Centro Ana Frank Argentina


The Centro Anne Frank Argentina organized an act of reaffirmation of the legacy of Anne Frank after the actions of fanatics against his figure and the memory of the Holocaust

Act for the reaffirmation

Given that Lazio fans used provocative images of Anne Frank to refer to their rival Rome, an act was carried out at the Centro Ana Frank Argentina for the reaffirmation of the figure of Anne Frank, as well as her legacy, in order to continue working for a more tolerant and diverse world.

Prominent authorities shared expressions that highlighted the value of the Jewish girl who had to remain hidden for more than two years, both as an emblematic figure in the education and memory of the Holocaust, as well as in the construction of diversity.

Diego Santilli, Deputy Chief of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, was present, and said: “I am glad to know that we all concentrate so fast to repudiate something so frightening and hard. I think about what we do every day to avoid discrimination and exclusion. We have to think that violence kills and produces damage, nobody wants war”.

Diego Santilli

Teresa Castaldo, ambassador of Italy in Buenos Aires, said that “we are facing young people, which is very impressive because it means that the education system needs even more education. What happened, goes far beyond human rights and what I want to emphasize is that they chose the image of a girl, a woman, a little girl”.

Teresa Castaldo

Rodolfo D’Onofrio, president of River Plate, who was also present, expressed that “we have to continue going through what happened every minute. It not only serves to remember what the Holocaust was, one of the most terrible events in history, but also mark that those of us who work in football have to do exactly the opposite of what happened with Lazio. We have to give and transmit values, this is fundamental “, and Matías Lammens, president of San Lorenzo de Almagro, said: “Given the media visibility we have and the possibility of forming an opinion, our responses must be forceful, vehement and quick to repudiate events such as those that occurred.” Both managers expressed their intention to receive the traveling exhibitions of the Anne Frank Center to contribute to the construction of respect and coexistence.

Hector Shalom, director of the Anne Frank Center, said: “What happened was not something chosen by the club, but what was done with what happened and that was a quick and forceful response. All of our actions are aimed at preventing discrimination and violence, but once the episodes happen, we act with forceful educational processes”.

Héctor Shalom

Important reflections were also expressed by Jürgen Christian Mertens (Ambassador of Germany in Buenos Aires), Martin de la Beij (Ambassador of the Netherlands in Buenos Aires), Claudio Presman (Interventor of Inadi), Claudio Altamirano (Coordinator of the Education and Memory Program of the Ministry of Education Buenos Aires) and Dr. Sergio Torres (Federal Judge), among other important authorities.