evaluate many literary texts.

The winners of the 8th Literary Contest shared a training seminary for educational projects development

During the seminary

On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th, the winners of the 8th Literary Contest “From Anne Frank to our days” shared two days of work in the Anne Frank Center. This, was an instance of preparation in order to participate in the Project Contest “Social inclusion and construction of convivence at school”, to which they can apply after winning the first instance of competition.

They were two days of intensive reflection, in which the winners shared different workshops, videos and interesting debates. In addition, they thought ideas to start developing their projects that should be aimed to reduce violence and discrimination in the classroom. Those who are selected by the jury, will defend a colloquium, in which 8 winners will be selected and awarded with a trip to the Netherlands under the program “Amsterdam through the eyes of Anne Frank” to be held in July 2017.

To all the winners, many success!

First Seminary of Model Simulation of the International Criminal Court in Argentina MICC: “The value of Justice as a learning experience of Human Rights”


On the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of September it was held the 1st Seminary of Model Simulation of the International Criminal Court in Argentina “The value of Justice as a learning experience of Human Rights”. With pride, we can say that nearly 50 people participated in this enriching event, that we hope it´s the first of many. The participants represent 20 locations of all the country, belonging to 8 provinces.
During the seminary, different workshops and conferences took place which addressed various genocides and war crimes, as well as the value of justice and human rights, emphasizing the place that education takes in these subjects.

One of the essential parts of the seminary consisted in simulating three cases in which the participants took the roles of defense, prosecutors and judges. In this activity, they judge accused from Nuremberg, ex Yugoslavia and Ruanda in order to determine their criminal responsibility.

We thank all participants and coordinators, the group of 10 young people who coordinated the simulation of trials as well as Natalia Luterstein, Maja Nenadovic, Tvrtko Pater and members of the organization.

During the seminary, two open conferences were held

The conferences

On September 22nd, it was held the inaugural conference of the seminary ”The Value of Justice as a learning experience of Human Rights”, where Sergio Torres, Federal Judge, Monica pinto, Dean of the Faculty of Law -University of Buenos Aires, Emmanuel Kahan, PhD in History and master in History from the National University of La Plata, CONICET researcher and university professor, and Maja Nenadovic, PhD in Political Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, expert in Criminal Court Western Balkans who was specially invited and came from abroad, participated as speakers. The conference was coordinated by Héctor Shalom.

On September 23rd, it was held the second open conference which had Daniel Rafecas, Federal Judge, Ana Maria Ravaglia, Deputy Secretary of the Intersectoral and Institutional Cooperation Ministry of National Education and Sport, and Daniel Tarnopolsky, relative of missing person, board member of Human Rights Organizations, member of the Executive Committee of International Center of Human Rights (CIPDH) Argentinian State, UNESCO as speakers. Coordinated by Héctor Shalom.

We really appreciate the participation of all the speakers who provide significant value to the seminary and also enable us to learn, reflect and question.

The participants view


“It was a beautiful experience. It is amazing to think that people from all over the country and with different ages meet with the aim of working on human rights. I think we all learn something of this experience, both participants and trainers.
During these four days, we had the opportunity to replicate what we have been working for months, as well as as what we had done in Europe. MICC gives us the opportunity to really understand the things from another perspective, when it comes to defend a Nazi or a person accused of crime against humanity. From every role that is played, it´s possible to discover something new. And we don´t talk about winning or losing because the winner is the justice.’' – Aylen Rubinstein and Juan Cruz Acevedo, trainers.

“This seminary has been extremely rewarding from several approaches, because it has not only allowed me to acquire new knowledge of international criminal law, I have also become aware of different realities, of the role and importance of justice in our society and how important it is for us, as citizens, knowing their place today, the guarantees and obligations.
The Anne Frank Center promotes these activities of inclusion education as they work side by side, students, teachers and professionals. The training and previous workshops were conducted by great scholars of national and public institutions belonging to human rights and justice. This has professionalized and categorized such a beautiful high-level event.
Personally, I have worked at the Museum since many years, and this widely renews my commitment to education, integration and daily work for human rights. I appreciate the opportunity to participate and continue renewing day by day.’'- Maive McGrath, participant.

An important board event presentation of the 3rd Newspaper Project in the city of Cordoba

The newspaper project

We had the honor to present the the panels made by more than 20 public primary schools from the city of Cordoba in town council last Thursday 15th of September.
Numerous authorities have attended the ceremony: the congresswoman Brenda Austin, the Secretary of Education Cecilia Aro and the Director of Municipal Management who enthusiastically shared the production of the students with the teachers.
It was a very moving experience for everybody. We specially thanks to the Municipality of Cordoba for the support and joint work during so many months.

Launch of the 2nd Seminary for Educators in the Netherlands “Anne Frank, coexistence and inclusion”

Seminary for educators

It is an experience in context leaded to supervisors, managers, teachers of all areas, modalities and levels, librarians, psychologists, educational psychologists, teacher students and other professionals of the education field interested in the history of Anne Frank, her diary, the power of the word, the World War II, the Shoah and the pedagogy of Memory and Hope.
It has been declared an Educational Interest project by: the National Ministry of Education and Sports, resolution nº460/2016, the Ministry of Education Buenos Aires city, resolution 28/SSCPEE/16 and the Ministry of Education of Ushuaia, Province of Tierra del Fuego, resolution M.ED. n°: 1619-1616.

The departure will be the 17th of July 2017 and the price U$$3825 (10 fee payment if you want to). Special discount of 15% paying the enrolment until November 18th of this year.
For any doubt or question don´t hesitate to contact us at (11) 3533-8505 or (11) 156-120-9635. E-mail: institutoanafrank@gmail.com

“8th Delegation to the Netherlands: Amsterdam with the eyes of Anne Frank”

From 17th to 24th of July 2017

Special Program during the ``70th Anniversary of the Anne Frank Diary publication´´

Early registration with 15% of discount on the total price and 10 fee payment.


- 1st Seminary for guides and young people, U$S 3825, accommodation in Stayokay.

- 2nd Seminary for educators, U$S 3825, accommodation in Stayokay.

- Program for Adults, U$S 4435, staying in the Hotel Ibis Stopera.

Registration discount until November 18th, with 15% of discount and 10 fee payment.
7 days in Amsterdam and The Hague.

Departure 17/07/2017

Informative meeting on October 20th, 18.30 pm at the Anne Frank Center (Superí 2647).

Places to visit:

- Montessori School attended by Anne Frank.

- The Anne Frank House Museum where the original “Diary” is today. A special tour will go through inaccessible places for tourists.

- The house of the Frank family in Merwedeplein where they lived before hiding. We will hear testimonies from people very close to Anne Frank´s life.

- Museum of the resistance, Auschwitz Monument.

- Visit to the castrum Peregrini and the Dutch Theatre.

In The Hague:

- Peace Palace.

- International Criminal Court.

- Argentina Embassy in the Netherlands.

- The Dutch Parlament.

- Among others.

We will also have official receptions in charge of local authorities, testimonies of survivors, endurance and close friends of Anne Frank, as well as testimonies of guards who tried to save lives. Lectures, meetings and discussions with experts, programs in museums, monuments, memorial sites and walks in one of the most picturesque cities in Europe.

The Museums Night 2016

Museums Night

One more time, the Anne Frank Center is participating in the Museums Night. See you on Saturday 29th of October from 8 pm so we can share different spaces and activities of enrichment and reflection:

- Photographic exhibition “Anne Frank, a history for today”.

- Recreation set of the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her diary.

- Interactive experience film “Dilemmas of Freedom”.

- Exhibition “From Dictatorship to Democracy”.

- Exhibition with magnetic boards “Freedom of Being.”

- Projection of the film “Life of Anne Frank” and other exclusive documentaries.

- A special activity for school-age children with the chapter “The amazing kind of Zamba of Memory” – Martin Fierro Cable Award in the Children/Youth category.

- Conferences and meetings with testimonies.

In addition, we will provide a special discount of 20% of current values in bookselling.

And much more surprises!

Training Guides

The new guides

On September 30 and October 1st, 28 new guides joined our team of volunteers.

Guide training is a learning experience in which young people of different ages get together and make an approchement to the topics the museum works daily in order to be messengers of them.
We had the opportunity of hearing the testimony of Moises Borowicz, a Holocaust survivor who thrilled us and invited us to reflect.
We welcome the new guides! We hope the enthusiasm they have showed in this first step, motivates new projects in our Center.

The Anne Frank Center participated in the General Assembly of the GEEEBA

Meeting in GEEEBA

On September 15th, the president of the GEEEBA, Pablo Crespo, has invited us to present our projects and activities in the General Assembly of the association, where representatives of special education private schools have participated.
We have put the focus on explaining the museum visits (Visit “Anne Frank, a history for today” and the “Freedom to be and freedom to choose Workshop”), as well as the participation in School Meetings, the Newsletter Poject and the Inclusive Literary Contest.
Those who have attended the meeting, were very interested in various proposals so they requested more information to be part of them during this year and the next one.
This meeting was really helpful to strengthen the ties with GEEEBA and to renew our bonds of support and mutual commitment of promoting the inclusive education.

Our traveling exhibitions still going around the country

Traveling exhibitions

We congratulate the guides and organizers of the exhibitions in Vera and Esperanza, Province of Buenos Aires, and the Club CISSAB, in Tristan Suarez, due to their roles of giving people the chance to know the story of Anne Frank and her family.
This October, young people will be trained to be guiders in the cities of Llambi Cambell, Carcaña, Casilda, Arequito and San Justo in the province of Santa Fe and De La Gamba and Mar del Plata, in the Province of Buenos Aires.

If you want to visit any of our exhibitions, the dates for October are:
From 3rd to 6th of October: Llambi Campbell, Santa Fe Province.
From 5th to 7th of October: De la Garma, Province of Buenos Aires.
From 10th to 14th of October: Casilda, Province of Santa Fe.
From 17th to 21st of October: Carcaraña, Province of Santa Fe.
From 17th to 26th: San Justo, Province of Santa Fe.
From 24th to 29th the exhibitions: Arequito, Province of Santa Fe.

School Visits

School visits

We had recived more than 11.000!!

So far this year, our exhibitions have been visited by more than 11 thousand students of primary, secondary and higher education. It is a pride for us receiving them every year as well as meeting new institutions that allow us to be part of their educational project.

If you have not registered your visit yet, please contact us at 3533-8505 int. 30, from Monday to Friday 9 to 7 PM.